What Would GD Wear?


Hello fellow Kpop followers! It’s M again and I’m back with another K-inspired look! The weather around Dallas seems to be moody with the temperature dropping and rising. What does one wear when the weather suddenly becomes warmer but it’s still a bit chilly? It’s not cold enough to layer but it’s also not warm enough to wear shorts. So I asked myself, “What would GD wear?”

Today’s look came to be while I was listening to Crooked by GD (he’s so fabulous!) and Run Away by Royal Pirates (I highly recommend you listen to them ^^) To Start off I decided to wear a dress, which is actually an extra long men’s T-shirt I found on sale for $3.00 at Areopostal (I tend to go through the men’s clothes a lot). To cover up my arms I added a very similar jacket like the one from my previous outfit, just in a dark blue shade. I added on a pair of Black Butler high socks I found at Hot Topic for extra warmth and finished off the look with my favorite Converse (cue BTS). Now, during my working days at a clothing store I was always told that a fashionable outfit has to be accompanied by accessories. Therefore I added long rimmed fedora (or so I’ve been told that’s what they are called #Icallitahat), which seems to be very popular amongst idols.0aafdce5f85c632e9fb80fb32d08f80af21ddba6_hq

(Image is from Google, BTS)

I also added one of my favorite necklaces, which reminds me of VIXX’s Error. For the makeup I tried a rather edgy style of makeup. I hope that you enjoyed today’s K-inspired look. I’ll do my best to take request! If you happen to try one of these look you can tag me on Instagram (@holybananamilk) or hashtag #kinspired and I’ll check it out! Remember, What would GD do?


Disclaimer: I am in no was sponsored by any of these stores or brands. I just happen to shop there ~(*0*)~

T-shirt Dresses: I wasn’t able to find the exact one I word because I found it on sale so they ran out but here are some actual T-shirt dresses that could work: http://www.hm.com/us/search/#!/products?q=t-shirt%20dress


Personal recommendation (I find this very cute) http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?br=F21&category=dress&productid=2000161870

Hat: $22 although usually I find very similar ones in the store for a more affordable price. Mine is pretty much the same as this hat but I found it for $12 at Forever 21.



Necklace: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e6c2/  


Here’s the link for Royal Pirates just in case ^^ Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ldI-oGzQQk


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