HallYu Cosmetics in Houston!

Hi Guys!! It’s Jessi from KPD again with another amazing review. Sorry for the long hiatus… I’ve been super busy with school, work and other side activities. Aside from that. Today’s topic will be about this cute Korean cosmetics shop in Houston called, HallYu Cosmetics.kakaotalk_photo_2016-11-06-22-26-28

The really cool thing about the shop is that it carries a lot of famous brands like, CLIO, Dr. Jart, Dr. G, Innisfree, Goodal, SKINFOOD, Peripera, IPKN, Benton and many more! They understand the struggle us international buyers have with Korean cosmetics and variety, which is why they don’t carry just ‘one’ certain brand! Furthermore, their true vision is to bring and create that “road shopping” experience of Myeongdong and introduce it to the states. In order to do that, they have decided to build and replicate that same experience that you would see in Myeongdong by selling multiple brands in one store. Not to mention the great sales and promotions they have every month! So make sure to go like them on Facebook to see all of their upcoming promos and deals!


Even though the shop has been open for a little over a year now, it has a really cool and nice environment! They are known for their friendly service and informative workers! If you happen to be in Houston, Texas anytime soon, make sure to visit them! They also have an online store too if you can’t travel down south!  Who knows, maybe one day they’ll open a store in Dallas too??? Lets all hope for the best because I want a HallYu Cosmetics in Dallas too!



Website: https://www.hallyucosmetics.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hallyucosmetics/

Disclaimer: this review is not sponsored in any way, but one of our peeps does work at HallYu Cosmetics. This is not a paid advertising, but rather an open-ended personal review and recommendation. We hope you take our personal recommendation into mind 🙂


Milky Hydration!


The Face Shop Milk Plus Body Lotion

Hello wonderful, beautiful people of this world! Have you ever wanted to try a Korean skin care product, but were too scared to buy any because of a possible horrible outcome? Well, guess what? I was once that person too. Once in a century past, I was too scared to buy Korean products because I thought my skin would react horribly to them, or end up a mess because of them. It was an irrational fear I had that many other people, like maybe even you, might have. But, one day, while walking inside of a “The Face Shop” store here in Dallas, I decided to gather courage and try out something new! To my absolute shock, it ended up going really well for me – and my mother, who uses the products now more than me!

Although everyone’s skin is different, I’d like to recommend you guys some products that have done well to the skins of my household. Today, for instance, I am here recommending a body lotion from “THEFACESHOP” that will not only make you smell nice, but also make your skin smile in happiness!


THEFACESHOP is known for using natural ingredients in their products, with their goal being to share nature with you. Their “Milk Plus” creamy body lotion is no different! With natural milk added as one of the ingredients, this body lotion keeps your skin nice and hydrated throughout those cold, windy days! It leaves a soft, mild scent that will keep you feeling warm and fuzzy. It’s so soft, that it’s perfect for those of you who have sensitive skin as it’s suitable for all skin types, and even safe to use on children. Have flaky, dry skin? Try some of this lotion as it will soothe it nicely!

Although THEFACESHOP has a bunch of products, I can earnestly say that this lotion is one of my favorites. With its soft and delicate scent, as well as its hydrating features, it leaves my skin (and my mother’s) feeling very soft and hydrated! ^^

Our skins are different, so why not give it a try? Don’t let “it works on you but what if it doesn’t work on me” stop you though! There’s always a first time for everything, so why not give it a go? You’ll never truly know what wonders a product may do for your skin until you give it a try.

Keep your skin hydrated during these cold, winter days ya’ll! Until next time, may your skin glow as big as your heart.



Your friend,



P.S. This post was not sponsored! I just happen to shop at THEFACESHOP a lot ^^


Featured Photos: THEFACESHOP Milk Plus Body Lotion, taken by Lily