☆Feb 15 – 21☆

Howdy y’all. Here’s your weekly scope!

Career matters give way to more sociable options as Venus leaves Capricorn for Aquarius. This week brings one or two astrological shifts that will certainly change your focus. Nevertheless, should an opportunity arise to move ahead with a business idea or get funding for a plan, you’ll be eager to look into it. The Sun dances into Pisces on Thursday and brings an opportunity to let go of whatever no longer serves you and make space for new things to enter your life.

Are you feeling put upon? If so, this week’s alignment encourages you to be more assertive. Let someone know that you won’t put up with their domineering ways. It can go a long way toward relieving pressure. If you’re ready for a serious talk, it can help bring about a positive solution. Networking and socializing with other professionals or those in your business can be very helpful. Think carefully about the relevance of your long-term goals once the Sun enters Pisces on Thursday.

You’ll begin to feel lighter, brighter, and more excited about your future when Venus enters your zone of adventure and opportunity. Over the coming weeks you’ll have an excellent opportunity to explore ideas that truly fascinate you. Travel plans could be on the menu, too! The Sun’s move into Pisces and your zone of goals and ambitions could see you looking to make progress. And if you’re passionate enough about your ideas, the next four weeks could see you storming ahead.

Creative drives are still strong, with a positive alignment encouraging you to think big and act on your hunches. While the results may be some time in coming, they’ll be well worth your effort. The focus continues on your zone of shared resources as Venus dances in to join Mercury. This is an opportunity to get your finances organized by gathering information and making astute decisions. Avoid doing too much splurging if you can! Finally, fresh opportunities and adventures await you, starting Thursday.

Relationships continue to be in focus, with opportunities to make key changes where necessary. If you’re aware of any issues that need sorting out, this is one of the better times to discuss the situation and see what solutions you can come up with. It’s better to do this now than to ignore any problems and have them resurface later when it could be harder to resolve them. As of Thursday it’s time to take stock of what you value most concerning a very close bond.

You may want to try your hand at a different diet, new form of exercise like spinning or Pilates, or perhaps a soothing treatment that can ease away knots and tension. Anything that can enhance vitality and leave you feeling really good is worth a try – and you’ll make a lot of new friends in the process. Once the Sun dances into your relationship sector on Thursday you may be inclined to compromise rather than insist on getting your own way in key matters.

This is the time to showcase your skills and abilities, as Venus, your personal planet, enters your creativity sector. It will be in one of the most self-expressive places in your solar chart, so don’t hold back from displaying your impressive talents. Someone watching may be bowled over. You could begin to review your habits a little more critically as the Sun dances into your zone of lifestyle and work on Thursday. It might result in a few important changes.

Mars continues in your sign and links to expansive Jupiter, so you could get a boost from connecting with friends who share your interests. If you have an opportunity to collaborate on a project you’re passionate about, this is the time to go for it. Or joining a group or club could prove fascinating and liberating, too. The Sun’s move into Pisces and your creative sector encourages you to explore your abilities, but it might also entice you to initiate a romantic liaison.

While Saturn’s presence in your sign can keep your focus on responsibilities and personal goals, the move of Venus into your communication sector adds a more sociable note to the weeks ahead. You’ll find that networking can provide useful information that helps you get through your workload more quickly. This is very much the time to reach out. If you’ve been thinking about starting an online business, you might now be motivated to consider this in more depth.

Issues of self-worth, along with money matters, may show up for you as Venus moves into your zone of personal finances and values. Are you charging enough for the work you do? In what areas of life do you feel shortchanged? These are questions that it might help to ask over the coming week or so. Saturn’s presence in your psychological sector might cause you to dwell on past failures when it would be better to focus instead on your successes and so enhance your self-esteem.

As Venus dances into Aquarius you might want to pay more attention to your image, perhaps by trying new clothes or getting a makeover. Also, it’s an opportunity to reach out, network, and make new friends whether online or off. With Mercury also in your sign, use this chance to share ideas and plans that are meaningful to you and rustle up some support. Keep an eye on money matters, especially spending, once the Sun dances into your personal financial sector

Venus joins Mercury in your spiritual sector early this week, which can see you reaching out to help others. If a friend is going through a hard time, then you’ll be there to listen and offer up advice. You’ll also benefit from paying attention to dreams that might seem more vivid than usual as they could contain useful guidance. The big event is the Sun’s move into your sign on Thursday. It will remain here for the coming four weeks, enhancing your vitality and your charisma.

Raehwan (BIGSTAR) – Feb 15, 1992

Ravi (VIXX) – Feb 15, 1993

Yoonyoung (A-JAX) – Feb 15, 1993

Eric (Shinhwa) – Feb 16, 1979

Jenny (SKARF) – Feb 16, 1996

Shim Changmin (DBSK/Actor) – Feb 18, 1988

Horoscope credits: horoscope.com



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