[VFRIENDS] 지효의 첫 번째 Jihyo Candy Night – CAM2 TWICE+ Channel



What’s up everyone! Today we will be reviewing some content on the TWICE+ Channel on VLIVE! If you guys have not heard already, a couple of your favorite Kpop stars have VLIVE Plus channels where you can purchase a membership for the channel and watch exclusive content! You can post, chat, and check out exclusive contents on the artists’ channel and more! It’s really cool!


Because we have the TWICE+ channel membership, we will be reviewing a broadcast that TWICE member Jihyo did a couple of weeks ago! It’s called “지효의 첫 번째 Candy Night – CAM2”, aka Jihyo’s Candy Night V Radio Show! The original video with a frontal camera was on the regular TWICE channel, but members of the TWICE+ channel were able to see the view from camera 2!


The beginning of the video begins with Jihyo explaining everything above, and also going through the comments. She mentions that a lot of TWICE fans wished her a happy birthday because the day of the broadcast was actually on her birthday, February 1st! She continues with playing the first song for the show, “First Time”! It’s actually quite interesting seeing the recording of the show from a different camera because you can see everything around her, rather than just what’s in front of her. You can see how she has her script, pen, phone, and microphone in front of her. It makes things a little more intimate because everything is in open view.


The topic of the show was for the month of February. Jihyo encouraged everyone to leave their stories about February on the fan free talk board, which she would go back and read. Jihyo begins explaining why she likes the month of February and it’s because it’s her birth month, as well as the month where a lot of graduation ceremonies are held, as well as how short of a month it is. During this time, the camera was moved quite often, which was one small complaint I didn’t like about the beginning of the broadcast. The camera movements and constant changing made me a little dizzy LOL.


To not spoil further every single thing that happened during the broadcast, I will sum it up for you! During the show, she tells stories, and reads fans comments. One story was about how her mother was in labor on January 30th, and how she was born the first of February! She also explains how fans donate money to patients on her birthday which she is really thankful for. Later in the broadcast, she reads more fans comments, particularly one where a fan talks about how she became the leader of a dance performance and lead the performance. They chose TT, she taught it, and they all performed it. Jihyo was very proud and impressed on how confident the fan was and how she was able to do so. She also receives a message from a fan who was born on the same day as her, and also wants to become a singer. The fan had auditioned for JYP Entertainment, but did not get into be a trainee. Although she didn’t get in, she continues to pursue her dream and has followed TWICE since their SIXTEEN times. This really moved Jihyo as the leader of TWICE.


The broadcast was overall a very relaxing broadcast that felt like a one on one talk with Jihyo. She was able to read comments and messages from fans, as well as reply to them during the broadcast and give her input. She seemed to have fun, and fans were very sweet to her. At the end of the broadcast, she thanked fans for tuning in and apologized for stuttering since it was her first broadcast. The PD staff then surprised her with a birthday cake and sang the birthday song for her. Jihyo blew the candles and made a wish, as well as put on the last song which was TWICE’s “One in a Million”, which she sang along to. She thanked everyone, and said her goodbye.


Although I’m not an avid TWICE fan like the rest of the Kpop Dallas staff, I did appreciate this broadcast! Jihyo seems like a kind leader who truly cares about the fans and took the time to surprise everyone with a broadcast on her birthday. Despite the camera movements in the beginning, the broadcast was smooth to the end, and was worth watching. Although it’s not in super HD quality, it was still nice enough to watch! I highly recommend getting the membership for your favorite stars so you can also watch some great broadcasts and comment/share your stories with your favorite idol too!
If you would like to watch, here is the link! http://www.vlive.tv/video/22002?channelCode=E832DF





Hi everyone! Today we will be reviewing a new event that recently happened through VLIVE named “2017 GLOBAL VLIVE TOP 10” which in a nutshell was a sort of an award given to the VLIVE top 10 channels! The “V Truck” visited the groups that earned these awards and brought them their trophy! Today, we will be focusing on EXO’s acceptance speech and video.


From the beginning of the video, it was rather humorous as the boys of EXO greeted the VLIVE man enthusiastically. Everyone noticed how he couldn’t see with the VLIVE bobble-head type helmet on his head, and even mentioned that he should “poke peepholes” so he could see. LOL2

When they settled down, they began the broadcast and had every member greet in a different language, with Sehun in Chinese, D.O in English, Chanyeol in Japanese, Sehun in French, Baekhyun in Thai, Chen in German, Kai at first in Russian but then Tagalog, and lastly they wanted Xiumin to greet in an African language.


