[V.Friends, Vehind] BTS 꿀FM 06.13 : Comeback Special


Dan dan dan! It’s the final countdown doo do doo doo!

Hello everyone! We’re back with another V-LIVE V.Friends mission and this time, it’ll be a review on BTS’s recent Comeback Special Vehind on BTS+  Fanship channel!

If you guys didn’t know already (pretty sure ya’ll do) BTS have recently come back with their sixth extended play “Map of the Soul: Persona”  on April 12th of this year! I will be reviewing the VEHIND video of their BTS Cool FM Comeback Special!


I’ve always found it cool to see what happens behind the scenes at different filming or shoot location and I appreciate V.LIVES VEHIND videos showcasing the before of streams. In the video you can see the boys eating some fruit, goofing around and playing some ping pong, flexing their air pods *COUGHS JIMIN*, and overall just being themselves.


The members also have small one-on-one talk segments where they talk about how they feel about the album and how they hope fans will listen carefully and enjoy the story. Taehyung mentions that he hopes fans will receive the album well and receive the happiness of the album and that the album is a present for them.


The still photos at the end of the video with their music playing in the background made the whole video seem like a movie. It sort of gave me an emotional feeling of “wow, these boys have made it so far…” and you can see the genuine love for what they’re doing in their eyes. It also really reminded me of the ending of dramas where they have dramatic still-shot-scenes from the episode or the ending. LOL


Now to review the video. For starters, as mentioned before, I do enjoy the behind the scenes looks at what happens pre-recording time. To see that the boys are eating well and healthily, as well as enjoying themselves without heavy restrictions is nice. I also enjoyed seeing a small peek at how the whole filming room is like in terms of how many cameras are set up and how much equipment it takes to film just one live-stream comeback special. I give many props to VLIVE staff for work they do to just film these sorts of videos for fans. If there’s one thing I didn’t like, it would be that sometimes lighting was a bit TOO bright in the background which made everything pale and somewhat overexposed. For example,  segments of them talking or sitting at the tables, the background felt really bright and a bit too harsh on the eyes, but I do understand that extra lighting and natural light from the outside is very important in order to capture the boys in their very best forms.

Other than the lighting, I believe the video was clear and audio was amazing. I did enjoy the fact that there were subtitles for every part the boys spoke, and as well subtitles for the onomatopoeia bubbles.


Overall, if you have BTS+, I do recommend watching the Vehind videos! It’s a nice additive to see what happens behind the scenes, and also quality content in seeing how the boys interact beyond the live-streams.

To watch this particular video click here! Please kindly note, you will need to have BTS+ subscription!





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