A Cold Dallas Day


It’s been getting cold around the Dallas area so I thought we could start things off with this edgy outfit to spice things up! Leather jackets are always in (especially in my world)! Yet, not all of us can afford an authentic leather jacket 😦
However, Forever21 is here to save the day. The jacket I’m wearing I bought for only  $21.00 ;u; bless you Forever21! Moving on, I combined the jacket with an extra long Men’s shirt from H&M. These can range in prices but you can find a similar one for around $15.00. I bought the shirt a size bigger because I also wear it as a dress during the hotter seasons. Yet, because it’s cold I wore some black skinny jeans for protection from the gusts of wind. If you feel up for a fight against the weather you can also go for some cute leggings. To give the look a more edgy feel I ran to Target and got a simple black beanie for $2.00. Which, if I do say so myself,  gives the outfit a bit more of a kpop feel. To finish off you can add any cute glasses of your choice which, seem to be a must in the kpop world today (I  actually need my glasses but hey, makes me fashionable too 😀 )
Ps: You can’t see my shoes in the picture but I decided to match the outfit with simple black combat boots I found on sale one day. You can also match it up with some Vans or All stars. If you want to be daring you can also try some black high heels. ~( ^_^ )~

( Disclaimer : I am in no way sponsored by any of these brands or stores. I just happen to shop there. ^_^)

Jacket : They don’t seem to have the exact one I bought earlier this year but this one is just as cute and around the same price ^^

Shirt: They seem to be sold out of the exact shirt I own online but here’s an example of another cute long shirt.

I hope you liked this week’s outfit!  I would love if you left a comment telling me how I did or if there’s anything you want to see. You can also follow me on Instagram right here
Thank you and have an awesome day !


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