Although EXO was currently undergoing busy schedules, they made time out of their busy lives to take part in the VLIVE broadcast to thank their fans for being selected as the VLIVE top 10! Due to the occasion, Chanyeol states that they should choose a member to MC, and nominates Xiumin because he is the only member that currently has blonde hair, thus making him stand out. Xiumin says that he would struggle so he would rather not, and nominates Suho for his ability to speak well.


6Suho begins by saying that last year was a great year for their VLIVE channel, and that he personally, was a star that brought a lot of views. The members question him asking if that was verified and if there were statistics to prove that LMAO Chanyeol says that he was saying that to receive more hearts during the broadcast, and Suho adds that he hired part-timers to do nothing but hit the heart button LOL Which is one thing I absolutely love about these kinds of broadcasts; you get to see the members joke around with each other like friends rather than colleagues.


The award ceremony continues with Suho taking the script from the VLIVE man and continuing with the broadcast. Suho explains that the award was basically based on the number of hits and number of hearts and posts converted into VLIVE points, thus giving the top 10 channels of 2016. The VLIVE man presents the boys with their trophy which is shaped like a circle and has EXO GLOBAL VLIVE TOP10 written on it. It was heavy and really nice.


D.O gives a small acceptance speech, and everyone teases him saying it’s exactly like the time he won a medal in the movie “My Annoying Brother”. Suho then begins saying that EXO will pledge to do more VLIVE broadcasts for this year, like D.O’s soybean paste stew broadcast that as the member’s of EXO said, created a mass buying of soybean paste — I totally can see that happening. I ended up making the stew after watching it too! LOL


Baekhyun mentions that he wants to do a broadcast where he is in a doll suit and gives out free hugs, and no one would know. Sehun states he wants to create a broadcast where all of the members pets gather (which made it sound like a pokemon battle when someone mentioned BATTLE?? LOL).


To be honest, I would so watch a broadcast of them gathering their pets. I absolutely love animals and seeing the boys with their pets would be so adorable! The boys then read comments and one fan comments that they want to see them drink (me too, that sounds like it’d be a real show LOL) and Chanyeol mentions that they’ll have to rate it 19+, which everyone was down for (oooo).


According to the broadcast, the countries with the most active VLIVE EXO fans were China, Korea, and Thailand in that order. The video with the most posts was Suho’s EXO’LUXION video, which was loved by fans as he interacted with them throughout the whole broadcast.


To not spoil the whole broadcast, they continued to talk about videos on their channel that had mosts posts, views, etc, each being surprised with the results. They talked about the broadcasts the liked and about their own personal broadcasts through EXOmentary, as well as showed a couple clips from older broadcasts. The boys concluded the broadcast by signing the EXO sign that they took from the V Truck and once again thanked fans for helping them win this award.


Overall the broadcast was cute and fun to watch. The boys were very happy to receive the award and even kept singing what reminded me of the graduation song every now and then. I hope that VLIVE continues doing broadcasts like these as they’re more intimate than award ceremonies that give the artist a couple seconds to thank their fans, while this one gave them a whole broadcast!


The only complaint I have is that you could hear the sofa squeaking when the boys moved, BUT I guess you could say that the mics they used were REALLY good LOL which is an upgrade, so I guess I can’t really complain? I’m actually glad they improved the clarity and quality of sound.


If you want to watch this broadcast, as well as others, check out the V SPECIAL channel, or click the link below! 🙂



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What’s up everybody! Today we will be reviewing the VLIVE Christmas Week special with B1A4! You can find this video, as well as other Christmas special videos (Starship family, Seventeen, GFriend) on the VCookie channel! http://www.vlive.tv/channels/EF0205


The video begins with the boys of B1A4 surprised at the table in front of them decorated with tons of Christmas decor! There’s two Christmas trees and a bunch of cute ornaments. The boys immediately begin with their humor, asking Jinyoung why he was so dressed up, who remarked “I always dress up even when I sleep, these are my pajamas”. CNU immediately shuts him down saying that he’s talking nonsense LOL. The boys continue joking around the dress code, saying that they’re wearing red to stand out from the Christmas tree.


Finally, the boys get serious and start the broadcast with their usual greeting, and get into a discussion about Santa Claus. Once that was done, they looked at the live comments feed, and then continued with the main reason for the broadcast – to spend time with their fans! They began with singing “Crushing on You Again” which they claimed was more popular than famous fried foods and dishes like tteokbokki. LOL


After singing, they begin with the main event! Food! Each boy of B1A4 cooked something that represented or matched with the Christmas theme, and thus began verbally showing off their dishes saying, “mine is better!” “Yours won’t beat mine”.  Before starting, CNU exclaims that the ‘wine’ in their glasses is actually not wine. It’s grape juice lmao.


