[V.FRIENDS VIXX N’s LieV – 빅스 엔의 눕방 라이브!]

Hiya everyone!
Today, we will be reviewing VIXX’s N’s VCookie LieV show! Now, if you didn’t know this already, VLIVE opened a new channel showcasing your favorite kpop stars lives with very intimate moments! Today, we will be taking a look into VIXX’s N Liev~~ Grab a warm blanket, and your favorite plush animal, for this video really makes you want to snuggle up and sleep!
For starters, I must say, this was a really comforting episode. Just the way N speaks to you makes you feel like you’re having a nice chat with him before going to bed. The intimate POVs the cameras show, the dim lighting, and the comfy looking bed he’s in just adds onto that aura. It’s truly a sweet video, making you feel like you’re close with N, and able to listen to his thoughts before bed.
The video itself earns 4 out of 5 star(lights) for wonderful quality, but the fact that it’s vertical, is hard for computer viewers to really enjoy it as much. Although VLIVE is mostly enjoyed through the app, it would’ve been nice to have the screen be full rather than vertical for all platforms, including via their website.
The quality of the content is 5 out of 5 star(lights) because dude, this video makes you FEEL like you’re talking to him before bed. It’s as if you’re right next to him, listening to his thoughts (especially if you have headphones on and your eyes closed). I watched this in the afternoon, and it made me want to go to bed LOL. It really is soothing and intimate, especially with all the camera views the VCOOKIE staff give you~!
Now, as for the English subtitles, 5 out of 5 star(lights)!! They really did well, and I wasn’t confused at any moment on what he was saying because the subs were all there and I was able to understand every word he spoke. As international fans with limited to no Korean knowledge, it can be crucial to find good quality subtitles when it comes to videos by your favorite idols. We either misunderstand or not understand at all which creates confusion and overall, some sadness because /language barrier/ 😦 It’s truly wonderful being able to understand them clearly, even if we have to focus on the subtitles often!
Overall, this video was amazing. It’s intimate, fun, and really worth watching. It makes you feel fuzzy and warm, as well as helps you get to know your idols a little more. If you want to watch this ep, make sure to check out the link below! Enjoy it!

BIG TO THE BANG! Concert Review

We are back with another exciting review! This Time, we are reviewing Big Bang’s “BigBang10 The Concert: 0.to.10”. By The look of the trailer of this, I can’t wait to see how this is gonna turn out. Playing all of their hit singles and getting the crowd all pumped up! This 10th Anniversary concert is really hitting me that wow big bang has been around for a long time. I really hope they have more years to come. Now enough of me talking about that, let’s go watch some big bang in the sky. (pun intended)
As the concert starts you are zoomed out to see the whole stadium. The place is so full and has a great beautiful yellow ocean (Lightsticks). The doors open and big bang is standing right there and the crowd goes wild. The first song they do is their debut song back in 2006. WOW, TALK ABOUT THROWBACK!!!! They did mix in heaven into LALALA. I am very surprised that they still know the lyrics from 10 years ago. “We Like 2 Party” is on next. As this song is playing they are on 2 cars going around the stadium. You can tell the vibe there (or any Concerts) has a great and party vibe. “Hands up”plays and Then all the members introduce themselves. While I was watching this, I would quietly yell their name. “Bad Boy”, “Loser”, and “Feeling” Play next. All these are some of my favorite songs. And then, OUT OF NOWHERE LOLLIPOP STARTS PLAYING. LIKE THAT WAS MY JAM BACK IN THE DAYS. after, They do a melody with a little dubstep remix… I felt like I was in a club in Seoul. And then an intermission with the band plays and now we get to solos!!! The manke goes first with :Let’s talk About Love”, And “Strong Baby”. Daesung takes the stage next with “Wings” and “Look At Me Gwisoon”(The Outfit he has here though, he was dressed like a pimp like I’m not even kidding LOL) “Crooked” plays next and with both of them on stage they are just going wild with this song. GD’s “heartbreaker” and ,“crayon” with a techno groove. And than TOP JOINS the stage with him. For high high. (in this song they are riding a segway on the stage, Like omg the would.)
AND THEN A SPECIAL GUEST APPEARS. LIKE WHAT IS THIS. IT’S NO OTHER THAN PSY!!!!! He talks about his friends in big bang and how he known them for a long time. He performs the song “Champion”. I never heard this song before but this song was really good!!! He plays his world famous song “Gangnam style” and the whole stadium does the dance with him.The lights dim and Taeyang and GD play “Good Boy”. even from my desk i was dance and trying to rap the lyrics. “Pretended” “Doom Dada” and “Eyes Nose and Lips” Were the next songs. With eyes nose and lips gave me chills. The whole stadium was sing along and it was more powerful than Taeyang! Now that has to be loud! “Just Look at me” And “Ringa Linga” play for his next 2 songs.
With a short jazz intermission we are getting ready for the final part of the concert. And now we get to the slow songs “If you” and “Haru Haru”. When “Haru Haru” started playing i had watery eyes. That was the song that got me to like big bang and into the KPop world. I was even sing the lyrics and wave my arms in my room. MAAAAN, it hit me how good that song was. After that amazing song it’s time to get pumped up again with “ BANG BANG BANG”, “Fantastic Baby” and “Sober”.
With the Encore not being able to show on this i was pretty sad. But still was a great concert! I’m pretty sure I can watch this again and again. Happy 10th Anniversary Big Bang! Keep making awesome music and never quit. I recommend this concert to everyone in the Kpop world or even in the whole music industry. IT’S JUST THAT GOOD!!!!

