[V.Friends, Vehind] BTS 꿀FM 06.13 : Comeback Special


Dan dan dan! It’s the final countdown doo do doo doo!

Hello everyone! We’re back with another V-LIVE V.Friends mission and this time, it’ll be a review on BTS’s recent Comeback Special Vehind on BTS+  Fanship channel!

If you guys didn’t know already (pretty sure ya’ll do) BTS have recently come back with their sixth extended play “Map of the Soul: Persona”  on April 12th of this year! I will be reviewing the VEHIND video of their BTS Cool FM Comeback Special!


I’ve always found it cool to see what happens behind the scenes at different filming or shoot location and I appreciate V.LIVES VEHIND videos showcasing the before of streams. In the video you can see the boys eating some fruit, goofing around and playing some ping pong, flexing their air pods *COUGHS JIMIN*, and overall just being themselves.


The members also have small one-on-one talk segments where they talk about how they feel about the album and how they hope fans will listen carefully and enjoy the story. Taehyung mentions that he hopes fans will receive the album well and receive the happiness of the album and that the album is a present for them.


The still photos at the end of the video with their music playing in the background made the whole video seem like a movie. It sort of gave me an emotional feeling of “wow, these boys have made it so far…” and you can see the genuine love for what they’re doing in their eyes. It also really reminded me of the ending of dramas where they have dramatic still-shot-scenes from the episode or the ending. LOL


Now to review the video. For starters, as mentioned before, I do enjoy the behind the scenes looks at what happens pre-recording time. To see that the boys are eating well and healthily, as well as enjoying themselves without heavy restrictions is nice. I also enjoyed seeing a small peek at how the whole filming room is like in terms of how many cameras are set up and how much equipment it takes to film just one live-stream comeback special. I give many props to VLIVE staff for work they do to just film these sorts of videos for fans. If there’s one thing I didn’t like, it would be that sometimes lighting was a bit TOO bright in the background which made everything pale and somewhat overexposed. For example,  segments of them talking or sitting at the tables, the background felt really bright and a bit too harsh on the eyes, but I do understand that extra lighting and natural light from the outside is very important in order to capture the boys in their very best forms.

Other than the lighting, I believe the video was clear and audio was amazing. I did enjoy the fact that there were subtitles for every part the boys spoke, and as well subtitles for the onomatopoeia bubbles.


Overall, if you have BTS+, I do recommend watching the Vehind videos! It’s a nice additive to see what happens behind the scenes, and also quality content in seeing how the boys interact beyond the live-streams.

To watch this particular video click here! Please kindly note, you will need to have BTS+ subscription!





[V.FRIENDS] VLIVE Lightsticks and Stickers!

Hello everyone! I’m back with another review for VLIVE! This time, rather than home in Dallas, I’m coming at you from Madrid, Spain!


This week, we are reviewing two features that were added to VLIVE to enhance your experience through the app with a cute and techy twist!

If you’re a frequent user of messaging apps, you may have noticed that almost all of them offer a sticker feature when sending messages. Well, it turns out that the VLIVE app also offers this feature! While watching your favorite idol’s VLIVE broadcast, you are able to send messages and stickers during their broadcast. For reviewing purposes, I purchased and downloaded some cute BT21 stickers off of BTS’s VLIVE Store. To my advantage, it turned out that Jin’s broadcast from earlier today was available to rewatch! Since I was bored and relaxing after a long flight, I decided to give the stickers a try and watch the broadcast.


One major thing I love about the stickers compared to other services that offer stickers for messaging, is that you receive  a ton of them in a set! If you knew me, you would know that my KKT account is filled with stickers that I’ve bought throughout the years and to be honest, none of the sets come with as many stickers as the ones in the VLIVE store. Because of this, there’s definitely a variety to choose from so whatever emotion you’re feeling can easily be portrayed! 😄


Moving on to the next and final feature I’ll be reviewing which is the lightsticks feature! This feature allows you to send 2x as many hearts during a broadcast. Although very helpful in getting more hearts for your favorite idols broadcasts, ,the lightsticks feature isn’t my favorite compared to the stickers feature mostly because I don’t see myself using this feature as much. The main reason is that although nifty and cute, I tend to watch VLIVE broadcasts on my breaks or on random whims so I don’t really send many hearts to begin with OTL I KNOW IM A HORRIBLE FAN