Baro then comes out with his dish, which is pasta (I should’ve ate before watching this OTL). He explains that the reason he prepared pasta was because of the drama “Pasta”. He tells everyone before trying the pasta, to eat with their eyes first. (If that was me, I would have eaten with my mouth first LOL Hey, good food is in front of me!!) A fan finally asks “did you really make it” and Baro finally confesses…”no because it wouldn’t have tasted good if I made it HA” 10 points to Baro for honesty LOL. They continue talking and eating, mostly talking about what they used to do when they were younger when Christmas time was near, and so on. Their stories were cute and reminded me of my childhood. Baro then has his own solo Christmas song, “Winter Wonderland” and sings in English! /that deep voice though/


CNU is next with his dish! His dish is steak! (I really should’ve eaten before this OTL) Everyone is so excited about the meat, that they’re starring at it LOL. CNU explains that the reason he brought steak, was because he really wanted to eat it (LOL). Sandeul explains that steak does somewhat represent Christmas though! (idk how but okay Sandeul LOL)


The broadcast continues with each boy telling stores from the age they debuted and how they’ll be turning a year older soon, to stories about Christmas and each other. I don’t want to spoil everything for you guys (go watch it~~~!) so I’ll just let you guys know what other foods the boys brought and what they sang!

CNU sang a bit of “I’ll Find You”, very passionately at that, and brought the Steak.

Baro sang a bit of “Winter Wonderland” and brought the Pasta.

Jinyoung sang a bit of “Prince of the Sea”, which was extremely upbeat LOL and brought the lobster.

Gongchan sang a bit of “Wait” and brought the roast turkey! (Reminds me of Thanksgiving, but B1A4 Christmas style)


And lastly,Sandeul along with everyone, sang a bit of their own song “It’s Christmas”, and brought the grand finale of a Christmas Cake, which looked really yummy!


During the time they brought out the lobster, they began answering questions by fans. The first one was B1A4’s drinking ranking. Turns out, they all like drinking minus CNU who doesn’t drink much. Another question was who would succeed the most if they go solo, and everyone got quiet because they were scared to answer LOL, in the end they believe that everyone would do well, since everyone has different styles. (safe answer ya’ll LOL) They continued answering questions to their best ability, and joked around to elevate the mood.


During turkey eating time, they began talking about how next year (or this year 2017), they will finally hit their 7 year mark. They began talking about what they’re thankful about, including every other member. A sentimental moment, that was truly beautiful. The relationship between these boys is amazing.


After each dish, they continued talking as if it were a family Christmas dinner. At the end of the broadcast, they thanked the fans for joining them, and told everyone to anticipate them for 2017, and also sang one last song together as a group, “Last Christmas” which really was meaningful. Overall, it was a wonderful broadcast that I highly recommend.




[V.FRIENDS VIXX N’s LieV – 빅스 엔의 눕방 라이브!]

Hiya everyone!
Today, we will be reviewing VIXX’s N’s VCookie LieV show! Now, if you didn’t know this already, VLIVE opened a new channel showcasing your favorite kpop stars lives with very intimate moments! Today, we will be taking a look into VIXX’s N Liev~~ Grab a warm blanket, and your favorite plush animal, for this video really makes you want to snuggle up and sleep!
For starters, I must say, this was a really comforting episode. Just the way N speaks to you makes you feel like you’re having a nice chat with him before going to bed. The intimate POVs the cameras show, the dim lighting, and the comfy looking bed he’s in just adds onto that aura. It’s truly a sweet video, making you feel like you’re close with N, and able to listen to his thoughts before bed.
The video itself earns 4 out of 5 star(lights) for wonderful quality, but the fact that it’s vertical, is hard for computer viewers to really enjoy it as much. Although VLIVE is mostly enjoyed through the app, it would’ve been nice to have the screen be full rather than vertical for all platforms, including via their website.
The quality of the content is 5 out of 5 star(lights) because dude, this video makes you FEEL like you’re talking to him before bed. It’s as if you’re right next to him, listening to his thoughts (especially if you have headphones on and your eyes closed). I watched this in the afternoon, and it made me want to go to bed LOL. It really is soothing and intimate, especially with all the camera views the VCOOKIE staff give you~!
Now, as for the English subtitles, 5 out of 5 star(lights)!! They really did well, and I wasn’t confused at any moment on what he was saying because the subs were all there and I was able to understand every word he spoke. As international fans with limited to no Korean knowledge, it can be crucial to find good quality subtitles when it comes to videos by your favorite idols. We either misunderstand or not understand at all which creates confusion and overall, some sadness because /language barrier/ 😦 It’s truly wonderful being able to understand them clearly, even if we have to focus on the subtitles often!
Overall, this video was amazing. It’s intimate, fun, and really worth watching. It makes you feel fuzzy and warm, as well as helps you get to know your idols a little more. If you want to watch this ep, make sure to check out the link below! Enjoy it!

