Plaid For Days

F(X) plaid

Hello my dear fashion followers and kpop fans! For this month’s fashion trend I have decided to go simple and affordable. Plaid is something that seems to come and go a lot through out the fashion world. In kpop we have seen F(x) rock plaid during their Rum Pum Pum Pum era along with Troublemaker during Now and SHINee during dream girl.



20131022_kfashionista_stevejyonip_troublemaker_hyunseung_hyuna2 ( picture credit to TV Daily)

Now, you may be asking yourself why I picked plaid as this month’s fashion trend if those eras are part of the past? Well if you look around plaid is in right now. You can go to stores such as Forever 21, Aeropostal, Ross (one of my personal favorite), or Macy’s and buy and affordable plaid skirt or shirt. An oversized plaid shirt would look great with a plain cami, jeans, and a beanie! You can come up with many new looks using plaid items. Use the hashtag #kinspired or tag me (@holybananamilk) on Instagram if you want me to check out your cute style!

PS: You can add the name of your bais group on the back of a plaid shirt using iron on letters and it will look super cute! ^^


Here are some links to some cute plaid items you can buy online.


Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these stores! I just happen to shop there a lot ~(^.^)~






($7.00 shirt makes anyone holla! Woot woow!)





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