☆Monday January 11, 2016☆

Howdy, ya’ll! Here’s your horoscopes for today~

(March 21 – April 19)
You will be generous to your loved ones as well as for all that need you! Participate in charitable activities today. You enjoy consulting the mystical and spiritual. You will seek and find answers there. Your intuition will take you directly to where the luck is!
Lucky Numbers: 1, 17, 9.

(April 20 – May 20)
You can count on the support of your partner for something that you’ve had on your mind for some time now. Just don’t become too demanding. Corrects all that is negative and it will make the path to success much easier to walk. It is good time to reflect on your romantic or personal life.
Lucky numbers: 8, 10, 23.

(May 21 – June 20)
For you, there is always someone willing to give you their help in the moments when you need it the most. So, you can not complain about your luck or problems, know that what you need will still come to you; either through a family member or friend. You are mature, you’re organized and you’ll soon get your much due reward for your efforts.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 11, 2.

(June 21 – July 22)
You are overwhelmingly seductive today. Your energy is now saturated with romance. You put that special touch to everything you do, and this will come to impress anyone who interests you. Listen to your heart and don’t turn away company, especially for the night time! KBBQ and Karaoke?
Lucky Numbers: 14, 5, 20.

(July 23 – August 22)
Do not do anything under pressure or lightly. Love and friendship tell you this. A person that you cared for reappears again in your life. Open your heart and give them the chance to know the new you better, but never commit to anything, yet.
Lucky Numbers: 22, 12, 48.

(August 23 – September 22.)
If it benefits you, it’s good for you. Expand your worldview. Do not make up barriers where none exist. It’s time to start knocking on doors. Be flexible, adapt, and learn to laugh at everything in life. Recharge your environment and absorb positive vibes through meditation. So basically, start completing those resolutions, now is the time!
Lucky Numbers: 45, 21, 7.

(September 23 – 22 October.)
Something that until now you have believed as the truth is revealed to you as a lie. Do not be discouraged or get depressed! This is a sign that you are waking up to reality. Your mind will be clearer and quieter as truth sets your spirit free!
Lucky Numbers: 19, 50, 26.

(October 23 – 21 November.)
Someone close to you will help you with an idea that has long been on your mind. Maybe taking that hio-hop dance class or even starting that t-shirt business, go for it! Make sure to take care of your bank and savings accounts. Lately you’ve been spending without control and this eventually will cause problems if you do not control it! Do you REALLY need that album or snap back? Hmm?
Lucky Numbers: 18, 40, 13.

(November 22 – 21 December.)
You’re heading for the path of prosperity. Businesses flourish and with them your financial stability. Only fear can stop you from succeeding. The stars give you energy you need to effectively carry out any project you have in mind.
Lucky Numbers: 6, 18, 37.

(December 22 – 19 Jan.)
Focus your energy through the arts. Explore whether in music, painting, poetry, drawing and singing! Do not throw your talents to oblivion, you and those who know you will enjoy your hidden talents greatly. Organize a party or social gathering!
Lucky Numbers: 46, 3, 12.

(Jan 20 – 18 February.)
Use some of your free time tidying your accounts and make your payments on time as this will contribute to your peace of mind. It is also time to conduct an internal cleansing. That means get rid of all fears and doubts you carry inside that will not let you enjoy what you have now.
Lucky Numbers: 31, 26, 40.

(February 19 – March 20)
Your attitude towards problems change. You will no longer be a victim nor let anyone manipulate you emotionally. Keep your plans private as someone might try to interfere with them. Be cautious about what you say to others. Lucky Numbers: 34, 25, 10.

생일 축하해요~ (Happy Birthday~)


SISTAR: Hyorin!

Horoscopes credit: Walter Mercado

Translation by: Joey



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