☆Friday January 22, 2016☆

Hey, hey, hey… IT’S FRIDAY! Let’s see what party the stars fix up for you!

(March 21 – April 19)
You finally get what you waited for, for so long. Matters relating to family and work continues in conflict, though. With love and patience you will achieve understanding and cooperation. Set priorities and divide your valuable time, wisely.
Lucky Numbers: 20, 6, 3.

(April 20 – May 20)
You will be full of positive energy on both physical and mental levels. You will be in a sharing mood with co-workers, neighbors and family. You’re willing to give them the help they need because they know how to appreciate the true meaning of friendship.
Lucky Numbers: 15, 3, 46.

(May 21 – June 20)
Do not be afraid of rejection. It’s time to go after the conquest of your interests. This will be one of those days when work is mixed with pleasure and fun! Family, social issues or projects will occupy most of your time this weekend.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 20, 19.

(June 21 – July 22)
Pamper yourself, go ahead and buy that treat that you been putting off for some time for lack of funds. Go out, have fun this weekend! Do not wait until the last minute to brighten your life. Recharge your physical and emotional batteries.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 34, 27.

(July 23 – August 22)
The stars adorn your personal sky so you can enjoy the beauty of what life gives you. New relationships give off a green light to keep going forward! Emotional bonds grow even more closely now. You will enjoy the company of a person who loves to talk and enjoy the present moment.
Lucky Numbers: 18, 4, 29.

(August 23 – September 22)
Change your face of concern and take an optimistic attitude instead. Don’t cry over things you can’t mold or change to your liking. Be patient but persistent at the same time so you can get what you want in life.
Lucky Numbers: 34, 25, 7.

(September 23 – 22 October.)
Time to change. Realize what changes need to be made both at home and in your workplace. Organizes social gatherings, you won’t fail thanks to your artistic talents. Just remember to work on what you have left pending. Lucky Numbers: 2, 50, 16.

(October 23 – 21 November.)
Think of the pros and cons before making any decisions. Something you fear doesn’t happen, so you can rest easy. Rest and relax now and await a very pleasant day. Analyze what you want from life so that’s it’s very clear where to direct your efforts.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 21, 45.

(November 22 – 21 December.)
Today you’ll get rewards at work, for your business or your profession. Join hands with people you trust so they can help with responsibilities that you left undone. It is time to reap the harvest and share with those close to you. This very possible now, enjoy the success!
Lucky Numbers: 37, 11, 14.

(December 22 – 19 Jan.)
Seize the day now that everything seems to be more relaxed in your life! Modify your agenda, make room for the changes that are manifested today. It requires you to overcome all fear and insecurity that you have though, only then you will succeed by confronting what you fear most.
Lucky Numbers: 13, 5, 18.

(Jan 20 – 18 February.)
You’ll be more susceptible than normal today! You’ll take offense or get upset with others who have no intention of making you feel bad. Relax and take it all with infinite calm. Exercise control over your emotions so that they do not govern your thoughts.
Lucky Numbers: 9, 43, 27.

(February 19 – March 20)
Today provides an economic plan, just stay true to yourself. Read the fine print of any documents that you have to stamp your signature on. It’s time to tidy up your financial status. Do not go spending on luxuries that you darn know you don’t need!
Lucky Numbers: 42, 33, 8.

생일축하해요 ( Happy Birthday~)



Horoscopes credit : Walter Mercado
Translation: Joey



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