BIGBANG 10th Anniversary Concert


BIGBANG held their 0to10 anniversary concert this past weekend and the amount of popularity and awesomeness it received was amazing!! YG was building excitement for the fans by doing teasers of the concert and doing the AtoZ museum exhibition!!

The AtoZ BIGBANG Exhibition looked very cool because, the members took time to create artworks for the VIP’s. The artworks represent what the members feel about their VIP’s. Some have deep meaning to them. For example, the wall from the old YG building filled with notes and comments to BIGBANG was actually taken down to bring it to the exhibition. They were going to just recreate a replica but, GD said it would lose its purpose so they went ahead got the actual wall.


My favorite piece of the exhibition has to be the artwork where the members just made a huge mountain of their clothes and shoes of past shows, photoshoots, and concerts! The members were hesitant about that piece because fans can easily take them. They made an announcement to please not take them because some of the pieces are their personal clothes and shoes.


The concert attracted more than 65,000 VIPs to watch the phenominal BIGBANG10 The Concert!! Word on the street is that, BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT, was the biggest number of attendees for a single concert in Korea! PSY made a special appearance performing Champion and GANGNAM STYLE!

Among the many VIPs in the stadium fellow YG members and Kpop artists attended as well!


In the picture above we have the YG Family members, including 2NE1’s Dara, iKON, Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, and WINNER!

TOP’s sister, Choi Hyeyoun and her son came out to support BIGBANG! Look at TOP’s adorable nephew!! He’s so cute~~!!!!

The picture above is model Soo Joo, she is really good friends with YG Fam. You will usually see her at YG events and at special occasions with them.

Kpop star, Hyomin from T-ara even attended the concert! Look at her jam out~~!!

The concert was phenomenal!! Breathtaking!! The level of excitement and energy BIGBANG and the Band Six give gave at this concert was remarkable!! I always get goosebumps when they play Haru Haru because that’s the song VIPs sing along. Having to hear the whole audience sing together is so touching (back in the Alive Tour I got to experience that feeling and was able to sing Happy Birthday to TOP XD)!

Check out the different colors in the crowd!


The highlight of the concert was when they showed, TOP taking a video of Seungri showering! HAHAHA DON’T MESS WITH TOP! XD I wonder how Seungri will get back to TOP… we shall see hehehe


I wish many more years with BIGBANG!! I hope they don’t stop making amazing music and keep that strong unity with all VIPs~~!!!


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