HallYu Cosmetics in Houston!

Hi Guys!! It’s Jessi from KPD again with another amazing review. Sorry for the long hiatus… I’ve been super busy with school, work and other side activities. Aside from that. Today’s topic will be about this cute Korean cosmetics shop in Houston called, HallYu Cosmetics.kakaotalk_photo_2016-11-06-22-26-28

The really cool thing about the shop is that it carries a lot of famous brands like, CLIO, Dr. Jart, Dr. G, Innisfree, Goodal, SKINFOOD, Peripera, IPKN, Benton and many more! They understand the struggle us international buyers have with Korean cosmetics and variety, which is why they don’t carry just ‘one’ certain brand! Furthermore, their true vision is to bring and create that “road shopping” experience of Myeongdong and introduce it to the states. In order to do that, they have decided to build and replicate that same experience that you would see in Myeongdong by selling multiple brands in one store. Not to mention the great sales and promotions they have every month! So make sure to go like them on Facebook to see all of their upcoming promos and deals!


Even though the shop has been open for a little over a year now, it has a really cool and nice environment! They are known for their friendly service and informative workers! If you happen to be in Houston, Texas anytime soon, make sure to visit them! They also have an online store too if you can’t travel down south!  Who knows, maybe one day they’ll open a store in Dallas too??? Lets all hope for the best because I want a HallYu Cosmetics in Dallas too!



Website: https://www.hallyucosmetics.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hallyucosmetics/

Disclaimer: this review is not sponsored in any way, but one of our peeps does work at HallYu Cosmetics. This is not a paid advertising, but rather an open-ended personal review and recommendation. We hope you take our personal recommendation into mind 🙂


THEFACESHOP’s Stippling Brush


Hi guys this is Jessi with another makeup review! I hope everyone had a wonderful week.^^ It’s been chilly lately remember to warm up with some warm honey citrus tea to boost your immune system to keep that body healthy! ^_~

This time I’m going to talk about THEFACESHOP’s stippling makeup brush. It’s one of my all time favorite brushes! I use it to apply concealer, foundation, and blush. For starters, a stippling brush is a beauty tool used to get a flawless airbrushed finish when applying foundation or concealer. To get that airbrush look you dot (or pat) on your foundation or concealer for a smoother looking diffused finish, opposed to rubbing or brushing with a stiff foundation brush. You will definitely see the difference on your face when you start using a stippling brush to apply your foundation. It also helps for people who want to hide scars because, the brush lightly brushes over them instead of forcing the foundation into the scar. I’m telling you it works like magic! I’m so happy to have found this brush because after discovering it my makeup has definitely improved by a lot!

The way you will be able to identify a stippling brush is by the white bristles at the top with a black base. The bristles spread from the handle to the top in a cone shape. THEFACESHOP’s stippling brush only costs like $15 dollars versus at other places it can cost you around $30 to $40 dollars.

A handy tip: you can also use a stippling brush to lightly sweep on cream blushes and bronzers. When I say lightly, I mean applying lightly goes a long way.

I hope this review was helpful!! If you are curious about a certain product please don’t hesitate to comment and ask~~!! THEFACESHOP I go to is the one on 2625 Old Denton Rd, Carrollton, TX 75007.

Please note: I’m not in any form getting paid or sponsored for this I’m just doing a friendly review for my fans who are wanting to learn more about Korean inspired beauty products.

Thank you!! Lets create something beautiful~~^^

BB, CC – what’s the difference?



Hey guys this is Jessi and this is my first beauty tip of the day! Have you ever wondered what the heck is the difference between BB and CC cream?? No worries! Because I’ve had that same question in my head. For starters, BB cream stands for beauty balm cream. It usually works as a primer, meaning it should be the first thing you apply on your face (after applying face cream of course). You will want to wear it under your makeup as a makeup primer, so it can leave your skin feeling hydrated throughout the day. It also helps your makeup stay on longer and not look so cakey. This BB Primer I use is amazing! It’s so light and moisturizing it helps nourish my skin. Plus it comes in one universal shade so it fits all skin tones! It also works for when you’re on the run and don’t have time to go through your regular makeup routine, applying some BB cream and loose powder always saves the day for me! It helps even out my complexion and also when I want a slightly more coverage without the heavy feeling of foundation. One of the great things about BB creams is that it leaves your skin feeling silky and soft without making your face look oily or shiny. My BB cream is the one makeup product that never fails me! It is my life saver when I wake up late in the mornings for school or work. So, if you’re barely staring to use makeup or don’t know what to get, I recommend you get BB cream first. Trust me, after you try BB cream you will say good bye to foundations! Because I have!


CC cream stands for color correcting cream. This is going to give you coverage, even out your skin tone, and help conceal imperfections on your skin. I love it because many CC creams contain vitamin C and E, which helps protect your skin from sunspots and have younger looking skin. I like to apply CC cream after applying BB cream, together they work miracles and it’s a great duo!


I’m sorry for not uploading a video.. ;u; No worries because I’m investing on a camera so soon there will be videos and tutorials! For the mean time I will do reviews, recommendations and, beauty tips! I hope this was helpful~~!!! Have a wonderful day my beauties~~ ^_~

This is the finish look on my face! The only thing I applied was the BB and CC cream along with loose powder. I ended the look with a red gradient lip tint! (I will later make a post on how to apply lip tint) ^_^ I, of course had some cat eyeliner on and mascara^^


Lets create something beautiful^^

Here is the link to the BB and CC cream I have. All BB and CC creams work similar, it’s all about what fits best on your skin and this brand happens to work fabulous for me! You will find them under the Beauty tab.


Life is Beautiful

Hey Guys!! This is Jessi from KPD and I will be your host on this segment! I will present makeup reviews, recommendations, beauty tips all Korean inspired! I hope to grow and inspire all of you reach y’all’s inner beauty  and most importantly become a great host for you guys. Don’t hesitate and ask me questions about anything. Let me know what you guys want to see me review or try out! I’m up for challenges ;D I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Thank you~~

KakaoTalk_Photo_2016-01-10-15-20-44 Lets create something beautiful~~^^