Flower Friday

Hello my dears! It’s M and this week I have come forth with a rather blossoming look! This morning as I was getting ready for school and come up with this outfit when Lee Hi’s Rose came up (who else misses her in the music world?). The MV for this song is so beautiful but I am afraid I can’t show up to class with huge roses on my head (sadly). Therefore I came up with a more subtle and inexpensive outfit. To Start off I wore a vintage looking long sleeved shirt I found at Areopostal on sale. The shirt looks inside out, which gives a very vintage feel with faded colors. The shirt is also long and flows very nicely (love it!)! Next I wore some light pink skinny jeans to keep the outfit looking soft and pretty. The pants are also from Aeropostel, to be more specific they are Tokyo Darling (the shirt is as well). After that I decided it was too cold out to walk in only a long sleeved shirt so I threw on a cute black coat I got a Forever 21 (if you want to keep the look soft then I recommend a light pink, tan, or white coat). Since I felt all fancy in the coat (am I the only one that feels like this?) I went ahead and kept it classy with some simple black wedges.

If you want to be a bit more edgy you can also add a pleather Jacket and combat boot like so:KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-01-29-16-33-43

(This part is optional)

The outfit was really cute but I felt I needed a little bit more. Then CL came on and did her amazing rap giving me some more inspiration! The black coat and wedges took away from the softness of the outfit so I decided to add a bit more of an edgy feel. To dress up my cold neck I added a gold colored chocker I got off of Amazon and to tone out the brightness I added a multi cross necklace I found on sale at Guess. I did this because even though the choker would have looked great on it’s own I wanted to bring down the brightness with the dark gray of the necklace to match the mode of the music. After a while of debating with myself I said, “You can never have enough roses” and added a rose crown to my lonely hair. It’s not a big and pretty as Lee Hi’s but it does the job!


Hope you guys enjoyed today’s outfit! Make sure to comment what you like or don’t like (that way I get a sense of direction with what you guys enjoy). Follow me on Instagram @holybananamilk and show me some of the outfits you guys create! You can hashtag #Kinspired or tag me in any pictures (I love seeing pictures). Remember to have fun and be yourself!

As you can see I was not exactly wearing makeup in the picture but I do recommend any gold rose or metallic soft pink eye shadows along with a natural nude lipstick color If you want to be daring you can also wear a deep red lipstick and some black eyeliner.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these stores/shops. I just happen to shop there   ~(^.^)~


Coat- http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?br=F21&category=outerwear_coats&productid=2000147048

Similar items:

( $12.00 coat!!!) http://www.rue21.com/store/jump/product/Black-Faux-Sherpa-Knit-Cardigan/0024-000212-0001592-0001





Choker: http://www.amazon.com/Mokingtop%C2%AEGirls-Plated-Chain-Choker-Necklace/dp/B0105PQI0A/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1454105845&sr=8-4&keywords=gold+choker


Flower crown (similar): http://www.hm.com/us/product/85546?article=85546-B&cm_vc=SEARCH


Sadly I could not find the exact shirt (maybe it’s only in stores) or the necklace but here are links to items that would work:


http://www.yesstyle.com/en/p-e-i-girl-printed-loose-cotton-long-sleeved-t-shirt-blue-flower-one/info.html/pid.1045653658 (this one is my favorite and I’m considering getting it! It’s also the most similar to the one I wore.)








Necklace: http://www.amazon.com/Zhenhui-Rhinestone-Statement-Multi-layered-Halloween/dp/B015W7ZCM6/ref=sr_1_4?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1454105989&sr=1-4&nodeID=7141123011&keywords=multi+cross+necklace


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