☆Tuesday January, 19 2016☆

Hey y’all! Time for Star Talk!

(March 21 – April 19)
Your need for space and freedom is at its peak. Nobody can convince you or make you do what your soul rejects. The lessons received by deceit and betrayal, teach you how to protect yourself against people trying to take advantage or exploit you. Be guided by your gut.
Lucky Numbers: 50, 38, 41.

(April 20 – May 20)
Do not wait for anything or anyone. It is time to take the baton and run your own orchestra. Your health improves dramatically and you find yourself healing your old health issues. The Cosmos wants you to have pleasure and personal satisfaction and in one way or another will provide the means for it.
Lucky Numbers: 23, 4, 19.

(May 21 – June 20)
Problems and disagreements can wont fail peaceful resolve with the help of your loved ones. Your partner will be your counselor, teacher and lover. You will work together more and decide ideas together, taking into account the opinion of the people that share interest.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 32, 27.

(June 21 – July 22)
Never in a thousand activities diluyas pleasing everyone and depleting your energy. Dedicate more time to you, what really makes you happy. You will be protected and shielded by mysterious forces. Los Angeles will be present in your daily life. Lucky numbers: 8, 15, 11.

(July 23 – August 22)
You cultivate new and better friendships. Your mind will be a source of dazzling creativity. You will notice a dramatic change in your personality. Spiritual changes occur at a very deep level. It is time to nourish faith. Lucky Numbers: 36, 12, 9.

(August 23 – September 22.)
Bright beings give you much help and guidance. You are so done with wasting energy on people who don’t respect or value you. Your choice of partner or partners will be more successful. You will enjoy everything and everyone without complications.
Lucky Numbers: 17, 42, 38.

(September 23 – 22 October.)
You’ll become healthier and happier once you deal with beings who in previous years were problematic and toxic. If you are single, unique opportunities appear in your picture and reveal your soul mate. There will be more harmony and understanding among those already united or married.
Lucky Numbers: 13, 2, 45.

(October 23 – 21 November.)
You’ve sacrificed a lot, you’ve worked hard and you’ve given your best for the benefit of others, and now you get your reward. Artistic, spiritual and educated people, will embellish and enrich your life. The friendships that were not sincere will leave, for best of course.
Lucky Numbers: 34, 22, 4.

(November 22 – 21 December.)
You take calculated risks and good luck accompanies you. Your social world will experience a deep and lasting transformation. Many will leave your side now, but remaining will be those who really appreciate and love you for who you are and not for what you have.
Lucky Numbers: 44, 7, 28.

(December 22 – 19 Jan.)
Conflictive people, strange, weird and crazy all go away from your life. Your period of living in a dramatical K-drama is over and the comedy begins! You will make time for any relationship to learn what lies behind a pretty face. Nothing and nobody can disturb the peace and happiness that holds your heart.
Lucky Numbers: 45, 18, 3.

(Jan 20 -. 18 February.)
You get rid of everything negative. The only thing that can now hurt and cripple the rain of success will be yourself, if you let your mind be filled with insecurities and thoughts of failure. Feed your spirit with positive affirmations. Practice meditation and prayer daily. Lucky Numbers: 10, 6, 33.

(February 19 – March 20)
Love will be a reality in your life. The most interesting thing is that you love intensely while wanting space, time and freedom to do your thing without it affecting your current relationship. Your self-esteem and confidence joom joom like a locket through the loof! (B1A4 & B.A.P reference 😂)
Lucky Numbers: 20, 14, 31.

생일 축하해요~ (Happy Birthday~)


Horoscopes credit : Walter Mercado
Translations by : Joey



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