Video Quality: ★★★★☆ 4
Video Content: ★★★★★ 5
Audio: ★★★★★ 5

Best. Absolute. Perfect. AWAKE!


Best. Absolute. Perfect. The meaning behind the boy group B.A.P’s name. After viewing the Seoul finale of their Live On Earth Awake tour, it’s obvious that these boys strive for just that; the absolute best and absolute perfection. They are truly some hard working kids.

After a long hiatus, the boys traveled across over 30 countries and various cities, showcasing their new looks, and their new sound. But, let’s not get this wrong; they might have new music, but they have not strayed away from their roots as leader Bang Yong Guk still writes for the boys, and continues delivering the absolute best.

As part of VLIVE+, the Seoul finale concert was livestreamed, and it was truly something worth watching. With stages you’d never expect, and the release of their most recent single “That’s My Jam”, it was worth the wait and definitely worth the coins.


The Concert

Now, the concert was spread into two days, but we were lucky enough to view one of the days. It was live, meaning we were literally watching as the concert was going on. Now that’s something out of the ordinary! We hope VLIVE continues doing this because it truly helps those who are not in Korea connect and watch the concert live as if they were there.

The setlist was filled with songs that they’ve recorded since 2012, and even some surprising stages, such as Jongup featuring Yongguk. This was probably one of my favorite stages for the same reason that Jongup was finally able to showcase himself more than he already has. It’s something that I’ve been waiting for TS ENTERTAINMENT to let him do, and I was thoroughly pleased that it finally happened.

The boys were lively on stage, and performed so powerful. The minute Warrior came on, I squealed, reminiscing of when they debuted and how impactful they were in my life. I will never forget just randomly deciding to watch their debut, and falling in love. I will never regret it.

Along with Warrior, they performed other stages such as One Shot, No Mercy, Badman, and my absolute favorite song of all, 1004. Their performances for each song was perfect, and full of passion that I’ve never felt so proud for a group of boys before. They’ve really come a far way.

Fan-talk was fun, and enjoyable. They thanked fans as they always do, and looked as if they were truly happy to be there. VLIVE truly captured and made it seem as if we were physically in the concert venue, enjoying the concert as fans in Korea were.

It was finally time for the boys to release their newest single, “That’s My Jam” and let me tell you! These boys put in their all while performing this song. It’s an EDM style song with a catchy tune that will give you such summer feels. It made me like summer, even in this hot Texas weather. While watching them perform, I knew I had to watch the awaited MV and listen to the whole album. And let me tell you, when I finally did, it was everything I expected. Good job, Bang Yong Guk!

Now, the most memorable part of the WHOLE concert, was most definitely Mr.Daehyun crossdressing. Now let me tell you, this boy can be a pretty girl. That wig fit him so well, I was amazed at how great he looked. It was a cute fan service that the fans truly enjoyed and that caught my attention during the live broadcast.