BIG TO THE BANG! Concert Review

We are back with another exciting review! This Time, we are reviewing Big Bang’s “BigBang10 The Concert: 0.to.10”. By The look of the trailer of this, I can’t wait to see how this is gonna turn out. Playing all of their hit singles and getting the crowd all pumped up! This 10th Anniversary concert is really hitting me that wow big bang has been around for a long time. I really hope they have more years to come. Now enough of me talking about that, let’s go watch some big bang in the sky. (pun intended)
As the concert starts you are zoomed out to see the whole stadium. The place is so full and has a great beautiful yellow ocean (Lightsticks). The doors open and big bang is standing right there and the crowd goes wild. The first song they do is their debut song back in 2006. WOW, TALK ABOUT THROWBACK!!!! They did mix in heaven into LALALA. I am very surprised that they still know the lyrics from 10 years ago. “We Like 2 Party” is on next. As this song is playing they are on 2 cars going around the stadium. You can tell the vibe there (or any Concerts) has a great and party vibe. “Hands up”plays and Then all the members introduce themselves. While I was watching this, I would quietly yell their name. “Bad Boy”, “Loser”, and “Feeling” Play next. All these are some of my favorite songs. And then, OUT OF NOWHERE LOLLIPOP STARTS PLAYING. LIKE THAT WAS MY JAM BACK IN THE DAYS. after, They do a melody with a little dubstep remix… I felt like I was in a club in Seoul. And then an intermission with the band plays and now we get to solos!!! The manke goes first with :Let’s talk About Love”, And “Strong Baby”. Daesung takes the stage next with “Wings” and “Look At Me Gwisoon”(The Outfit he has here though, he was dressed like a pimp like I’m not even kidding LOL) “Crooked” plays next and with both of them on stage they are just going wild with this song. GD’s “heartbreaker” and ,“crayon” with a techno groove. And than TOP JOINS the stage with him. For high high. (in this song they are riding a segway on the stage, Like omg the would.)
AND THEN A SPECIAL GUEST APPEARS. LIKE WHAT IS THIS. IT’S NO OTHER THAN PSY!!!!! He talks about his friends in big bang and how he known them for a long time. He performs the song “Champion”. I never heard this song before but this song was really good!!! He plays his world famous song “Gangnam style” and the whole stadium does the dance with him.The lights dim and Taeyang and GD play “Good Boy”. even from my desk i was dance and trying to rap the lyrics. “Pretended” “Doom Dada” and “Eyes Nose and Lips” Were the next songs. With eyes nose and lips gave me chills. The whole stadium was sing along and it was more powerful than Taeyang! Now that has to be loud! “Just Look at me” And “Ringa Linga” play for his next 2 songs.
With a short jazz intermission we are getting ready for the final part of the concert. And now we get to the slow songs “If you” and “Haru Haru”. When “Haru Haru” started playing i had watery eyes. That was the song that got me to like big bang and into the KPop world. I was even sing the lyrics and wave my arms in my room. MAAAAN, it hit me how good that song was. After that amazing song it’s time to get pumped up again with “ BANG BANG BANG”, “Fantastic Baby” and “Sober”.
With the Encore not being able to show on this i was pretty sad. But still was a great concert! I’m pretty sure I can watch this again and again. Happy 10th Anniversary Big Bang! Keep making awesome music and never quit. I recommend this concert to everyone in the Kpop world or even in the whole music industry. IT’S JUST THAT GOOD!!!!

Video Quality: ★★★★☆ 4
Video Content: ★★★★★ 5
Audio: ★★★★★ 5

Best. Absolute. Perfect. AWAKE!


Best. Absolute. Perfect. The meaning behind the boy group B.A.P’s name. After viewing the Seoul finale of their Live On Earth Awake tour, it’s obvious that these boys strive for just that; the absolute best and absolute perfection. They are truly some hard working kids.

After a long hiatus, the boys traveled across over 30 countries and various cities, showcasing their new looks, and their new sound. But, let’s not get this wrong; they might have new music, but they have not strayed away from their roots as leader Bang Yong Guk still writes for the boys, and continues delivering the absolute best.

As part of VLIVE+, the Seoul finale concert was livestreamed, and it was truly something worth watching. With stages you’d never expect, and the release of their most recent single “That’s My Jam”, it was worth the wait and definitely worth the coins.


The Concert

Now, the concert was spread into two days, but we were lucky enough to view one of the days. It was live, meaning we were literally watching as the concert was going on. Now that’s something out of the ordinary! We hope VLIVE continues doing this because it truly helps those who are not in Korea connect and watch the concert live as if they were there.

