BTS BON VOYAGE EP 1: Chaos, Coming of Age, and Ramen



BANGTAN BOYS! Have a safe trip!


Today’s review will focus on episode 1 of BTS’s BON VOYAGE, a series exclusively on VLIVE+!


The episode began with the boys of BTS sitting in a library-like setting, ready to start the first episode of their Bon Voyage series. They introduced themselves one by one stating their name and a small greeting. BTS member V is not present due to a his drama schedules. The boys explained that they went to Northern Europe, Bergen, Norway to be exact! As the come to a conclusion on their opening commentary, the episode begins and this was when the real fun began.


If you like watching your favorite idols in their natural states, this episode is for you. For this episode, the boys of BTS are packing for their trip to Bergen, Norway. Each member was allowed one carry on bag to take to their trip, so you can imagine how much chaos was happening in their dorm room, which we see in the video! Each member struggled hilariously to pack enough clothes to last them while trying not to overpack (coughs Jimin coughs). Resident dancer and vocalist Jimin was shown struggling quite a lot to close his suitcase, which made us laugh. To be quite honest, we can say that this really reminded us of our KPD trip to Orlando for the VIXX showcase. We had certain members pack their whole house in their luggage to the point their luggage created an ERROR on the scale (so fitting).

65Once all packed, the boys made their way to Incheon airport where they would check in for their flights themselves for the first time ever. The boys split into teams to check in two at a time, with members Rap Monster and Jimin being the first ones to check in successfully. Everyone else struggled, but soon, after taking it one step at a time, finished and wondered to themselves why they were struggling so much. LOL. Now, we’d like to mention this. We truly loved how intimate and ‘day in the life’ this part was. We got to see them in their dorm, packing as if we were there. They showed us the many things they packed, including cameras that almost all the members took a long with them. We also got to see them try to do things on their own for the first time, through a struggle and ultimate win. It was as if we were following them closely witnessing every single moment first-hand and feeling that same thrill the members most likely have.


During commentary, the members explained that it was their first time ever checking in by themselves without the help of BigHit staff so it was all foreign to them. All the members were expecting Suga, who is the oldest member, to be the one to figure it all out, but he was just as confused! In the end, they managed to do it and noticed that Suga was actually one of the most sensible members. He had packed a lot of useful things including first aid kit and external batteries/powerbanks!


The second part of the episode began with them arriving at Bergen, Norway. This, was also our favorite part. The boys figure out how to get to their destinations by themselves and even ask local workers for some help. Leader and rapper Rap Monster was the one to speak English to the locals which deemed a great help. They took a bus and headed off to their destination where a lot of chaos began. Because he was so distracted by the beautiful scenery and the actual feel of being in Norway, member Jimin left his luggage in the bus. This part had us cracking up because it reminded us also of KPD in Orlando because there was a bag missing throughout our whole trip (LOL). It was a funny moment that even the members were laughing about. Luckily, Jin thought fast and had them call up the consulate which helped locate the bus and eventually retrieved Jimin’s precious luggage with his camera and underwear. Such an intimate moment. So much love for this group.

1323When the boys arrived at their hostel, they were given a total of 5000 Krone to survive on for three days in Bergen. Some members stayed in the dorm to freshen up, while others went out to buy groceries. At the market, they bought a lot of instant food (ramen for daaaaaaaays), and a cheesecake to celebrate Jungkooks coming of age day! Once home, the boys freshen up and decide who was going to sleep in what room with who with a game of rock,paper, scissors! To Jin’s utter dismay, he ended up having to share a room with Rap Monster. He screams and yells “NOOO” while everyone laughs. They were all so cute. After their little room deciphering fiasco, the boys are shown cooking away some ramen and sausages and let me tell you, when we say that these boys made us hungry at 8am, they made us HUNGRY. We literally wanted to jump into the screen and attack that ramen but it’s okay, we controlled our hunger.


Now, when you’re in a foreign country and you wanna do laundry (really Jungkook), and the washing machine is in a foreign language, what do you do? Well, what Jungkook did! Search up to translate the words on the washing machine, find nothing, give up, and wing it! By luck, he managed to get the washing machine to start working, but did he do it right? We won’t know until episode 2~!


The episode ends with them having dinner and celebrating Jungkook’s coming of age. This part was truly special because the celebrated an important day in Jungkook’s life as a group. We truly love how wonderful the group’s relationship is and how well it was shown to us in this one episode. The boys at the end gave their commentary, made fun of Jimin for losing his bag, and really shared their thoughts on the first episode. Member J-Hope tells us to make sure to tune in next week for the next episode because it was going to be worth the wait. Will we find out if Jungkook did the laundry right? Will Jin live through sharing a room with Rap Monster? We will see next episode next week on VLIVE+~ Make sure to tune in and watch the episode too because it’s surely not something you do not want to miss!!!


TL;DR Review: If you really love BTS, and you freaking love seeing them in their natural states acting a fool, with tons of unexpected moments, this episode is surely something you’d definitely want to watch! It had us laughing, excited, and reminded us of a special trip our KPD fam took last year. We 100% recommend buying the series because it’s definitely gonna be worth watching!

Video Quality: ★★★★★ 5

Video Content: ★★★★★ 5

Audio: ★★★★☆ 4

Overall: ★★★★★ 4.7!!!


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