Dongguk University Session

Ever imagined going to Korea? How about to study at one of the prestigious Universities there where kpop idols attended and even graduated?

Well, look no further! We are hosting a informative session where you can learn some info on how to attend one of Korea’s most prestigious universities International summer school program! Wow that was a mouthful!
Come learn about Dongguk University’s International Summer School Program with an informative session from a Dongguk University International Affairs Office staff member!

Dongguk University is one of the prestigious private universities in Korea. They are located in the heart of Seoul (exactly in the middle) and provide a great opportunity for foreign students with their international summer school program!

Since Dongguk University is really well-know university for Film and Digital Media/Theatre, there are many K-Pop artists that go there. They have have a course about Korean Popular Culture. You can also take Korean Language and Culture courses to know better about Korea. There is a variety of culture programs like visiting TV stations and etc, provided by courses and the international office.

International summer school is one of the best ways that a student can have a short-term experience in Korea, while getting academic credits, staying on campus safely, and exploring K Culture at its home!

For more details, such as location and time, please visit our Facebook event page (no login required!)

**Space is limited so please let us know if you are attending by filling out the form below***


Featured Photo: Dongguk University Campus, Dongguk University, taken from WIKI

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