Are you guys fans of web dramas or even regular old dramas? Well guess what! There’s two channels dedicated to both on VLIVE! I actually didn’t ever take notice until recently. On the V DRAMA channel, you can watch press conference videos of different dramas, video clips of different dramas, and more! On the V WEB DRAMA, you can actually watch episodes of different web dramas! How cool huh? Currently, I’m taking interest in the VDRAMA channel because one of my new favorite dramas “Dokebi” or Goblin, is on there! There’s clips and little audio videos that are worth listening and watching!


I decided to take a listen to one of the audio videos from Dokebi to see what it was all about. It’s literally a nice, and clear sounding voice note of actor Gong Yoo who plays the Goblin in the drama. It’s very clear sounding, and if you listen to it with headphones, it has a ‘talking to you’ kind of effect. I really liked it!

I also decided to give the press conference video of Hwarang, the anticipated drama starring some of your favorite actors, actresses, and even idols, a look! It’s nice to be able to watch and listen their feelings about playing in an anticipated drama. I especially loved how friendly the actors were with each other. It was really nice seeing a nice sunbae like SHINee’s Minho being with BTS V! I do recommend watching it.

Overall, after viewing a couple of videos from VDRAMA and V WEB DRAMA, I can say I’ll probably spend more time watching videos on V WEB DRAMA seeing as there’s full episodes on there. Although I do like VLIVE’s VDRAMA, I kinda think I’m more preferring VWEB DRAMA since there’s more to watch and the quality of some of the videos are better. For example, the quality to the press conference video wasn’t that great, it was okay, but could’ve been better. Plus, who knows? I might become quite attached to a web drama I decide to watch~~


If you wanna take a look at either channel, visit the following links below! You definitely won’t regret!


V Web Drama http://www.vlive.tv/channels/ED523B

V Drama http://www.vlive.tv/channels/ECA251


[V.FRIENDS VIXX N’s LieV – 빅스 엔의 눕방 라이브!]

Hiya everyone!
Today, we will be reviewing VIXX’s N’s VCookie LieV show! Now, if you didn’t know this already, VLIVE opened a new channel showcasing your favorite kpop stars lives with very intimate moments! Today, we will be taking a look into VIXX’s N Liev~~ Grab a warm blanket, and your favorite plush animal, for this video really makes you want to snuggle up and sleep!
For starters, I must say, this was a really comforting episode. Just the way N speaks to you makes you feel like you’re having a nice chat with him before going to bed. The intimate POVs the cameras show, the dim lighting, and the comfy looking bed he’s in just adds onto that aura. It’s truly a sweet video, making you feel like you’re close with N, and able to listen to his thoughts before bed.
The video itself earns 4 out of 5 star(lights) for wonderful quality, but the fact that it’s vertical, is hard for computer viewers to really enjoy it as much. Although VLIVE is mostly enjoyed through the app, it would’ve been nice to have the screen be full rather than vertical for all platforms, including via their website.
The quality of the content is 5 out of 5 star(lights) because dude, this video makes you FEEL like you’re talking to him before bed. It’s as if you’re right next to him, listening to his thoughts (especially if you have headphones on and your eyes closed). I watched this in the afternoon, and it made me want to go to bed LOL. It really is soothing and intimate, especially with all the camera views the VCOOKIE staff give you~!
Now, as for the English subtitles, 5 out of 5 star(lights)!! They really did well, and I wasn’t confused at any moment on what he was saying because the subs were all there and I was able to understand every word he spoke. As international fans with limited to no Korean knowledge, it can be crucial to find good quality subtitles when it comes to videos by your favorite idols. We either misunderstand or not understand at all which creates confusion and overall, some sadness because /language barrier/ 😦 It’s truly wonderful being able to understand them clearly, even if we have to focus on the subtitles often!
Overall, this video was amazing. It’s intimate, fun, and really worth watching. It makes you feel fuzzy and warm, as well as helps you get to know your idols a little more. If you want to watch this ep, make sure to check out the link below! Enjoy it!