Spring Blossoms

Hello hello, Rena here! Spring break is in full motion, and it would be an understatement to say that I’ve been procrastinating school work like there’s no tomorrow.

How can I not procrastinate, however, when my surroundings are full of blooming blossoms and flowers???


Cherry blossoms may have a short life, but in that short time span, they create something uniquely beautiful.


Kind of makes you want to stand and stare, doesn’t it? It’s even more mesmerizing when petals are falling down as if it’s straight out of an anime scene. If anything, a k-drama can even be filmed here HAHAHAHA (I wish.)


Let’s all appreciate the beautiful flowers that spring brings! For those who are holed up inside at work (or holed up at home watching k-dramas), I hope you’ve been inspired to take a bit of time to go out of  your way to find a field of flowers to enjoy.

*Note: Casualties obtained in the process of taking these photos = 1000000000. My pollen allergies were going insane and punishing me for being so close to flowers, but hey! Beauty is pain.*


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