Helllooooo everyone!! This weeks episode of V.Friends I will be reviewing Ravi’s Rooftop live song Frypan and other content! (P.S I always like to give a little story time relating to what I am reviewing. Hope you guys like my stories!)

Out of all the other talented artists I chose Ravi, because he was my old bias… haha I have moved onto another bias (or maybe bias(es) LOL). I’m sorry I just can’t have ONE ultimate bias because two of my favorite groups are BIGBANG and EXO. Both groups have such a different dynamic vibe that both deliver something totally beyond of what expected and I love it.

Don’t get me wrong, VIXX is a talented group with their unique feel and once upon a time KPD was in love with VIXX. Our love for VIXX grew when KPD was fortunate enough to be a part of two of their tours. And… let me tell you, for both tours we have SUPER CRAZY STORIES to tell! Ya’ll let us know if you guys ever want us to make a video of our experiences with these idols! Of course we will only say what is appropriate to the viewers but, what we can definitely say is working with kpop artists consists time, passion, commitment, LITERALLY  blood, sweat & tears and adrenaline! It may have been stressful times but, at the end it was all worth it.



KPD’s favorite VIXX era! 💖😭


Right of the bat the video quality is A1!! It gives of a really cool and trendy vibe feel with Ravi coming out a spitting FIREEEE!! The first song he performs is Frypan ft. Double K & Microdot. The lyrics of the song is pretty much cooking food on the frypan but the meaning of the song goes deeper than that. The interpretation I got is pretty much describing the success of the group. The gang made it, we here, we’re the best and no one can touch us sorta vibe! The rappers chose really cool and clever context to express their feelings and get the message across.



Of course he’s wearing his GUCCI belt! XD


He also performed his song Sparring+Payback which was another fast paced song! These two songs come from his 3rd mixtape K1TCHEN. And honestly after watching these two songs I’m going to listen to the rest of the mixtape. In the past I have not been much of a fan of Ravi’s mixtapes but this one I might have to give in and give it a chance! (please don’t come after me! This is just my opinion and I am not throwing hate at all. I believe very artist is amazing by just being able to make it in the industry so cheers for all the kpop artists!!)




Ravi’s rapping style is super different from any other rapper in the Korean hip-hop community. You know it’s Ravi for his low husky voice and fast rapping technique. Also when he raps it looks like he’s looking into your soul like eyes of a tiger like ready to jump onto his enemy. But in reality Ravi can be a HUGE dork when he’s with Ken and Hyuk…. OMG KPD used to call those three the 3 amigos or the 3 dorks! XD Just because them together it meant trouble or they would just pick on poor Leo and Leo would just be in his own little world.



This day was unforgettable and will forever be in our memories as our first kpop to work with! 

This consists of my review of Ravi’s Rooftop Series on the V APP for the 3rd episode of V.Friends!!

Thank you all and see you all next time!!!!


Plaid For Days

F(X) plaid

Hello my dear fashion followers and kpop fans! For this month’s fashion trend I have decided to go simple and affordable. Plaid is something that seems to come and go a lot through out the fashion world. In kpop we have seen F(x) rock plaid during their Rum Pum Pum Pum era along with Troublemaker during Now and SHINee during dream girl.



20131022_kfashionista_stevejyonip_troublemaker_hyunseung_hyuna2 ( picture credit to TV Daily)

Now, you may be asking yourself why I picked plaid as this month’s fashion trend if those eras are part of the past? Well if you look around plaid is in right now. You can go to stores such as Forever 21, Aeropostal, Ross (one of my personal favorite), or Macy’s and buy and affordable plaid skirt or shirt. An oversized plaid shirt would look great with a plain cami, jeans, and a beanie! You can come up with many new looks using plaid items. Use the hashtag #kinspired or tag me (@holybananamilk) on Instagram if you want me to check out your cute style!

PS: You can add the name of your bais group on the back of a plaid shirt using iron on letters and it will look super cute! ^^


Here are some links to some cute plaid items you can buy online.


Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these stores! I just happen to shop there a lot ~(^.^)~






($7.00 shirt makes anyone holla! Woot woow!)