Although I don’t personally use this feature, I must admit it’s quite nifty to be able to go ham on hearts during a broadcast and show your support. I must also admit that I enjoy the cute 3D mode offered with lightsticks and I can see it being useful when you’re jamming out with friends to a concert DVD and don’t own a physical lightstick. You could definitely pull out your virtual one and jam out with it and have a mini concert in your room. LOL


VLIVE has been adding various features to their app for the longest and I’m excited to see what else they’ll offer.


If you would like to purchase a lightstick or sticker, visit your VLIVE app, click on the middle shopping bag icon the click either stickers or lightsticks and purchase from there! I HIGHLY recommendthe stickers because they’re super cute and add a little bit of love to messages you send your favorite idols~




Good afternoon everyone! We are back with another V.Friends review, this time for the V.LIVE channel “V PICK!”. As per usual, each review contains our honest opinions of the content featured by V.LIVE, usually spaced out by three categories for Lily’s reviews: video quality, video content, video editing & audio.

Today, we will be talking about a V Pick! video titled [BTS] 오늘도 평화로운 김덜렁씨의 하루 (RM talking about his mixtape ‘MONO’) which showcases clips from the main video, RM MONO Behind 😎

In this V PICK! video, we see the best moments from RM’s VLIVE video, including some funny moments that occurred while recording. As you all may guess, not everything goes as planned during VLIVE recordings, and sometimes we are left with some cute, funny wholesome scenes that showcase how artists are humans too. For example, in the video RM accidentally bumps into his skateboards as he walks out of his studio. The camera continues rolling as he cleans them on the other side, so you’re left just staring at his studio which is FILLED with bearbricks and tons of figurines.

The video is quite short, but I decided to watch his full video on the BTS VLIVE channel where he talks more in-depth about his mixtape. If you haven’t already done so, you should really listen to it! As he said, he was hoping to have his fans ‘feel’ that they’re in a certain situation or season when listening to the album, and trust me, that’s exactly how I felt (I absolutely adore track ‘Seoul’).  I don’t want to spoil everything that happens in the main video, so make sure to check that out as linked above!

Now to review the quality of the video, I would rate it ★★★★☆ 4 out of 5 stars. The quality of the video is quite HD and you can clearly make out everything shown in each picture frame. The only thing that sort of threw me off was the filter that’s probably placed on the video. It sorta makes RM look pale, but I suppose that’s not a bad thing. It’s just nice to see them naturally!

As for the video content, the VPICK video is short, but per usual, most VPICK videos are short considering they are just clips from the main video. I did enjoy the funny casual clips that were inserted, and also the main point, which was RM talking about his mixtape. The end clip which was “technical difficulties” during the VLIVE also was quite humorous. I would give the content also a ★★★★☆ 4 out of 5 stars.

Lastly, let’s review the video editing and audio. I LOVE the video editing in the V PICK video. I always find the cute captions and word art popping on the bottom always quite pleasurable to watch because it reminds me of those Korean variety shows like Running Man and the Return of Superman or even We Got Married. The clips also flowed very well so editing wise, it was total 5 out of 5. As for audio, apart from the ending technical difficulties which were meant to be part of the video, the audio was crisp and clear with or without headphones. I absolutely dislike it when speaker audio and headphone audio sounds different, but this was overall pretty smooth and the same. Because of that, audio also gets a 5 out of 5, bringing the average of this category to ★★★★★ 5 out of 5!

Overall, I enjoyed watching the V PICK and then proceeding to watch the actual VLIVE video from the BTS channel. I actually didn’t know what V PICK was up until this review, and you can certainly bet I’ll be watching more of these smaller videos on my spare time if I ever miss a vlive from my favorite groups. The overall rating for this is 4.7 stars out of 5! 🙂

If you want to watch this V PICK video, or the full video to RM’s MONO discussion/behind video, make sure to click on the links above. You definitely don’t want to miss out!