The setlist was filled with songs that they’ve recorded since 2012, and even some surprising stages, such as Jongup featuring Yongguk. This was probably one of my favorite stages for the same reason that Jongup was finally able to showcase himself more than he already has. It’s something that I’ve been waiting for TS ENTERTAINMENT to let him do, and I was thoroughly pleased that it finally happened.

The boys were lively on stage, and performed so powerful. The minute Warrior came on, I squealed, reminiscing of when they debuted and how impactful they were in my life. I will never forget just randomly deciding to watch their debut, and falling in love. I will never regret it.

Along with Warrior, they performed other stages such as One Shot, No Mercy, Badman, and my absolute favorite song of all, 1004. Their performances for each song was perfect, and full of passion that I’ve never felt so proud for a group of boys before. They’ve really come a far way.

Fan-talk was fun, and enjoyable. They thanked fans as they always do, and looked as if they were truly happy to be there. VLIVE truly captured and made it seem as if we were physically in the concert venue, enjoying the concert as fans in Korea were.

It was finally time for the boys to release their newest single, “That’s My Jam” and let me tell you! These boys put in their all while performing this song. It’s an EDM style song with a catchy tune that will give you such summer feels. It made me like summer, even in this hot Texas weather. While watching them perform, I knew I had to watch the awaited MV and listen to the whole album. And let me tell you, when I finally did, it was everything I expected. Good job, Bang Yong Guk!

Now, the most memorable part of the WHOLE concert, was most definitely Mr.Daehyun crossdressing. Now let me tell you, this boy can be a pretty girl. That wig fit him so well, I was amazed at how great he looked. It was a cute fan service that the fans truly enjoyed and that caught my attention during the live broadcast.


The Quality

The quality of the video was amazing as we were able to watch the concert without having to be in South Korea. I do hope that VLIVE continues this trend, and gives all groups the option to showcase their concerts live on VLIVE+ for fans outside of Korea to view, as it’s a way to get us involved and also support our favorite artists. The quality of the video was good, and I was able to make out who was who the whole time. The screen time for each member was distributed well and I appreciate the camera men for not just focusing on one person. The quality of the sound was perfect, and even though it was a livestream and you’d expect the base to be way too much, it was perfect and felt like I was watching a concert DVD. I really loved it.

Although the livestream was live, and isn’t up for re-watching, I would recommend still buying the series of videos and waiting for it to be re-uploaded. You won’t be disappointed at the beautiful choreography, and performance of the six boys of B.A.P, as well as the future GIFT VODs to be uploaded in September.


From the performances to the fan talk, to the release of their new hit single, That’s My Jam, the overall video/stream was worth watching. The only complaint I have as an international fan living in Dallas, is the time it goes live. REALLY EARLY! Haha, but that’s just the time zones doing their thing. Another complaint would be that unlike BTS Bon Voyage, this live stream was not uploaded right away after it finished. It has still yet to be re-uploaded, and I’m sorta sad about that. I really wanted to watch the video once again, but was not able to because well, it’s not up yet.

If you really love B.A.P, and concerts, this is a perfect series for you a long with the BIGBANG VLIVE+. You’ll be able to see the concerts, and get little GIFT VODs of your favorite members. It’s totally worth the coins and overall, gets good reviews from me!

Video Quality: ★★★★★ 5

Video Content: ★★★★★ 5

Audio: ★★★★★ 5

Subtitles/English: ★★★★☆ 4 (It was a live stream, so I can kinda figure why)

Overall: ★★★★☆ 4.5



OMG IT’S TIME FOR WII BOWLING… Wait, hold on. Oh…they’re playing the real bowling. WELL EVEN BETTER.

So to make this fun, we gonna count how many gutter balls they get. (Side note: hopefully I don’t go up to 20)  (Second Side note: Too bad this isn’t the Wii Sports one, I wanted to watch one of the members throw the Wii remote and break the TV LOL DO YOU HOW HILARIOUS THAT WOULD BE.)


        Anyways, let’s begin! With this being the last episode for EXOMENTARY, I believe they picked the perfect thing to do for the last shazam!

The boys of EXO start off by just reviewing the past episodes. [Check our past reviews for those or watch them now with V.LIVE]  After that, IT’S TIME FOR BOWLING!! BUT WAIT, THEY’RE GONNA BOWL WITH SUPER POWERS!!!!

Yes, super powers. But I will explain that later on.


