Whoa who remembers this?! XD

This weeks episode of V.Frirends is my favorite pick on the V PICK! channel series. If the cover didn’t give it away you’re right, it’s GOT7!!!

In this short episode of V PICK! GOT7 gave a thankful message to all the IGOT7’s around the world for helping them obtain two titles, Artist of the year and Best Popular award at the Asia Artist Awards!

As usual they couldn’t move forward without having to roast Youngjae and his embarrassing airport fashion sense and bad choice of shoes! LOL

In the video GOT7 showed their gratitude towards IGOT7s for their uttermost support they have shown GOT7 throughout the years. Not to mention also announcing their latest title song that will be coming out soon called, Miracle!


OMG I can’t wait! Look at these 7 handsome men XD

The boys briefly talked about the title song and what it meant to them. JB expressed how the song Miracle would reveal the feelings and experiences they had to face throughout the years as a group. In the short description JB gave I was able to interpret that the meaning of the song would be about looking back in life the hardships you had to face. The good vibes you experienced along the way and how it was all worth it in the end. What matters the most is that you’re standing stronger than ever and glad you were able to stuck through it all. Also, always giving thanks to the people who help you along the way. (emo and wise Jessi came out LOL)

Honestly, I have to say that those boys have progressively improved so much throughout the years. Not only as musicians and artists but has individuals as well. The most growth I’ve seen from the group would have to be BamBam because, he debuted at such a young age and to see him grow into the person he is today is truly remarkable. To me he’s still the same young, dorky, smiley and playful looking kid! XD


OMG who still remembers BamBam’s streak of dabbing 😂

I still remember seeing them in the survival show of WINNER in the episode where YG trainees and JYP trainees would battle each other out showing their suave moves and vocals, to which I thought the JYP kids killed them in the dancing category. Sorry WINNER and iKON but GOT7 took the title home.


Not to mention, their very first fanmeet in the states!! KPOP Dallas had the honor to participate and contribute in the event when they first came to Dallas!! Our KPD team has so many stories of our back-stage times with GOT7! I think I will leave that for another time because it is long and funny af. Or maybe in the future I can do a video in regards of all the artists and shows we have had the pleasure to collaborate with. The year 2015 was an incredible year for us as in growth and in experiences to which I am eternally grateful for.


With that I leave with my favorite video of V PICK!

Hope to see you all in my next blob post of V.Firends! I swear I’m working on getting some videos up. I’ve just been so busy at work and stressed that I have had no time to get everything going up, but I swear it will be soon!

Byeeee my loves!!



The K-POP World Festival Auditions in Dallas is Back!



The K-POP World Festival is back and bigger than ever before!

Join us for our annual K-POP World Festival Preliminary Auditions on July 23rd, 2016!!
Calling all dancers, singers, and performers alike! Do you think you can dance or sing like your favorite kpop star? How about both? If you answered YES to either question, then you should join the auditions! We are currently taking auditions for vocal and performance categories, so if you think you have what it takes, audition!

The K-POP World Festival Preliminary auditions in Dallas is also a public event for all ages to enjoy! If you just want to watch some amazing performances, come on over and bring your friends and family with you!

We will be taking auditions from today May 27th, to July 1st so you have a little over a month to submit your application! Are you convinced? Check the rules and how to enter below!

Rules for KWF:
1. Because event is a Kpop “World” Festival event, in order to enter, you cannot be of Korean descendant, or Korean. It’s a world festival where non-Koreans will represent their countries!
2. Auditions are open to all ages.
3. If you plan on auditioning for the vocal category, you must sing in Korean. The other category is performance where you can sing and dance at the same time; or you can just dance. For singing and dancing at the same time, you will have to sing in Korean, too.
4. You must be available on July 23rd, 2016 and have reliable transportation to the location of our event. Rehearsal will take place early that day, so be prepared to come early!
5. If you are a finalist and cannot make it to the event because of an urgent emergency, please email Lily at BEFORE July 12th, 2015. Please state your name, and your emergency. This will allow us to choose another contestant from our runner-ups to replace you.

Note: please make your audition video a minimum of 1 minute in length!

How to Enter:

Please fill out the following form.

Remember, you have until July 1st to submit an audition, so hurry and do so! If you for any reason cannot submit it on that day, please email us at so we can accommodate a better date for you!

FAQ Document:…/1qswtmmhCEGXpstm-qfehyIxLP0…/edit…

If you have any questions, please feel free to message us on our Facebook page, or email us at


Good luck and we’re excited to see you there!

“Don’t Forget Me” Premiere


Come join us, January 22nd at 4:30 pm at Cine Oasis for the premiere of “Don’t Forget Me” starring Jung Woosung and Kim Haneul! Come and get a taste and feel of going to a Korean movie theater but here at home in Dallas! You will be able to purchase yummy Korean snacks and drinks, while watching this marvelous film!
Because space is limited, you will need to fill out a form. If a friend or family member is coming with you, please fill out a separate form for them as well. We will be having a guest check-in, therefore it is crucial for you to fill out this form for every person you bring. Admission/Movie is free, while concessions will be available for purchase. This movie is rated PG-13.
Wanna know more about the movie? Check out the trailer below! (Click CC for English subtitle)


Image was taken from Cine Oasis’s Facebook Page 🙂


Dongguk University Session

Ever imagined going to Korea? How about to study at one of the prestigious Universities there where kpop idols attended and even graduated?

Well, look no further! We are hosting a informative session where you can learn some info on how to attend one of Korea’s most prestigious universities International summer school program! Wow that was a mouthful!
Come learn about Dongguk University’s International Summer School Program with an informative session from a Dongguk University International Affairs Office staff member!

Dongguk University is one of the prestigious private universities in Korea. They are located in the heart of Seoul (exactly in the middle) and provide a great opportunity for foreign students with their international summer school program!

Since Dongguk University is really well-know university for Film and Digital Media/Theatre, there are many K-Pop artists that go there. They have have a course about Korean Popular Culture. You can also take Korean Language and Culture courses to know better about Korea. There is a variety of culture programs like visiting TV stations and etc, provided by courses and the international office.

International summer school is one of the best ways that a student can have a short-term experience in Korea, while getting academic credits, staying on campus safely, and exploring K Culture at its home!

For more details, such as location and time, please visit our Facebook event page (no login required!)

**Space is limited so please let us know if you are attending by filling out the form below***


Featured Photo: Dongguk University Campus, Dongguk University, taken from WIKI