Jam #1 – ‘I am your Boyfriend’

That is right!

Today’s song is Boyfriend by BOYFRIEND! Also known as their debut song! BOYFRIEND debuted back in 2011 with their first album titled “Boyfriend” and the release of their first Music Video, featuring  Bora (of label mate group, SISTAR).
Boyfriend is a six member group consisting of members (Oldest to Youngest) Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, twins Youngmin and Kwangmin, and maknae Minwoo. This is also a group where half of the members are 95-liners!

This song conveys the image of cute, flirty and playful love in an innocent level! Not to mention that these boys try to help their band mate get the crush of his life’s attention!boyfriend-7

This tune gives off an all-smiles aura as soon as the song begins. The guitar chords being stroked delegates already a nice beat to follow, then suddenly withing a 5-10 second intro of guitar playing, snaps can be heard and BOOM 


You will see yourself bobbing your head up and down and swaying side to side. The beats are pretty simple to jam and listen to, too! I always find myself in a trance with how cute this song is. It also contains a small rap portion that makes the beat even more amazing!

Anyways, as for me comparing this song to a real life situation…let’s see….
It would be a cute couple that has just started dating and have to remind each other that they are a couple, all while acting cute!

So go ahead and open up a new tab! NOW.
Or click on this link~



AAAWWW~ (^^^That’s me looking at you while watching BOYFRIEND)



If you glanced at this picture and never knew who BOYFRIEND was, who would you guess the rapper is at first look?


(Order from left to right are:
Jeongmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo, Youngmin, Donghyun, and Hyunseong)

So go on and leave your responses down below! And I’ll be seeing you guys then on my next post with a new jam!

~Until Next Time, Turn Up!!


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