So they split into 2 teams of 4 and whoever has the biggest score after 10 frames wins FOOD!!! (and some beauty products that Chanyeol went crazy for, me TBH)  

So for picking teams they play a game.There are 9 coffee cups in front of them, 4 of them have coffee in them and the other 4 have fish sauce.  The ones that pick fish sauce are on one team and the ones that pick coffee are on the other team. Suho got fish sauce, D.O got coffee, Xiumin got fish sauce, Lay got coffee, Baekhyun got coffee, Chen got fish sauce, Sehun got coffee, Chanyeol for ICE (means you are on no one’s team and you can pick a team to play one frame for, aka Mr. Radish), and Kai got fish sauce. So now we have our teams! SO NOW THEY START.

Now, to explain the special powers. These powers can be used once and they don’t know what it is until they use it…Once again, it took them 15 mins to tell rules and get ready. LOL

At this point I was screaming PLEASE THROW THE BALL ALREADY.


Now, the teams pick the first members to go and Lay and Suho go up. This was when Lay told Suho “ladies’ first, which in return, Suho was shocked and gasped LOL.


But, that was not the end of Suho’s sad teasing. He was actually the first to GET THE FIRST GUTTER BALL!!!! HA!

Now, for the rest of the members. Lay hit 8 pins (good job). Chen got half. Suho went again and got 8 poins, and  Chen goes up and gets a gutterball. (gutterball #2)

Lay does an ok shot and only gets 3 pins. The boys continue to take turns shooting, and failing at many points.


Throughout the whole episode, we can see how close the boys are. They tease each other, laugh at each other, celebrate strikes (BAEKHYUN YOU GO MAN), and basically, just naturally show how well they get along. This was one of the most enjoyable episodes of EXOMENTARY, and I can honestly see why they left it as the last episode. It’s something you literally have to watch for yourself to get a feel for. It’s full of funny moments, relatable moments, and just moments where you can’t help but love these boys more than you already do. The quality of the video was amazing, the sound was perfect, and overall, ended with an amazing bang. It was literally the grand finale we were hoping for, and we’re actually sad that it’s now over.


At the end of the video, the boys thank the fans for supporting and watching them throughout the broadcasts. They say that they would love to do more VLIVE broadcasts and hope that everyone will support them in the future as well. Overall, it was a great episode with intimate moments, as well as hilarious times. We give this episode 5 out of 5 for the perfect shazam ending. We’re literally going to miss you EXO!!!


If you would like to watch more, or see more in depth commentary, check out our Twitter page and scroll down for our live commentary! There, you will see a bunch of screenshots from the episodes, as well as some funny comments we had!

Video Quality: ★★★★★ 5

Video Content: ★★★★★ 5

Audio: ★★★★★ 5

Subtitles/English: ★★★★★5 (a lot better than previous episodes!)

Overall: ★★★★★ 5!!!! BEST EPISODE!

EPISODE: http://www.vlive.tv/video/9025/2016-EXO-%EB%B3%BC%EB%A7%81%EB%8C%80%ED%9A%8C—%EC%97%91%EB%B3%BC%EB%8C%80-EXOMENTARY-SPORTS-Bowling-Competition

BTS GIFT VOD EP 4:Random Moments with BTS!

Let’s give it up for the Lost Boys!

Oh wait, I mean, Bangtan Boys!


It’s time for Vehind cam, where we get to take a look inside the behind the scenes of BON VOYAGE Episodes! Today, we’ll be reviewing “BTS Behind The Cam Episode 4”! Are you ready?


It begins with Rap Monster narrating the current situation. Apparently, Suga decided to go outside and get some fresh air, which ended up with him having to go through customs TWICE at the airport. Of course, because as BTS always does, they teased him about it! Oh, Suga!

It quickly moves on to Jungkook, who’s singing because he’s bored, wishing he was already in Sweden. At this moment, we learn that the boys are actually leaving Norway onto their next destination, which is indeed, Sweden.


The scene switches to Taehyung on his flight alone, saying that his members once again, left him, but that he will see them soon! Soon after that, small scenes begin occurring, with of course, the boys just being bored and ready to head to Sweden.


At times, there were little mini scenes of them during their time arriving in Sweden, with Jin and Jimin on the train. Jimin, who’s just #DONE with Jin, moves away from him as he basically tells some really old man style jokes (really Jin). Still in the train, it shows Jimin and Jin enjoying a random man’s performance on the train. They clap for him and tell him that he was good.

Scene changes, and it’s Jungkook and Suga saying how worldwide they are. They laugh. Silly boys.


FINALLY! We see glimpses of Taehyung and his shenanigans trying to find goats and all kinds of animals in the country side. He gets a little hungry and searches through his stuff and finds himself some emergency gum. At some point, he has a small reflection time, that looks like a very emotional painting. #NextVanGoghInpsiredWork


Quickly, it switches to Rap Monster and Suga who are talking about Swedish Kebabs and wanting to try them. Really random, guys. Really, random.

