#EXOMENTARY: Favorite Episode!


Hey guys!! After reviewing all the ‪#‎EXOMENTARY‬ LIVE videos, I came to choose that “Home Cooking with Chef D.O. is my favorite one out of all the videos. Maybe it’s because I’m biased but D.O. looked so cute and handsome cooking! Some fans even called him the, “Serious Cutie Chef,” I can definitely agree to that! Even the Kim Brothers said he had pretty hands while cooking, which is true because D.O. had me hooked in. If you love cooking and learning some really great tips then this is the video you want to watch!


The two dishes he cooked was bean paste stew and Korean pancake. Some of the tips he mentioned are really good if you want to prefect this dish or for future reference when you want to impress your friends and family. One of them is the rice, if you want good nice dry rice, it’s best you clean the rice until the water is clear and let it sit for 30 minutes. That will give you that nice dry rice you see in Korean restaurants! Next being the bean paste stew, D.O. said it’s best you cook the meat in medium heat that way you don’t turn up with burnt meat. Next, when your meat is all cooked ready to add in the water make sure you add in hot water not cold. By adding hot water the beef keeps its flavor because, if you add cold water your meat will start to stink lose all the yummy flavors. I don’t think you would want to serve stinky meat to your guests! I think this tip goes for all types of stews and soups too! By the way, all these tips came from his lovely mom! Thank you Mrs. Do for the lovely cooking tips~~^^


D.O. was awfully quiet during the show but it’s understandable because, he was concentrating on his cutting, seasoning, and cooking etiquette! Which I was very impressed because, not a lot of people know the basic simple etiquette of cooking. I loved how neat he kept his station, how precise he cut the meat and veggies, and still manage to have a lovely cooking show!!^^ He also mentioned his mom a lot which was cute because you could tell he loves spending time with his mom when he can. He wondered if his mom was watching and made a cute s/o, “Mom are you watching? -Laughs cutely-” D.O. did say he got to spend time with her the day before the cooking show.


The way he interacted with the fans was super cute and funny because, he would ask questions about EXO and answer them himself 😂. The first question was, “Which EXO member is the pickiest eater?” D.O. answers with, “We all eat very well but, Chanyeol and Sehun would be the ones I choose.” Which is funny because I didn’t expect Chanyeol being a picky eater he looks like he can eat anything LOL. The second question was, “Which EXO member is not picky or eats well?” He answered with, “Chen, Xiumin, and me.” I wasn’t surprised really because, I remember when they used to call Xiumin Baozi because of his adorable cheeks!! Last question was, “Which EXO member cooks the best?” D.O. quickly answered, “No one😂. The members and I don’t cook so I can’t say much.” Sorry D.O., but I’m going to have to disagree because after watching your cooking show, I have to say you look and cook like a true born chef!!^^

Towards the end, the “Fantastic Kim Brothers” came and invaded his cooking show! The Kim Brothers came to taste D.O.’s lovely delicious food! They both enjoyed his food and complimented his nice dry rice, yummy spicy stew and crunchy delicious pancake!After watching them eat so well it made me really hungry^^ 😋

To give back to his fans he made a little giveaway challenge. He asked the fans to create an innovative fun name for the dishes he cooked. The fan who came up with the best name would receive a necklace and a pair of earrings with the EXO sign on it!! How cool^^ Awww lucky fan who won the prize!! The Kim Brothers helped D.O. choose a cool name and the name they all choose was, “Falling in D.O.’s Pancake! How clever is that!!^^ Super cute~~

Many great highlights in this episode with Chef D.O.! I surely did learn a lot about cooking and I have to say that it did gave me a lot more confidence to cook this dish now. With the helpful tips D.O. mentioned I’m sure I can perfect the bean paste stew and impress my friends! I hope in the future there are more episodes like this because, it brings out a different and softer side of the person. I would love to see Taeyang from BIGBANG cook too (I heard he’s a great cook), Ravi from VIXX (because he looks serious and charming when cooking) and BTS or Infinite or Teen Top (hopefully those groups don’t catch each other on fire LOL😂)

That concludes of my favorite episode on the #EXOMENTARY LIVE videos!! Sorry for the long post but it was needed because so much greatness I had to share with ya’ll~~^^

Thank you~~!!


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