[V.FRIENDS] 자장가 & ASMR X VIXX LEO – by 눕방 LieV


Hello everyone! For this weeks’ V.Friends review, I’ll be reviewing one of my old bias’s ASMR 눕방 and his lullaby 눕방~!

Now, I’ve been a huge fan of VIXX since around the time they came to Dallas because KPD was lucky enough to help out for their concert! Not only were they sweet and very talented, but they were also kind enough to tell us to thank you for our hard work after the concert ended. Since then, they hold a special place in my heart for their kindness that day. Although I don’t stan them like I used to, their music are still bops to me!


For Leo’s lullaby V-COOKIE video which is actually part of his longer “LieV” video, he’s sitting on a couch in his PJ’s singing a lullaby for everyone to sleep. I absolutely adore these kinds of videos because they’re more intimate for individual members and also, it’s sorta semi-natural considering the idols are dressed in their pajamas and they’re able to talk as they wish freely. Not as free as a regular random broadcast, but also not as structured as a heavily scripted broadcast. It has a nice in-between feel due to the nice aura, portrait shot, and chosen attire.


Now, for the second V-COOKIE in his LieV video, he’s giving me the tingles with his ASMR! Now, guilty as charged, ASMR is a guilty pleasure of mine and it’s been growing rapidly as of late so it’s really nice to see some of our favorite idols try out ASMR! Now, his version of ASMR, is, of course, him writing! A long going meme around the Starlight fandom is that Leo has been dubbed Leocasso LOL because of his…interesting drawings. I was hoping that we would see some of his drawings, but this clip just showed him trying out ASMR by writing something out (which I wish I could read OTL).

I’m actually a bit shocked at how lovely quality the sound is. It almost reminds me of the ASMR sound quality of videos on YouTube that I watch every now and then to fall asleep! What a nice surprise. I wonder if I should do ASMR….HMMM.

Well, anyhow, let’s start on the actual review for each part of these two clip videos. As you know, my reviews are usually split into three categories: quality of the video, video content, and of course editing/audio. For these two clips, I’m really really surprised at the rating.

For video content, I give it a ★★★★★5 out of 5 stars (WOW) mostly because the content of the video matches perfectly with the title. IT was sweet and to the point. For the lullaby, he sang a lullaby (which I swooned over of course). For the ASMR video, he did ASMR, and although I wish it would’ve been longer, it still was what was expected.

For the quality of the video, I give it a ★★★★★5 out of 5 stars. I absolutely love how they shot it in portrait for the actual LieV, and kept it portrait for the clips. It certainly does give it that “I’m lying down and on my phone recording” sort of feel which I appreciate, and although it’s obviously scripted, it still has that nice casual effect. The quality of the video is HD wonderful, which means it definitely did not look like it was filmed at random. It was well in quality.

Now, as for the audio and editing, there is some editing and the audio is something to my surprise that was really good! For the ASMR video, I was pleasantly surprised that the quality of the ASMR was like the quality I watch of regular ASMR videos on YouTube. The directors and production staff must’ve done their research for ASMR and really took into consideration how ASMR is made and what exact microphones and settings to put that microphone on to use. I really appreciate that aspect! As for the editing, although I wish I could’ve understood what the captions were saying as they weren’t English subbed as the RM Mono captions were, I still like how they matched the overall theme of the video in terms of color use (they didn’t use black font, but rather a yellow font that would pop against the dark imagery in the video). Because of all these points, I give audio and editing a ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 (the ASMR sound quality really saved the editing here!)
Overall, these two videos were perfect in my opinion and met my expectations, receiving a perfect 5 out of 5. I enjoyed them and watched the full LieV not too long after!


If you would like to watch these two clips, the following links are clickable!

자장가 X VIXX LEO – by 눕방 LieV (lullaby) 

ASMR X VIXX LEO – by 눕방 LieV



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