Beenzino in Dallas 120915


The concert began with a Dj Sanchez playing his crazy beats getting the whole crowd ready. After a few songs Beenzino appears. By the first few songs I was like yeah I am digging this. He then started to get more relax and pumping the crowd and hitting it like no tomorrow. I’m not that quite familiar with his music but, at that moment I wish I knew all his songs so I could be head nodding like the rest of the crowd and singing along. Though that did not stop me from having great time^^. Towards the middle of the concert he said a few words and mentioned he is very thankful for the people who came out. He started to talk about his passion for music and how he wants to be different from other artists.


Other than his own music he performed some collabs with 1llionaire! The most anticipated song of night was when he performed his part from Born Hater by Epik High! The audience went crazy after the first beats of the song and realized it was the famous Born Hater! When it came for the encore the audience went absolutely ballistic! Fans dancing, singing and having the best time of their lives.


My experience at the concert was overwhelming and memorable. I hope he continues his passion and continues making music. I would definitely go see him perform again^^ Overall the concert was freaking hype!! It was not the typical kpop concerts I’ve been to but, yes of course since Beenzino is korean hip hop it’s bond to have differences. The whole vibe that Beenzino was giving off was ultimately unique and different.

I would like to thank the organizers for bringing Beenzino to Dallas and also having a section reserved for press, I am eternally grateful for that.

Thank you!! I hope you guys look forward for my concert updates^^

Photos taken by and story by: Oh Yoite. Peace.


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