What’s up everybody! Today we will be reviewing the VLIVE Christmas Week special with B1A4! You can find this video, as well as other Christmas special videos (Starship family, Seventeen, GFriend) on the VCookie channel! http://www.vlive.tv/channels/EF0205


The video begins with the boys of B1A4 surprised at the table in front of them decorated with tons of Christmas decor! There’s two Christmas trees and a bunch of cute ornaments. The boys immediately begin with their humor, asking Jinyoung why he was so dressed up, who remarked “I always dress up even when I sleep, these are my pajamas”. CNU immediately shuts him down saying that he’s talking nonsense LOL. The boys continue joking around the dress code, saying that they’re wearing red to stand out from the Christmas tree.


Finally, the boys get serious and start the broadcast with their usual greeting, and get into a discussion about Santa Claus. Once that was done, they looked at the live comments feed, and then continued with the main reason for the broadcast – to spend time with their fans! They began with singing “Crushing on You Again” which they claimed was more popular than famous fried foods and dishes like tteokbokki. LOL


After singing, they begin with the main event! Food! Each boy of B1A4 cooked something that represented or matched with the Christmas theme, and thus began verbally showing off their dishes saying, “mine is better!” “Yours won’t beat mine”.  Before starting, CNU exclaims that the ‘wine’ in their glasses is actually not wine. It’s grape juice lmao.


Baro then comes out with his dish, which is pasta (I should’ve ate before watching this OTL). He explains that the reason he prepared pasta was because of the drama “Pasta”. He tells everyone before trying the pasta, to eat with their eyes first. (If that was me, I would have eaten with my mouth first LOL Hey, good food is in front of me!!) A fan finally asks “did you really make it” and Baro finally confesses…”no because it wouldn’t have tasted good if I made it HA” 10 points to Baro for honesty LOL. They continue talking and eating, mostly talking about what they used to do when they were younger when Christmas time was near, and so on. Their stories were cute and reminded me of my childhood. Baro then has his own solo Christmas song, “Winter Wonderland” and sings in English! /that deep voice though/


CNU is next with his dish! His dish is steak! (I really should’ve eaten before this OTL) Everyone is so excited about the meat, that they’re starring at it LOL. CNU explains that the reason he brought steak, was because he really wanted to eat it (LOL). Sandeul explains that steak does somewhat represent Christmas though! (idk how but okay Sandeul LOL)


The broadcast continues with each boy telling stores from the age they debuted and how they’ll be turning a year older soon, to stories about Christmas and each other. I don’t want to spoil everything for you guys (go watch it~~~!) so I’ll just let you guys know what other foods the boys brought and what they sang!

CNU sang a bit of “I’ll Find You”, very passionately at that, and brought the Steak.

Baro sang a bit of “Winter Wonderland” and brought the Pasta.

Jinyoung sang a bit of “Prince of the Sea”, which was extremely upbeat LOL and brought the lobster.

Gongchan sang a bit of “Wait” and brought the roast turkey! (Reminds me of Thanksgiving, but B1A4 Christmas style)


And lastly,Sandeul along with everyone, sang a bit of their own song “It’s Christmas”, and brought the grand finale of a Christmas Cake, which looked really yummy!


During the time they brought out the lobster, they began answering questions by fans. The first one was B1A4’s drinking ranking. Turns out, they all like drinking minus CNU who doesn’t drink much. Another question was who would succeed the most if they go solo, and everyone got quiet because they were scared to answer LOL, in the end they believe that everyone would do well, since everyone has different styles. (safe answer ya’ll LOL) They continued answering questions to their best ability, and joked around to elevate the mood.


During turkey eating time, they began talking about how next year (or this year 2017), they will finally hit their 7 year mark. They began talking about what they’re thankful about, including every other member. A sentimental moment, that was truly beautiful. The relationship between these boys is amazing.


After each dish, they continued talking as if it were a family Christmas dinner. At the end of the broadcast, they thanked the fans for joining them, and told everyone to anticipate them for 2017, and also sang one last song together as a group, “Last Christmas” which really was meaningful. Overall, it was a wonderful broadcast that I highly recommend.