The Quality

The quality of the video was amazing as we were able to watch the concert without having to be in South Korea. I do hope that VLIVE continues this trend, and gives all groups the option to showcase their concerts live on VLIVE+ for fans outside of Korea to view, as it’s a way to get us involved and also support our favorite artists. The quality of the video was good, and I was able to make out who was who the whole time. The screen time for each member was distributed well and I appreciate the camera men for not just focusing on one person. The quality of the sound was perfect, and even though it was a livestream and you’d expect the base to be way too much, it was perfect and felt like I was watching a concert DVD. I really loved it.

Although the livestream was live, and isn’t up for re-watching, I would recommend still buying the series of videos and waiting for it to be re-uploaded. You won’t be disappointed at the beautiful choreography, and performance of the six boys of B.A.P, as well as the future GIFT VODs to be uploaded in September.


From the performances to the fan talk, to the release of their new hit single, That’s My Jam, the overall video/stream was worth watching. The only complaint I have as an international fan living in Dallas, is the time it goes live. REALLY EARLY! Haha, but that’s just the time zones doing their thing. Another complaint would be that unlike BTS Bon Voyage, this live stream was not uploaded right away after it finished. It has still yet to be re-uploaded, and I’m sorta sad about that. I really wanted to watch the video once again, but was not able to because well, it’s not up yet.

If you really love B.A.P, and concerts, this is a perfect series for you a long with the BIGBANG VLIVE+. You’ll be able to see the concerts, and get little GIFT VODs of your favorite members. It’s totally worth the coins and overall, gets good reviews from me!

Video Quality: ★★★★★ 5

Video Content: ★★★★★ 5

Audio: ★★★★★ 5

Subtitles/English: ★★★★☆ 4 (It was a live stream, so I can kinda figure why)

Overall: ★★★★☆ 4.5

Beenzino in Dallas 120915


The concert began with a Dj Sanchez playing his crazy beats getting the whole crowd ready. After a few songs Beenzino appears. By the first few songs I was like yeah I am digging this. He then started to get more relax and pumping the crowd and hitting it like no tomorrow. I’m not that quite familiar with his music but, at that moment I wish I knew all his songs so I could be head nodding like the rest of the crowd and singing along. Though that did not stop me from having great time^^. Towards the middle of the concert he said a few words and mentioned he is very thankful for the people who came out. He started to talk about his passion for music and how he wants to be different from other artists.


Other than his own music he performed some collabs with 1llionaire! The most anticipated song of night was when he performed his part from Born Hater by Epik High! The audience went crazy after the first beats of the song and realized it was the famous Born Hater! When it came for the encore the audience went absolutely ballistic! Fans dancing, singing and having the best time of their lives.


My experience at the concert was overwhelming and memorable. I hope he continues his passion and continues making music. I would definitely go see him perform again^^ Overall the concert was freaking hype!! It was not the typical kpop concerts I’ve been to but, yes of course since Beenzino is korean hip hop it’s bond to have differences. The whole vibe that Beenzino was giving off was ultimately unique and different.

I would like to thank the organizers for bringing Beenzino to Dallas and also having a section reserved for press, I am eternally grateful for that.

Thank you!! I hope you guys look forward for my concert updates^^

Photos taken by and story by: Oh Yoite. Peace.

Jam #2 – “Love Formula”


It’s time for this week’s jam!

hqdefault (1)


Now, before anyone starts thinking questions, this group debuted back in 1995 with hit song “Farewell Formula”. Group consists of three members; Park Chul Woo, Sung Dae Hyun, and Lee Sung Wook.

R.EF went on a haitus in 1998 and since then released a spontaneous song “Love is Hard” in 2004 and has not performed as a whole since.

(From this point on, click on the pink titles to see video performances!)


(The Fangirls from the 90’s tho!!!)

R.EF has inspired many artist to spread the message to not be sad from a break-up and to be happy!  This song has made many cameos in dramas, reality shows, competition shows (popular being Immortal Song 2), showcases, and music covers!

Korean Pop Idols also participate in showing the love~


Screenshot (738)


Screenshot (742)

Boy group, VIXX, has been also released a mini album with remake of song R.EF’S “Farewell Formula“, introduced as,”Love Equation“.




And last but not least,


(That is correct! Former member of R.EF, Sung Daehyun!!!)

Screenshot (751)

An episode of Immortal Song 2 aired with the theme of “Heartthrobs of 90’s are back!” had former member,  R.EF’s Sung Daehyun (located in the middle), as a guest and contestant with boy group ZE:A (surrounding Sung Daehyun) for this episode’s round! Sung Daehyun has shown to us that he still quite comedic and goofy and wishes for everyone not to be sad when going through a break-up or a sad moment!

