An Ocean Apart: Photographing a Short Trip

It’s always been a bit funny how the capital city of my province is on an island. There’s an ocean between the province and its own capital. Welp.

Since our wallets are all empty, I will take you with me on my trip to Victoria, British Columbia!


The ferry ride there was about an hour and a half, and going on deck to take photos was like entering battle with nature. THE WIND IS INSANE. But the scenery is beautiful.

Well, usually it’s beautiful. My view got blocked because of these butts:DSCN3717.JPG

It’s all good, though. In one direction, it would be the sun, and in the other direction, it would be this:DSCN3898.JPG

Pretty at first sight, but you get extremely bored of it fast. Very fast.

Anyways, parliament buildings are always beautiful. Here’s ours (featuring my photoscavenger hunt friends):DSCN3828_Ed.jpg

It’s very grande.


And, well, yeah. I’ve never realized how breathtaking my surroundings were until I was told to go on a photoscavenger hunt – so now I recommend you all to go on a photoscavenger hunt in your own city (or town)! Take photos of landmarks, of things you think are pretty, of things you never stop to take a longer look at because you walk by it every day!


Trust me, it’ll be fun! 😀


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