Soft Spring Look


Hello dear fashion lovers! Sorry for being gone for a while but I am back this week with this soft princess look. Okay, maybe not exactly be a princess look but it will sure make you feel like one \(^^)/. To start off you want to use a shirt with some kind of cute and colorful (pastel colors would make it softer) print shirt. I used my YAAS TOTTALY! Donut shirt from H&M. You can use any print and any color you would like. The shirt can also have a different cut. Next is the skirt! This is what makes you feel like a soft candy princess the most! The skirt I used was from Forever 21 and I absolutely love it! The important thing about the skirt is that is has a tulle top layer. The tulle will allow the look to a bit more princess/fairytale like and it keeps the outfit looking young and fun. I bought the skirt in an off white color because I wanted the whole look to be soft and spring like but you can also use a gray color if you’d like. For shoes (you can’t really see them) I wore some pastel pink flats that matched the color of some of the donuts on my shirt. I didn’t add any extra accessories because I felt like the skirt was enough but you can add a simple and cute necklace if you would like or if it gets chilly out you can throw on a cute cardigan. Hope you liked this week’s look and remember to have fun with fashion! You can tag me in any fun fashion experiments you have on instagram @holybananamilk! Let me know how you feel about this outfit and what you would like to see next. Until next time and don’t forget to have fun!




Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by any of these stores/brands! I jus happen to shop there a lot.


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