#EXOMENTARY: Favorite Episode!


Hey guys!! After reviewing all the ‪#‎EXOMENTARY‬ LIVE videos, I came to choose that “Home Cooking with Chef D.O. is my favorite one out of all the videos. Maybe it’s because I’m biased but D.O. looked so cute and handsome cooking! Some fans even called him the, “Serious Cutie Chef,” I can definitely agree to that! Even the Kim Brothers said he had pretty hands while cooking, which is true because D.O. had me hooked in. If you love cooking and learning some really great tips then this is the video you want to watch!


The two dishes he cooked was bean paste stew and Korean pancake. Some of the tips he mentioned are really good if you want to prefect this dish or for future reference when you want to impress your friends and family. One of them is the rice, if you want good nice dry rice, it’s best you clean the rice until the water is clear and let it sit for 30 minutes. That will give you that nice dry rice you see in Korean restaurants! Next being the bean paste stew, D.O. said it’s best you cook the meat in medium heat that way you don’t turn up with burnt meat. Next, when your meat is all cooked ready to add in the water make sure you add in hot water not cold. By adding hot water the beef keeps its flavor because, if you add cold water your meat will start to stink lose all the yummy flavors. I don’t think you would want to serve stinky meat to your guests! I think this tip goes for all types of stews and soups too! By the way, all these tips came from his lovely mom! Thank you Mrs. Do for the lovely cooking tips~~^^


D.O. was awfully quiet during the show but it’s understandable because, he was concentrating on his cutting, seasoning, and cooking etiquette! Which I was very impressed because, not a lot of people know the basic simple etiquette of cooking. I loved how neat he kept his station, how precise he cut the meat and veggies, and still manage to have a lovely cooking show!!^^ He also mentioned his mom a lot which was cute because you could tell he loves spending time with his mom when he can. He wondered if his mom was watching and made a cute s/o, “Mom are you watching? -Laughs cutely-” D.O. did say he got to spend time with her the day before the cooking show.


The way he interacted with the fans was super cute and funny because, he would ask questions about EXO and answer them himself 😂. The first question was, “Which EXO member is the pickiest eater?” D.O. answers with, “We all eat very well but, Chanyeol and Sehun would be the ones I choose.” Which is funny because I didn’t expect Chanyeol being a picky eater he looks like he can eat anything LOL. The second question was, “Which EXO member is not picky or eats well?” He answered with, “Chen, Xiumin, and me.” I wasn’t surprised really because, I remember when they used to call Xiumin Baozi because of his adorable cheeks!! Last question was, “Which EXO member cooks the best?” D.O. quickly answered, “No one😂. The members and I don’t cook so I can’t say much.” Sorry D.O., but I’m going to have to disagree because after watching your cooking show, I have to say you look and cook like a true born chef!!^^

Towards the end, the “Fantastic Kim Brothers” came and invaded his cooking show! The Kim Brothers came to taste D.O.’s lovely delicious food! They both enjoyed his food and complimented his nice dry rice, yummy spicy stew and crunchy delicious pancake!After watching them eat so well it made me really hungry^^ 😋

To give back to his fans he made a little giveaway challenge. He asked the fans to create an innovative fun name for the dishes he cooked. The fan who came up with the best name would receive a necklace and a pair of earrings with the EXO sign on it!! How cool^^ Awww lucky fan who won the prize!! The Kim Brothers helped D.O. choose a cool name and the name they all choose was, “Falling in D.O.’s Pancake! How clever is that!!^^ Super cute~~

Many great highlights in this episode with Chef D.O.! I surely did learn a lot about cooking and I have to say that it did gave me a lot more confidence to cook this dish now. With the helpful tips D.O. mentioned I’m sure I can perfect the bean paste stew and impress my friends! I hope in the future there are more episodes like this because, it brings out a different and softer side of the person. I would love to see Taeyang from BIGBANG cook too (I heard he’s a great cook), Ravi from VIXX (because he looks serious and charming when cooking) and BTS or Infinite or Teen Top (hopefully those groups don’t catch each other on fire LOL😂)

That concludes of my favorite episode on the #EXOMENTARY LIVE videos!! Sorry for the long post but it was needed because so much greatness I had to share with ya’ll~~^^

Thank you~~!!

