A Night With GOT7

After successful stops in San Francisco and Chicago, the boys of GOT7 made their way to The Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie in for the last stop of their first ever fan meeting in the US on Sunday, May 10th. Despite the gloomy weather that threatened to rain on Texan IGot7s’ day, the fans showed up to the venue as early as ten in the morning.


The venue came to life with fans dancing to GOT7’s chart topping songs, their excitement to see the seven boys shining brightly. GOT7 started the night by performing their latest title track “Stop it Stop it” from their “Identify” album. After a couple of songs, the group left the stage and fans were introduced to the MC of the night, who helped make the atmosphere even livelier. GOT7 went back on stage sooner than later and were ready to answer questions written by the fans themselves. The first question asked was for the maknae of GOT7, Yugyeom. Fans asked the talented idol if there was any dance he would like to learn, and after a couple minutes of thinking, he decided to try Jackson’s sexy dance. With little to almost no hesitation, the maknae sprung into a sexy dance accompanied by Jackson’s beatboxing. However, not too long after starting, things got a little too sexy for everyone to handle and JB stopped Yugyeom from dancing even sexier than he already was. Everyone, including the members laughed. Question number two was for BamBam, who was asked if he would eat “In N’ Out” again in Dallas. The cute Thai member responded that he would do so only if IGot7s were with him. The third question went to Jackson, who was asked to rap his part in “Stress Come On” by Big Byung. Fans cheered loud after hearing his rap even though he had claimed he didn’t know most of the lyrics because it wasn’t a GOT7 song. However, fans helped Jackson by singing along even when he did forget the lyrics. Mark was next to answer his question and he did so displaying his favorite martial arts trick. He started with a simple roll on the floor but soon after hearing the fans cheer, he sprang into action. He surely left fans in awe with his amazing flip. Bambam on the other hand, who attempted to flip like Mark, brought laughter to the crowed when he ended his trick with a cute back roll, rather than a flip.  JR was asked to sing his favorite America song. The members of GOT7 took a stab at guessing the cute vocalist’s favorite song but failed. JR preceded to sing See You Again by Wiz Khalifa despite how nervous he said he was. Following JR was JB who was asked to choose who he liked better,  JR or his cat Nora. As JB thought hard about his answer, JR attempted to persuade JB to choose him while making cat noises. Nevertheless, JB still choose Nora even though he said he liked JR. Last but not least, Youngjae was asked who his favorite American artist was. Youngjae answered Bruno Mars and serenaded IGOT7s with “When I Was Your Man”. His vocals didn’t disappoint IGOT7s and managed to bring laughter when he replaced lyrics he had forgotten with “na na na”.


The fan interaction continued when lucky fans were given the chance to win a picture with GOT7 and a gift bag from official sponsors, YesStyle. The lucky fans had to compete against each other in a simple but fun game of musical chairs.  Another game, IDENTITY, a play on their recent album, was played with seven more lucky fans. Each fan had to wear a blindfold and guess which member of GOT7 was behind them. The game seemed very simple and like it would be easy, until the boys decided to make hilarious noises that were hard to ‘identify’. After the second attempt there was only one lucky winner who amazingly identified her GOT7 partner.


The fanmeet came to its end but as always, GOT7 pleased their fans with a memorable encore.  The boys went back on stage with more energy than ever and ended their fan meeting with “Girls Girls Girls”, “A”the remix version, and “Bounce”. Fans screamed their lungs out and sang each song with the boys. The members bounced around, danced, and took phones from fans to take pictures. It really was a memorable night for IGOT7s who dream for GOT7’s return to Dallas in the near future.


We’d like to thank Jazzy Group US for allowing us to cover the concert as part of press, and also the both JYP and Jazzy Group staff for their hard work to make the Dallas fanmeet a success!


GOT7 First US Fanmeet, Organized by Jazzy Group US, Photography by former KPD Staff Claire

This post was written on May 13th, 2015 and published on our Facebook page on the same day.


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