☆Wednesday January 13, 2016☆

Hello Everyone! Here’s what the stars have in store for you today!

(March 21 – April 19)
Expected economic gains, promotions, and recognition for your work. You will be very spiritual and recognize the greatness in the teachings of all religions. Your knowledge and faith will serve as inspiration to many. Oh and your luck is intensified today as well!
Lucky Numbers: 36, 12, 27.

(April 20 – May 20)
Get organized better so you can meet all the commitments that lie ahead for you. Search for skilled people who can help you best. You can’t be everywhere and do everything. Control your mind so that no negative thoughts can disturb your peace of mind.
Lucky Numbers: 31, 42, 15.

(May 21 – June 20)
All technological, commercial communications, and/or public relations will be magnetized to you. Expand your interests and you will earn more money. You can clearly see your goals and objectives. Opportunities to shine in the professional field will not cease today!
Lucky Numbers: 5, 30, 19.

(June 21 – July 22)
Be daring! Take risks, do it carefully, but take the first step. Now is a good time to reach your highest aspirations. Control your emotions if you want to win against any sentimental conflicts. Keep in mind that no one likes a bitter, angry and demanding person. In other words, don’t be a crab!
Lucky Numbers: 48, 29, 3.

(July 23 – August 22)
The beauty and positivity that lies in you, will shine bright today. The Planets aid you to know yourself better and you come to accept that locked in you are strengths and weaknesses. Exalt your strengths and correct your weaknesses. Friends become brothers and sisters in your daily struggle. The struggle is real, but you got fam! Move forward lions.
Lucky Numbers: 32, 44, 26.

(August 23 – September 22.)
Today you are more humane, sympathetic and tolerant. Your love life is now healthy and satisfying. You will combine love with fun. You will laugh at all that made you groan years before (Even the greasiness). No matter how old the flame of passion, it’s still strong. You can also balance the love and profession. Maybe you and that cute coworker can work out!
Lucky Numbers: 50, 1, 21.

(September 23 – 22 October.)
Dare to venture into what’s foreign to you. Manage your income wisely and watch your money multiplythanks to new tactics and techniques. Forget old traumas and indecisions! Let the world enjoy the beauty and wealth that is in you.
Lucky Numbers: 18, 40, 12.

(October 23 – 21 November.)
Your psychic powers are on point  today you might find yourself guessing what other people will say. You speak clearly and truthfully. With your 3rd eye open, you will not have patience with those who come at you silly words, trying to get what they want out of you!
Lucky Numbers: 44, 2, 15.

(November 22 – 21 December.)
You will enjoy greater harmony and better communication with your family. Your luck increases dramatically. You’ll have more control of your emotions and you laugh at what once used to destroy you. You’ll look very strong on the outside but inside you’re still tender and sweet. Lucky Numbers: 18, 3, 11.

(December 22 – 19 Jan.)
Your mind is lit with bright ideas that will lead you to stand out and be the one who directs or leads in your workplace. You come off as the #1 most dedicated professional. The Cosmos now asks you improve yourself, study, grow your intellect and catch up on everything.
Lucky Numbers: 9, 14, 2.

(Jan 20 – 18 February.)
Focus on gaining order in your life so you don’t fall into physical and emotional stress. You have to use great discipline to eat, drink and practice any changes you wish to make. Practice what you preach. You possess infinite patience and tolerance.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 44, 13.

(February 19 -. March 20)
Be cheerful despite all the sadness that can happen. Avoid depression. Decree that whatever happens, happens and that you will come out on top! Nothing and nobody can make you unhappy. Joy, fun and pleasure will be the best cure for your body and soul. Laughter is the best medicine.
Lucky Numbers: 49, 8, 10.

생일 축하해요~ (Happy Birthday~)
KARA: Goo Hara
Horoscope credits: Walter Mercado
Translation by : Joey


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