☆March 21st – 27th☆

Hope you all had or are having a great break! Here’s some star guidance for the week!


Although you may be excited by all the possibilities open to you, unexpected delays or too much red tape might hold you back. This week could see you taking one step forward and two steps back at times, which might be disconcerting. You’ll do yourself a favor if you slow down. No amount of wishing or willing is going to make things happen any faster than they are. Indeed, patience may be needed once Saturn enters its retrograde phase on Friday.


Your attention turns inward to your thoughts and feelings. And you’ll find it easier to connect with and share your emotions once Mercury enters your spiritual sector on Monday. Nevertheless, midweek could be a turning point, as a somewhat tense aspect might mean you’re loath to invest in a hobby or even romance that may be getting expensive. From Friday, it’s time to peek under the hood to see how you handle power and what might keep you from enjoying intimacy.


This week could prove to be a turning point for you, particularly with a Lunar Eclipse in your leisure and pleasure sector. Feelings could run high, so this isn’t the best time to get heavily involved in a romance or commit without thinking things through. At the same time, you and another could clash on the best way to handle a family issue. Indeed, your partner may be a force to be reckoned with from Friday and need to be coaxed into cooperating.


With the Sun at the top of your chart, you’ll be ready to shine. However, you might need to consider your priorities before you attend to getting a promotion or accomplishing a goal. Matters on the home front could detract from your plans, and you might need to scramble to get certain matters sorted out. Taking care of your health could also pay from this week on, as Saturn enters its retrograde phase. Pace yourself and be willing to take full responsibility for your well-being.


Be prepared to handle objections or deal with other people’s volatile emotions as this week’s Lunar Eclipse in your communication zone brings feelings a head. The midweek Eclipse could be the time to say whatever needs be said and clear the air in the process. Although the week may be frustrating in some respects, a weekend leisure plan may be just the thing to recharge your batteries and help you rise above it all. You’ll need some form of escape, so fit it in.


Money matters may come to the fore with the cosmic backdrop encouraging you to be cautious about spending. This isn’t the best time to splurge, as you could regret it later. If an unexpected bill shows up, it might cause even more stress. Bide your time and content yourself with small luxuries. Responsibilities associated with home and family affairs could seem to ease somewhat as Saturn rewinds. It doesn’t let you off the hook, but life may be simpler in coming months.


The Lunar Eclipse in your sign could bring issues to a head regarding a significant other. And with a somewhat volatile energy showing up, it may come down to an argument that’s been brewing for some time. But try not to do or say anything you might later regret. In fact, it might be best to leave important decisions for a few days, by which time things should calm down. Although you might turn to your instincts to help you, you may not fully trust them.


This week’s focus could be on creating a healthy balance between work and play. You may find the Lunar Eclipse churns up all kinds of emotions that take time to process. If you can lighten your schedule, it might give you a chance to be by yourself and think things through. You don’t need to come to any conclusions. Just the act of mulling things over can bring clarity. Also, romantic opportunities could show up. Are you confident enough to take them?


It’s possible you’re pressuring yourself too much, which could lead you to lose faith in your abilities. It doesn’t have to be this way. This week’s energies spotlight areas where you may be trying too hard. This isn’t a criticism, just a word of advice to encourage you to give yourself some space. Another reason to be kind to yourself is the Lunar Eclipse in your social sector. It could mean changes to certain friendships or groups with which you’re affiliated.


Any changes you make to your inner game could enable you to be more confident and achieve more. Yet this might be the reason why you feel you’ve lost your sense of direction. It hasn’t really gone away. It’s simply that you’re in the act of redefining your goals and purpose in life. Indeed, this week’s Lunar Eclipse can encourage you to delve even deeper. If you’re ready to succeed, the cosmos is suggesting that the first step is knowing yourself.


Your words have power this week, so try to use them wisely. Even so, this can be easier said than done. This week’s Lunar Eclipse could bring feelings rushing to the surface, which might encourage you to tell it like it is even if doing so proves somewhat upsetting to another. While clearing the air can be liberating, you could damage a friendship if you act without considering another’s feelings. If it’s a longstanding association, it’s worth investing the time to sort it out.


Hang on to your cash this week and conserve your money as much as possible. The reason is that you could get a few unexpected bills or feel a little unsettled about financial matters. Until things begin to look more secure, it’s wise to rein in your spending. Regarding career, you could be treading water as Saturn enters its retrograde phase on Friday. However, this gives you a few months to explore a new direction and decide if it’s really for you.

☆Idol Birthdays☆

Alice (Hello Venus) – Mar 21, 1990

Seo Eunkyo (Co-Ed) – Mar 21, 1996

Boram (T-ara) – Mar 22, 1986

Kangnam (M.I.B) – Mar 23, 1987

Park Bom (2NE1) – Mar 24, 1984

Jungmo (Trax) – 26, 1985

Xiumin (EXO) – Mar 26, 1990

Horoscopes from: horoscope.com



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