BTS BON VOYAGE EP. 2: The Mountain of Lost (J)Hopes


What Happened in Bergen? With TaeTae’s Adventure!


First and foremost, this episode was actually quite shorter than expected! Compared to last episode (which was about an hour to an hour and a half long) this one was only about forty-five minutes which made it an easy and smooth watch.  Although not much happened throughout the whole episode compared to Episode 1, this episode was just as interesting.


While the boys of BTS walk around town, enjoying local festivities, Taehyung is finally on his way to Bergen! On his way to the airport, he calls his father and lets him know where he’s going. His father wishes him safe travels, and Taehyung makes his way to the airport, where he is slightly confused. At first, I thought he would’ve gotten way more lost than the rest of BTS, but to my ultimate surprise, he actually had a smooth time getting through the airport and making it to Bergen. Guess the most 4D member might also be the most clever LOL.



Meanwhile, the boys of BTS in Bergen are split off into two groups with Suga missing. One group, consisting of Jimin and leader Rap Monster, decided to hike their way up a hill to see the city view of Bergen, while the other group consisting of Jin, Jungkook and J-Hope, decided to take the monorail to the top. On their way to the top, Team A (RM & Jimin), had some trouble continuing because they grew rather tired after a while. I found this quite funny because it’s relatable. As they hiked up, Jimin decided to joke around with RM and do the dance to “Fire” while hiking. It was quite cute!


Meanwhile, Team B figured out how to buy roundtrip tickets from up to down the mountain. As they made it to the top, they took photos and looked like total tourists. Once at the top, they walked around and took photos of the view, meeting up with Rap Monster and Jimin as well.


All while this was happening, Taehyung had made his way to Bergen! Because he was so hungry, he decided to stop buy a restaurant with his manager and bought them lunch with his own Visa card! As they finish their meal, they go off and walk around Bergen, finding a carnival, and seeing how beautiful the city actually is. He slowly but surely, makes his way to the hill where the rest of the boys are.


As the boys up on the hill decide to make their way back down, J-Hope realizes that he lost the roundtrip tickets. The boys joke around and name the mountain/hill “the Mountain of Jhope’s Lost Tickets”. A random local finds his tickets and approaches him, and hands them over saying that he found them. J-Hope, being so grateful, tells the tourist thank you many times, and bows. The boys finally make their way to the monorail and midst going down, Rap Monster realizes that he forgot his bag on a bench.


The boys are laughing because this is the second time a member loses their bag in Bergen, and thus to retrieve his bag, Rap Monster is told to rap about it. His manager is pleased with his rap, and hands over his bag which he was actually hiding. Everything is now at peace and Rap Monster was played by his manager. #TRUEMVP


As the boys make it down to the bottom, they find Taehyung and reunite with their fellow member. The boys decide to head out to find some food, and go separate ways depending on their preference of food. The episode then ends, leaving us wondering, what will happen next?

From watching this second episode, I have learned a lot about BTS. For starters, these boys LOVE their food, and have quite good taste in some yummy looking cuisine. As for the video quality, it was great! Although subtitles were not as fast as they could’ve been and lacked a bit, they were still generally good enough to help you understand what exactly the boys were saying. The editing of the video reminded me so much of American Hustle Life with pop up thought bubbles and what not. It made the episode much more enjoyable and fun. The actual content of the episode lacked just a bit as we were never told where Suga was, or what exactly was he doing, but that’s fine! We’re hoping that next episode will be packed with more things rather than just one specific time period.

Overall, we have truly been enjoying this series and earnestly recommend purchasing it. It’s completely worth it, and with the fact that you can also download episodes and view them later, is such a plus! If I ever need something to watch and want to have a good laugh, I can go back and watch the episode I had downloaded previously. It truly is like a small piece you can take away from each airing.

TL;DR: If you love seeing idols in their natural states while acting like a fool, this is totally a series for you! Although Suga didn’t appear, we thoroughly enjoyed this episode regardless. We’re hoping more exciting things will happen in the next episode so stay tuned~!

