☆Thursday January 21, 2016☆

Howdy y’all. Daily scopes, right here!

(March 21 – April 19)
Transformation is the key to your life now. You shed old bad habits and beliefs. Stand firm in what you believe only if it is right for you. You find resistance from many but you know controlling tempers and in the end you always give the best reason.
Lucky Numbers: 36, 20, 48.

(April 20 – May 20)
You will be drawn to magic and sensuality, which will help greatly with your life conquest. Beware of cheating and lying in the field of romance and passion. Be open to the new, the different, and you experiment, but very cautiously. Have the courage to apologize. Lucky Numbers: 6, 22, 12.

(May 21 – June 20)
Hidden feelings and past situations arise again but this time in a new light. You will get money from unexpected sources and you can catch up on your debts. There is an air of mystery around you making you look more interesting. Your intuition will guide you to the right paths. Lucky Numbers: 3, 20, 44.

(June 21 – July 22)
Your personal magnetism and appeal are very strong today so you should use it to your advantage. In terms of love and romance, for now there is no intention to go for anything serious, but there is a great desire to go like a hummingbird, from flower to flower.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 14: 9.

(July 23 – August 22)
Study in human knowledge and this helps you understand the behavior of those around you. Respect the rights of your partner, but study them. Your personal relationships have changed and continue to change. Keep in mind that all change is progress.
Lucky Numbers: 7, 21, 11.

(August 23 – September 22.)
Contact with foreigners will bring you good luck and a new outlook on life. Expect a lot from your few good friends. Make sure not to miss any social invitations. You fly with your own wings to happiness. You finally break free of anguish, of silent sorrow and harmful attachments. Lucky Numbers: 11, 15, 40.

(September 23 – 22 October.)
It is time to negotiate and explore new alternatives to conflicts or differences with your partner. Pay attention to what they tell you. Develop more understanding. Communication with the person who shares your life intensifies and will be very important to you what they have to say.
Lucky Numbers: 10, 1, 3.

(October 23 – 21 November.)
You will be temporarily affected by whatever has to do with communication, especially with computers. Communication in your romantic relationships also are affected. You’ll have to repeat and correct your words to get your message across clearly.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 38, 25.

(November 22 – 21 December.)
You come out victorious over those who try to hurt you. The law of karma is fulfilled and your good deeds will be rewarded with lots of positive energy. Learn to say no to what does not suit you. Analyzes and adjust your goals and objectives. Continues to clean your home and your life.
Lucky Numbers: 18, 9, 3.

(December 22 – 19 Jan.)
Many will expect much from you but you must first fulfill your obligations and don’t roll over into the work of others. Your reward will soon come. All work and new responsibilities is what is now on the agenda for you. Lucky Numbers: 19, 42, 31.

(Jan 20 -. 18 February.)
Carefully plan s voyage and do not stop. Do not close your mind to a single idea, expand your horizons. There are no absolute truths and you must not impose your beliefs on those who share your daily life. Seek recognition through your good works and deeds.
Lucky Numbers: 50, 2, 22.

(February 19 – March 20)
Plan for the future. It is time to reassess the direction you are taking your life and see if you are on the right path. Take into account your abilities and your limitations when it comes to dealing with something that requires much more than you can give.
Lucky Numbers: 8, 15, 32.

생일 축하해요! ( Happy Birthday!)


WINNER: SeungYoon

Horoscopes credit : Walter Mercado
Translations by: Joey



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