☆April 4-10☆

Here’s your weekly Star Forecast!


You might be inspired to aim for a diplomatic solution rather than tell it like it is this week. However, it could be tempting to argue with someone, especially if he or she refuses to see your point of view. The New Moon in Aries could encourage you to adopt a different perspective. On Thursday, you may feel moved to take action to resolve this matter once and for all. Mercury in Taurus could help you, enabling you to act from a practical standpoint.


A focus on a more secluded area of your chart hints that this could be an excellent time to reflect on the past year and the future. Still, you might need to resolve a conflict of beliefs that lies at the heart of a present difficulty. Change is in the air, but you could be resisting it, which will likely cause further frustration. You might as well go with it. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.


Your social life perks up as Venus sashays into your party sector this week, bringing opportunities for good times and plenty of dates. Meanwhile, you could be facing a bit of a challenge concerning a friend or group and be wondering what steps you should take to resolve this. Success could lie in shaking off an outmoded mindset and adopting a more flexible way of viewing the situation. The weekend could bring a pleasant surprise your way.


Mercury hikes into your sector of long-term dreams and goals, so you may be mulling over an idea whose time has come. Meeting with like-minded people could help you bring it to fruition sooner rather than later. Regarding your career, you don’t have to listen to someone who’s jealous of your achievements. The more they try to get at you, the more you should ignore them and go on your way. You have better things to do than listen to naysayers.


Don’t try so hard when you really don’t need to. In fact, you might be better off turning your attention to more relaxing activities this week. If you’re heavily focused on obtaining a particular outcome in a matter, it can make you oblivious to other areas of your life. This week’s New Moon in Aries encourages you to pull away from this kind of unhealthy obsession and explore new territory. You might feel pleasantly revitalized as a result.


Family members may be more supportive than you give them credit for, particularly if they can see that you’re struggling with a project or business enterprise. Although you may be loath to share your troubles, it could be worthwhile. One person might prove especially helpful despite having their own problems to deal with. Indeed, the insights you gain as a result could get you back up and running fairly quickly. A small windfall could come your way over the weekend.


If you’re honest, you might have to concede that someone close is getting on your nerves, but with Venus dancing into your relationship sector on Tuesday, you may not want to admit it. It might be better to recognize it and have the kind of conversation that you’ve been meaning to have for some time. It will clear the air and you’ll probably feel a lot better as a result. An upbeat encounter over the weekend could brighten things up.


Work and health are important issues this week, though if you’re eager to advance, you might need to change your mindset. The New Moon on April 7 highlights a perspective that may no longer be working for you and could be actively holding you back. It’s time for a change, one that could help revitalize other areas of your life, too. A friend’s advice over the weekend could be the catalyst that pushes you to make a start.


You deserve some time out to enjoy yourself, but you may feel guilty about doing so. The chances are good that you’ve been working a lot harder than usual lately and you’re very aware of your responsibilities to others. All of this can be draining unless you learn to pace yourself. It’s important that you enjoy a little rest and relaxation, as too much work can dull your creative edge. On another note, the weekend could bring a chance for romance.


In your heart of hearts, you know what your course of action should be and yet you may be resisting this knowledge. The current planetary backdrop encourages you to face it. Your intuition is correct now, and you’d be wise to follow its guidance. If you do, you’ll find that a family matter or other uncomfortable situation resolves itself without too much hassle. If you don’t, it will just drag on. However, someone else might show some initiative over the weekend.


As Venus enters your communication sector it could encourage you to negotiate rather than do something a little more drastic, especially when it comes to interpersonal issues. The New Moon in your communication sector could also entice you to take action, but in this instance you might want to resolve the matter once and for all, which could mean letting go of an awkward relationship. If you choose the right words, it might not be as difficult as it seems.


If you’re trying to build your confidence, then the negative effect of a jealous friend might not be doing much to help. Bearing this in mind, the Aries New Moon on Thursday could be a call to talk things over. However, if you wait until the weekend, you might be able to settle this in a way that enables you to appreciate and enjoy one another’s unique qualities. Avoid discussing this midweek, as the outcome might not be so pleasing.

This Week’s K-Bdays!

Lee Jiyeon (Piggy Dolls) – April 2, 1991

Heo Changwoo (A-Peace ‘Lapis’) – April 2, 1992

Siwoo (Twi-light) – April 2, 1993

Hyemi (Nine Muses) – April 3, 1991

Park Jungmin (SS501/Solo Singer) – April 3, 1987

Eunhyuk (Super Junior) – April 4, 1986

Yang Jiwon (SPICA) – April 5, 1988

Sungwon (TAKEN) – April 5, 1989

Chanmi (Co-Ed) – April 6, 1992

Ken (VIXX) – April 6, 1992

Zion (GP Basic) – April 6, 1996

Choi Siwon (Super Junior) – April 7, 1986

Hanhae (PHANTOM) – April 7, 1990

Gummy (Solo Singer) – April 8, 1981

Jay (Trax) – April 8, 1983

Kim Jonghyun (Shinee) – April 8, 1990

Park Seungyul (TAKEN) – April 8, 1991

Uee (After School) – April 9, 1988

Ukwon (Block B) – April 9, 1992

Noh Hyeran (Brave Girls) – April 9, 1993

Z.I.N (D-Unit) – April 10, 1993