Video Quality: ★★★★★ 5

Video Content: ★★★★☆ 4

Audio: ★★★★★ 5

Subtitles/English: ★★★☆☆ 3

Overall: ★★★★☆ 4.25 J


BTS BON VOYAGE EP 1: Chaos, Coming of Age, and Ramen



BANGTAN BOYS! Have a safe trip!


Today’s review will focus on episode 1 of BTS’s BON VOYAGE, a series exclusively on VLIVE+!


The episode began with the boys of BTS sitting in a library-like setting, ready to start the first episode of their Bon Voyage series. They introduced themselves one by one stating their name and a small greeting. BTS member V is not present due to a his drama schedules. The boys explained that they went to Northern Europe, Bergen, Norway to be exact! As the come to a conclusion on their opening commentary, the episode begins and this was when the real fun began.


If you like watching your favorite idols in their natural states, this episode is for you. For this episode, the boys of BTS are packing for their trip to Bergen, Norway. Each member was allowed one carry on bag to take to their trip, so you can imagine how much chaos was happening in their dorm room, which we see in the video! Each member struggled hilariously to pack enough clothes to last them while trying not to overpack (coughs Jimin coughs). Resident dancer and vocalist Jimin was shown struggling quite a lot to close his suitcase, which made us laugh. To be quite honest, we can say that this really reminded us of our KPD trip to Orlando for the VIXX showcase. We had certain members pack their whole house in their luggage to the point their luggage created an ERROR on the scale (so fitting).

65Once all packed, the boys made their way to Incheon airport where they would check in for their flights themselves for the first time ever. The boys split into teams to check in two at a time, with members Rap Monster and Jimin being the first ones to check in successfully. Everyone else struggled, but soon, after taking it one step at a time, finished and wondered to themselves why they were struggling so much. LOL. Now, we’d like to mention this. We truly loved how intimate and ‘day in the life’ this part was. We got to see them in their dorm, packing as if we were there. They showed us the many things they packed, including cameras that almost all the members took a long with them. We also got to see them try to do things on their own for the first time, through a struggle and ultimate win. It was as if we were following them closely witnessing every single moment first-hand and feeling that same thrill the members most likely have.


During commentary, the members explained that it was their first time ever checking in by themselves without the help of BigHit staff so it was all foreign to them. All the members were expecting Suga, who is the oldest member, to be the one to figure it all out, but he was just as confused! In the end, they managed to do it and noticed that Suga was actually one of the most sensible members. He had packed a lot of useful things including first aid kit and external batteries/powerbanks!


The second part of the episode began with them arriving at Bergen, Norway. This, was also our favorite part. The boys figure out how to get to their destinations by themselves and even ask local workers for some help. Leader and rapper Rap Monster was the one to speak English to the locals which deemed a great help. They took a bus and headed off to their destination where a lot of chaos began. Because he was so distracted by the beautiful scenery and the actual feel of being in Norway, member Jimin left his luggage in the bus. This part had us cracking up because it reminded us also of KPD in Orlando because there was a bag missing throughout our whole trip (LOL). It was a funny moment that even the members were laughing about. Luckily, Jin thought fast and had them call up the consulate which helped locate the bus and eventually retrieved Jimin’s precious luggage with his camera and underwear. Such an intimate moment. So much love for this group.

1323When the boys arrived at their hostel, they were given a total of 5000 Krone to survive on for three days in Bergen. Some members stayed in the dorm to freshen up, while others went out to buy groceries. At the market, they bought a lot of instant food (ramen for daaaaaaaays), and a cheesecake to celebrate Jungkooks coming of age day! Once home, the boys freshen up and decide who was going to sleep in what room with who with a game of rock,paper, scissors! To Jin’s utter dismay, he ended up having to share a room with Rap Monster. He screams and yells “NOOO” while everyone laughs. They were all so cute. After their little room deciphering fiasco, the boys are shown cooking away some ramen and sausages and let me tell you, when we say that these boys made us hungry at 8am, they made us HUNGRY. We literally wanted to jump into the screen and attack that ramen but it’s okay, we controlled our hunger.


