☆March 7-13☆


With the planets stacking up in a more secluded area of your chart, this is an opportunity to take time out to reflect on life.
Even so, this week’s Solar Eclipse in this same sector could encourage you to take a look at whatever seems to be drawing to a close in your life. This can apply to projects, goals, circumstances, and relationships. In addition, be sure to read the fine print and note the details if you’re closing a deal later in the week!


Whether a friend’s idea is good or should be avoided is something you will need to research. This week’s Solar Eclipse on Tuesday may spotlight the opportunity to liaise with another or perhaps a group or interesting project. But don’t drop your guard and agree to go along with it without doing your homework – you could lose out in the future. While you might feel a little ungracious for questioning their motives, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


You have the opportunity to shine this week, so make sure it’s for all the right reasons. With a Solar Eclipse as the driving force behind your actions, be careful about making any promises. Others will certainly hold you to your word. Meanwhile, opportunities could come up that bode very well for you in the future. How do you tell them from the others? You might have to use instinct, but you’ll also benefit from talking to the right people and getting the facts.


Are new experiences or faraway places calling to you? They may be this week, as a Solar Eclipse in your travel and adventure zone could see you eager to venture outside your comfort zone or take on a challenge. But you’ll want to put some thought into this, as taking off on the spur of the moment might not be your best bet. The more detailed your planning, the better chance you’ll have of availing yourself of fresh opportunities without the mishaps.


Your finances are firmly in the picture this week and could be stirred up somewhat by a Solar Eclipse in your zone of shared resources. Whatever events take place in the coming days, try not to overreact. Do what you have to do in order to contain the situation or grab an opportunity. Beyond that, bide your time until next week when you’ll have a much better idea of the lay of the land. From there you’ll find it easier to make the right decisions.


Relationships could take a new turn in the days ahead, particularly with this week’s Solar Eclipse bringing one or two issues to the surface. One key romantic or other association could reach a turning point. In addition, facts can be deceptive and things may not be as they seem. So, if you’re going to hold a heart-to-heart chat, don’t base important decisions on what’s being said. You’d do better to wait a few days before evaluating what needs to be done.


If driven to want to take care of everyone at once, start with yourself. Maybe you’ve burned out over this issue before, so you should spot the warning signs. Be good to yourself. The March 23 Full Moon could bring people to lighten your mood and get you out and about. If a fresh love sparks to life, it is spring after all! Love is in the air. Be receptive and let a dynamic spirit touch your heart. A bittersweet or tender memory on March 30 could bruise your heart again with the Venus/Chiron conjunction. Cherish these moments from the past.


This is a sterling time to grab the spotlight and showcase your skills and abilities. The Solar Eclipse in your zone of creativity, romance, and self-expression could be very exciting. If you have talents that you’ve barely exploited, you might be offered an opportunity to promote them that could lead to greater exposure in the future. Certainly, a love affair could become more passionate and intense. In that case, however, don’t rush. Bide your time for a few weeks before you get involved.


There’s a lot happening on the home front this week, as a developing issue could come to a head. A Solar Eclipse in this sector could stir feelings and encourage outbursts and heart-to-heart chats. Whatever the situation, you may reach a point where something has to be done. Indeed, the building tension could be too noticeable to avoid. However, do avoid taking action on the spur of the moment. If you need to make a decision, it should be an informed one.


This week’s Solar Eclipse in your communication sector could bring an interesting opportunity your way. Or you could be offered the chance to collaborate on a project or close a deal. But you need to tread carefully unless you’re certain of the facts. What you’re being offered could be perfectly valid and potentially lucrative, but it isn’t without pitfalls. These need to be fully investigated before you agree to anything. And be sure to read the fine print if money is involved.


Don’t be tempted give too much away, particularly if you can’t really afford it. This week’s Solar Eclipse may tug at your heartstrings. If someone needs help, you might be the first one to reach out to him or her. Yet before you part with your hard-earned cash, be sure that you aren’t doing so in vain. There are many reasons why things may not be as they seem. By all means be generous, but know where to draw the line.


This could be an exciting week for you, with a Solar Eclipse in your sign that may encourage you to take a leap of faith. But before you do, be sure that what you’re considering is actually in your best interests. Tune in to your instincts, watch your dreams, and take heed of your inner guidance. Be mindful of the signs that life is bringing your way, and notice whether you’re being encouraged or discouraged. If you’re on the right track, you’ll feel it.


Choi Jonghoon (FT Island) – Mar 7, 1990

Hyunsik (BTOB) – Mar 7, 1992

Kim Taeyeon (SNSD) – Mar 9, 1989

Injoon (The Boss) – Mar 9, 1992

Kang Insoo (MYNAME) – Mar 10, 1988

Riko (Rania) – Mar 10, 1989

Mir (MBLAQ) – Mar 10, 1991

Peniel (BTOB) – Mar 10, 1993

Soohyun (U Kiss) – Mar 11, 1989

Cheska (FIESTAR) – Mar 11, 1992

Eli (U Kiss) – Mar 13, 1991

Nara (Hello Venus) – Mar 13, 1991

Myungsoo ” L” (Infinite) – Mar 13, 1992

Horoscope credits: horoscope.com



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