This is a very much recommended song in yo’ playlist, if I do say so myself~
If I were to compare a real life situation, it would be an ended-small-term relationship where both parties are trying to move on in a happy way–


This has been XO, BRO!

~Until Next Time, TURN UP!

Jam #1 – ‘I am your Boyfriend’

That is right!

Today’s song is Boyfriend by BOYFRIEND! Also known as their debut song! BOYFRIEND debuted back in 2011 with their first album titled “Boyfriend” and the release of their first Music Video, featuring  Bora (of label mate group, SISTAR).
Boyfriend is a six member group consisting of members (Oldest to Youngest) Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, twins Youngmin and Kwangmin, and maknae Minwoo. This is also a group where half of the members are 95-liners!

This song conveys the image of cute, flirty and playful love in an innocent level! Not to mention that these boys try to help their band mate get the crush of his life’s attention!boyfriend-7

This tune gives off an all-smiles aura as soon as the song begins. The guitar chords being stroked delegates already a nice beat to follow, then suddenly withing a 5-10 second intro of guitar playing, snaps can be heard and BOOM 


You will see yourself bobbing your head up and down and swaying side to side. The beats are pretty simple to jam and listen to, too! I always find myself in a trance with how cute this song is. It also contains a small rap portion that makes the beat even more amazing!

Anyways, as for me comparing this song to a real life situation…let’s see….
It would be a cute couple that has just started dating and have to remind each other that they are a couple, all while acting cute!

So go ahead and open up a new tab! NOW.
Or click on this link~



AAAWWW~ (^^^That’s me looking at you while watching BOYFRIEND)



If you glanced at this picture and never knew who BOYFRIEND was, who would you guess the rapper is at first look?


(Order from left to right are:
Jeongmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo, Youngmin, Donghyun, and Hyunseong)

So go on and leave your responses down below! And I’ll be seeing you guys then on my next post with a new jam!

~Until Next Time, Turn Up!!



AYYE!!! What is up my fellow K-listeners!? Or should I say, ‘K-Jammers’??
HAAA, just playing, just playing!

The name is XO and I will be handling the music tab! I will be providing music suggestions/recommendations, song questions, random song comparisons to everyday situations and what we all like to feel every once in a while…



Now, to make things clear, I, myself, am not a music major nor an experienced person in music. I am measly saying things by the basics! If by any chance someone requests for my opinions or such (questions, sides of stories etc.) I will gladly contribute to the suggestion upon request!

This section tab is made for those who wish to have a new song in their playlist or a wide scope of music, genre, artist, knowledge or just TURN UP.
Occasionally, throw in some nice fun activities for the day!

My taste in music….

BOIIIII, let me tell you.
I am an avid listener to ALL genres. I have no favorite, but I do like to say that I get krunk with K-Hip-Hop, JYJ being my ultimate favorite group! Let me give you a range to what I listen to though, from boy group BOYFRIEND to ballad ladylike LYN all the way to sexy Nine Muses taking it to krunk Illionaire bringing it back up to old SECHSKIES to cute CRAYON POP to solos, duets, collaborations, osts, Jazz, Opera etc. I LISTEN TO WHATEVER NOISE IS BROUGHT TO THIS WORLD.

For the FEELS part…
I’m pretty sure everyone experienced them from watching music videos…but!
Have you ever felt the FEELS through music?




Psychologists convey that when video and audio played at the same time, there is a small percentage both are being taken in. So, if you listen to a song individually from it’s visual, you will be finding yourself hearing the lyrics and beats more precisely…and you’ll probably be like this…


and of course that one high note once in a while you find in the background…



No, but, being real here, music is a universal language that sounds the best when shared. Don’t you guys feel the thrill when open-minded people listen to your taste in music and enjoy it? Well, that is exactly my goal. To share, and show how well music can be delegated even if it isn’t your type or theirs! There is nothing wrong with jamming to a trot song when you’re all hip-hop nice! And definitely not wrong to show others that you listen to K-Music. Isn’t it more fun to turn up with others than yourself?
So with that being said, BRUH, LET’S TURN UP TO SOME KO-KO MUSIC!!

~Until Next Time, Turn up!

*KO-KO= Korea/Korean