Now, when you’re in a foreign country and you wanna do laundry (really Jungkook), and the washing machine is in a foreign language, what do you do? Well, what Jungkook did! Search up to translate the words on the washing machine, find nothing, give up, and wing it! By luck, he managed to get the washing machine to start working, but did he do it right? We won’t know until episode 2~!


The episode ends with them having dinner and celebrating Jungkook’s coming of age. This part was truly special because the celebrated an important day in Jungkook’s life as a group. We truly love how wonderful the group’s relationship is and how well it was shown to us in this one episode. The boys at the end gave their commentary, made fun of Jimin for losing his bag, and really shared their thoughts on the first episode. Member J-Hope tells us to make sure to tune in next week for the next episode because it was going to be worth the wait. Will we find out if Jungkook did the laundry right? Will Jin live through sharing a room with Rap Monster? We will see next episode next week on VLIVE+~ Make sure to tune in and watch the episode too because it’s surely not something you do not want to miss!!!


TL;DR Review: If you really love BTS, and you freaking love seeing them in their natural states acting a fool, with tons of unexpected moments, this episode is surely something you’d definitely want to watch! It had us laughing, excited, and reminded us of a special trip our KPD fam took last year. We 100% recommend buying the series because it’s definitely gonna be worth watching!

Video Quality: ★★★★★ 5

Video Content: ★★★★★ 5

Audio: ★★★★☆ 4

Overall: ★★★★★ 4.7!!!
EPISODE: http://www.vlive.tv/video/9427/BON-VOYAGE-EP1-%EC%84%9C%ED%94%84%EB%9D%BC%EC%9D%B4%EC%A6%88-%ED%8C%8C%ED%8B%B0-Surprise-Party

Season’s Greetings from INFINITE [Unboxing]

Hello, Rena here again!

This time I’m briefly sharing with you guys what INFINITE’s Season’s Greetings looks like for 2016! (I’m obviously a huge Inspirit lol.)


So the box itself is really nice with it’s simplistic pattern and glossy finish – a change from their even more simplistic & plain cardboard covers. (You know, the style from Infinite’s Paradise repackaged album.)


So inside the box is the calendar, a booklet with sticky notes in it, three ballpoint pens, and a planner with photos of Infinite inserted between months. The planner is a set item, and always comes with every Season’s Greetings – but what actually motivated me to buy this $75 CAD box was the sticky notes and the pens. Simplistic, official, Infinite pens!!! I can reuse these over and over again, and I would never have to dump them. (My only struggle would be finding refills…)


I love how the design is so simple, yet so elegant. Everything is really simple, but they all look nice. I’m personally a minimalist, so I’m always aesthetically pleased by Infinite’s merchandise designs. Props to Woollim, yo.


The sticky notes are quite simple themselves; the design is a border of the sticky note shape, then the word “INFINITE” in the middle (or their Last Romeo insignia, as shown above.)

The words in focus say “사랑해”, which means “I love you” in Korean. I used the pen that came along with the package, and I’m neither disappointed or surprised. It writes pretty well, but the ink does that usual ballpoint thing where some of it just doesn’t show up. (You know, if you draw a line, parts of the line are more faded and not a full blast of the ink.)

I honestly don’t mind this, because I can never find good quality ballpoint pens anyways (more like I don’t want to spend money testing all the brands out there LOLOL), so I’m satisfied it at least glides over paper decently.

I’m going to use one of the pens at work from now on, and let the world see. (Note: I’m a waitress, meaning I use a pen really often.)

Anyways, that’s a quick rundown of what came along with the 2016 INFINITE Season’s Greetings! I would’ve taken a photo of the inside of the planner, but there’s not much except for the photos. (There’s also like… postcard-like photos of them in the back that you can rip out, but I can’t bring myself to take them out.)

I’ll end off this unboxing with a photo of their signatures on the very last page! (I honestly love these pages because I love looking at nice signatures lol.)


(From left to right, up to down: Sunggyu, Woohyun, Myungsoo, Hoya, Dongwoo, Sungjong, Sungyeol)

[Fun fact: I’ve memorized their signatures over the 6 years of stanning them. Someone pls save me.]