4Minute in minutes


Hello my dears! Ever wake up late? Ever just want to dress down a bit but still look fab? Well today we will take a lesson or two from the beautiful girls of 4minute. The girls have recently dropped their comeback “Hate” and omg it was dope (cue BTS)! The girls wore a rather simple look but they looked fashionable and beautiful nonetheless!

The first thing you will need is a white wife beater, which you could find at Walmart, CVs, or Target. It’s definitely an item that’s rather inexpensive and easy to find. If you want to add the 4M on the shirt or even your name you can make a quick run to Michael’s and buy the simple iron on letters and numbers. Next you will need a pair of comfy red sweats. You can change the sweatpants for red jeans if you’d like instead. These you can also find at pretty much any store as well. Next item is what makes the outfit (in my opinion); Timberland boots! Now, I know they can get pricy (like wow man I’m a broke college student insert crying here) but the boots don’t have to be Timberland to be exact. They just have to look similar (I will provide links for more affordable similar ones or you can go with the classic combat boots).

What if’s you’re not feeling the sweats? You can always opt for the classic blue jeans and a simple (a bit oversized) red sweater like the one the girls wore as well. Don’t forget that you can add your on twist to this too! I went for a simple red turtle neck I found at Forever21, blue jeans, combat boots from Agaci, and gold necklace. To make the outfit very 4minute what is needed is red lipstick and eyeliner and you are done. If you liked this outfit please leave a comment and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (holybananamilk) and tag me on your outfit creations.












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