Now, it’s Jimin and Jin, walking down the streets with their luggage, talking about random things, and how Jin is always right. Okay momma Jin. Okay.

Overall, as the video continues, it shows a bunch of random moments that did not make the episode cut. This short episode sort of reminded me of a director’s cut edition, where you get to see parts that did not make it into the final film of the movie. We really did like this, because you get to see some really random moments, as well as see some random stuff they talk about. We get a peek at some intimate moments, for example, how in one scene, Rap Monster is teaching the boys English on the train, and another where the boys are trying to get directions to go to a specific location. It really shows how hard they try, and how determined they are despite language barriers.


Video Quality: ★★★★★ 5

Video Content: ★★★★☆ 4

Audio: ★★★★★ 5

Subtitles/English: ★★★★☆ 4 (a lot better than previous episodes!)

Overall: ★★★★☆ 4.5

EPISODE LINK: http://www.vlive.tv/video/9444/

#EXOMENTARY: Favorite Episode!


Hey guys!! After reviewing all the ‪#‎EXOMENTARY‬ LIVE videos, I came to choose that “Home Cooking with Chef D.O. is my favorite one out of all the videos. Maybe it’s because I’m biased but D.O. looked so cute and handsome cooking! Some fans even called him the, “Serious Cutie Chef,” I can definitely agree to that! Even the Kim Brothers said he had pretty hands while cooking, which is true because D.O. had me hooked in. If you love cooking and learning some really great tips then this is the video you want to watch!


The two dishes he cooked was bean paste stew and Korean pancake. Some of the tips he mentioned are really good if you want to prefect this dish or for future reference when you want to impress your friends and family. One of them is the rice, if you want good nice dry rice, it’s best you clean the rice until the water is clear and let it sit for 30 minutes. That will give you that nice dry rice you see in Korean restaurants! Next being the bean paste stew, D.O. said it’s best you cook the meat in medium heat that way you don’t turn up with burnt meat. Next, when your meat is all cooked ready to add in the water make sure you add in hot water not cold. By adding hot water the beef keeps its flavor because, if you add cold water your meat will start to stink lose all the yummy flavors. I don’t think you would want to serve stinky meat to your guests! I think this tip goes for all types of stews and soups too! By the way, all these tips came from his lovely mom! Thank you Mrs. Do for the lovely cooking tips~~^^


D.O. was awfully quiet during the show but it’s understandable because, he was concentrating on his cutting, seasoning, and cooking etiquette! Which I was very impressed because, not a lot of people know the basic simple etiquette of cooking. I loved how neat he kept his station, how precise he cut the meat and veggies, and still manage to have a lovely cooking show!!^^ He also mentioned his mom a lot which was cute because you could tell he loves spending time with his mom when he can. He wondered if his mom was watching and made a cute s/o, “Mom are you watching? -Laughs cutely-” D.O. did say he got to spend time with her the day before the cooking show.


The way he interacted with the fans was super cute and funny because, he would ask questions about EXO and answer them himself 😂. The first question was, “Which EXO member is the pickiest eater?” D.O. answers with, “We all eat very well but, Chanyeol and Sehun would be the ones I choose.” Which is funny because I didn’t expect Chanyeol being a picky eater he looks like he can eat anything LOL. The second question was, “Which EXO member is not picky or eats well?” He answered with, “Chen, Xiumin, and me.” I wasn’t surprised really because, I remember when they used to call Xiumin Baozi because of his adorable cheeks!! Last question was, “Which EXO member cooks the best?” D.O. quickly answered, “No one😂. The members and I don’t cook so I can’t say much.” Sorry D.O., but I’m going to have to disagree because after watching your cooking show, I have to say you look and cook like a true born chef!!^^

Towards the end, the “Fantastic Kim Brothers” came and invaded his cooking show! The Kim Brothers came to taste D.O.’s lovely delicious food! They both enjoyed his food and complimented his nice dry rice, yummy spicy stew and crunchy delicious pancake!After watching them eat so well it made me really hungry^^ 😋

To give back to his fans he made a little giveaway challenge. He asked the fans to create an innovative fun name for the dishes he cooked. The fan who came up with the best name would receive a necklace and a pair of earrings with the EXO sign on it!! How cool^^ Awww lucky fan who won the prize!! The Kim Brothers helped D.O. choose a cool name and the name they all choose was, “Falling in D.O.’s Pancake! How clever is that!!^^ Super cute~~

Many great highlights in this episode with Chef D.O.! I surely did learn a lot about cooking and I have to say that it did gave me a lot more confidence to cook this dish now. With the helpful tips D.O. mentioned I’m sure I can perfect the bean paste stew and impress my friends! I hope in the future there are more episodes like this because, it brings out a different and softer side of the person. I would love to see Taeyang from BIGBANG cook too (I heard he’s a great cook), Ravi from VIXX (because he looks serious and charming when cooking) and BTS or Infinite or Teen Top (hopefully those groups don’t catch each other on fire LOL😂)

That concludes of my favorite episode on the #EXOMENTARY LIVE videos!! Sorry for the long post but it was needed because so much greatness I had to share with ya’ll~~^^

Thank you~~!!

