Eating at Night(markets)

After a very abrupt realization that the sky was actually clear of clouds in Vancouver one day, my friends and I decided to abruptly travel an hour by bus to the night market! (For those who have never been to a night market, especially an asian-themed/asian-dominated one… I highly suggest you find one and visit it!)

I would safely say that 90% of people who go to the night market are more interested in the food than the actual stalls that are selling objects – I mean, they have glowing drinks!


Well, technically, it’s an “ice cube” light that has an internal battery which is activated by water. (A physics electrical circuit thing. Water completes the circuit which is left incomplete. I dunno. It’s complicated. I run away from physics.)

The night market also has game stalls set up (which basically take money straight from your hands):


The infamous ring-toss game. My friends wanted to try it for fun, but I stood at the side and agonized as I watched them pool money together to get a huge bucket of plastic rings… There was this article somewhere on the internet that explained why it’s near impossible to win this game. (Something about how the bottlenecks are shaped.)

Side story, I tried applying to be a games attendant for the night market once. It was a group interview, completely insane, and used up like a million years of my time. The bosses were more interested in making money and seeing who could sell stuff the best, but honestly – games attendant. GAMES. You’re supposed to make it fun, not try to one-up how much money you’re taking from the poor child who wants that large stuffy.

Anyways. Back to my main topic – food! Let me begin with my appetizer for the night – Taiyaki.


Taiyaki is a Japanese treat, made from a cake batter poured into a special mold. Traditionally, it is filled with red bean – which is what I decided to go with – but the night market offered flavours like custard, oreo, etc.

I was kind of disappointed that the mold they used wasn’t the full mold with the face of the fish on it (which made it really non-photogenic), so I ripped it in half instead for the photo.

Next on the menu was chicken karaage (ka-raa-geh)!


Honestly, you can’t hate this, and you can never screw up making this. It’s fried, boneless chicken thigh with a delicious sauce.  It’s normally topped with green onions and sesame seeds, which make it even better.

Continuing, we have Ika (or more commonly known as squid feet)!


As you can see in the photo, it is crowded as hell… the one downside to these night market adventures. I’m extremely short, so I get lost in the crowd easily, and I can’t see where I’m going.

Grilled squid feet! Mmm. There’s also fried squid feet (Ika Geso), but I had already eaten fried chicken thirty minutes before…

Lastly, for dessert…


Mango patbingsu (a.k.a shaved ice)! The best type of shaved ice is snow milk shaved ice, where they use an even-more special machine to shave the ice into microscopic sizes, and it just melts when it touches anything other than ice because it’s so small. It’s also infused with milk, which gives it a nice texture and flavour especially when it’s shaved into such small pieces. Find a place that will use almond milk and woooo that $10 spent on frozen water and fruit is really worth it.

That marks the end of my food journey for today! There were honestly so many other places I wanted to buy food from… there was fried yogurt/ice cream (you know, the one where they spread it on a metal surface and then scrape them into rolls… omg), rotatos (a potato sliced into thin strips and skewered so that it looks like a ribbon wrapping around the stick), ddeokbukki (spicy rice cakes), Hawaiian poke (poh-keh; raw assorted fish on top of rice), candied fruit… so many things I wanted to try, but my wallet and stomach could only handle so much.

I apologize if I made you drool over your keyboard!


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