BTS BON VOYAGE EP. 2: The Mountain of Lost (J)Hopes


What Happened in Bergen? With TaeTae’s Adventure!


First and foremost, this episode was actually quite shorter than expected! Compared to last episode (which was about an hour to an hour and a half long) this one was only about forty-five minutes which made it an easy and smooth watch.  Although not much happened throughout the whole episode compared to Episode 1, this episode was just as interesting.


While the boys of BTS walk around town, enjoying local festivities, Taehyung is finally on his way to Bergen! On his way to the airport, he calls his father and lets him know where he’s going. His father wishes him safe travels, and Taehyung makes his way to the airport, where he is slightly confused. At first, I thought he would’ve gotten way more lost than the rest of BTS, but to my ultimate surprise, he actually had a smooth time getting through the airport and making it to Bergen. Guess the most 4D member might also be the most clever LOL.



Meanwhile, the boys of BTS in Bergen are split off into two groups with Suga missing. One group, consisting of Jimin and leader Rap Monster, decided to hike their way up a hill to see the city view of Bergen, while the other group consisting of Jin, Jungkook and J-Hope, decided to take the monorail to the top. On their way to the top, Team A (RM & Jimin), had some trouble continuing because they grew rather tired after a while. I found this quite funny because it’s relatable. As they hiked up, Jimin decided to joke around with RM and do the dance to “Fire” while hiking. It was quite cute!


Meanwhile, Team B figured out how to buy roundtrip tickets from up to down the mountain. As they made it to the top, they took photos and looked like total tourists. Once at the top, they walked around and took photos of the view, meeting up with Rap Monster and Jimin as well.


All while this was happening, Taehyung had made his way to Bergen! Because he was so hungry, he decided to stop buy a restaurant with his manager and bought them lunch with his own Visa card! As they finish their meal, they go off and walk around Bergen, finding a carnival, and seeing how beautiful the city actually is. He slowly but surely, makes his way to the hill where the rest of the boys are.


As the boys up on the hill decide to make their way back down, J-Hope realizes that he lost the roundtrip tickets. The boys joke around and name the mountain/hill “the Mountain of Jhope’s Lost Tickets”. A random local finds his tickets and approaches him, and hands them over saying that he found them. J-Hope, being so grateful, tells the tourist thank you many times, and bows. The boys finally make their way to the monorail and midst going down, Rap Monster realizes that he forgot his bag on a bench.


The boys are laughing because this is the second time a member loses their bag in Bergen, and thus to retrieve his bag, Rap Monster is told to rap about it. His manager is pleased with his rap, and hands over his bag which he was actually hiding. Everything is now at peace and Rap Monster was played by his manager. #TRUEMVP


As the boys make it down to the bottom, they find Taehyung and reunite with their fellow member. The boys decide to head out to find some food, and go separate ways depending on their preference of food. The episode then ends, leaving us wondering, what will happen next?

From watching this second episode, I have learned a lot about BTS. For starters, these boys LOVE their food, and have quite good taste in some yummy looking cuisine. As for the video quality, it was great! Although subtitles were not as fast as they could’ve been and lacked a bit, they were still generally good enough to help you understand what exactly the boys were saying. The editing of the video reminded me so much of American Hustle Life with pop up thought bubbles and what not. It made the episode much more enjoyable and fun. The actual content of the episode lacked just a bit as we were never told where Suga was, or what exactly was he doing, but that’s fine! We’re hoping that next episode will be packed with more things rather than just one specific time period.

Overall, we have truly been enjoying this series and earnestly recommend purchasing it. It’s completely worth it, and with the fact that you can also download episodes and view them later, is such a plus! If I ever need something to watch and want to have a good laugh, I can go back and watch the episode I had downloaded previously. It truly is like a small piece you can take away from each airing.

TL;DR: If you love seeing idols in their natural states while acting like a fool, this is totally a series for you! Although Suga didn’t appear, we thoroughly enjoyed this episode regardless. We’re hoping more exciting things will happen in the next episode so stay tuned~!

Video Quality: ★★★★★ 5

Video Content: ★★★★☆ 4

Audio: ★★★★★ 5

Subtitles/English: ★★★☆☆ 3

Overall: ★★★★☆ 4.25 J