Good afternoon everyone! We are back with another V.Friends review, this time for the V.LIVE channel “V PICK!”. As per usual, each review contains our honest opinions of the content featured by V.LIVE, usually spaced out by three categories for Lily’s reviews: video quality, video content, video editing & audio.

Today, we will be talking about a V Pick! video titled [BTS] 오늘도 평화로운 김덜렁씨의 하루 (RM talking about his mixtape ‘MONO’) which showcases clips from the main video, RM MONO Behind 😎

In this V PICK! video, we see the best moments from RM’s VLIVE video, including some funny moments that occurred while recording. As you all may guess, not everything goes as planned during VLIVE recordings, and sometimes we are left with some cute, funny wholesome scenes that showcase how artists are humans too. For example, in the video RM accidentally bumps into his skateboards as he walks out of his studio. The camera continues rolling as he cleans them on the other side, so you’re left just staring at his studio which is FILLED with bearbricks and tons of figurines.

The video is quite short, but I decided to watch his full video on the BTS VLIVE channel where he talks more in-depth about his mixtape. If you haven’t already done so, you should really listen to it! As he said, he was hoping to have his fans ‘feel’ that they’re in a certain situation or season when listening to the album, and trust me, that’s exactly how I felt (I absolutely adore track ‘Seoul’).  I don’t want to spoil everything that happens in the main video, so make sure to check that out as linked above!

Now to review the quality of the video, I would rate it ★★★★☆ 4 out of 5 stars. The quality of the video is quite HD and you can clearly make out everything shown in each picture frame. The only thing that sort of threw me off was the filter that’s probably placed on the video. It sorta makes RM look pale, but I suppose that’s not a bad thing. It’s just nice to see them naturally!

As for the video content, the VPICK video is short, but per usual, most VPICK videos are short considering they are just clips from the main video. I did enjoy the funny casual clips that were inserted, and also the main point, which was RM talking about his mixtape. The end clip which was “technical difficulties” during the VLIVE also was quite humorous. I would give the content also a ★★★★☆ 4 out of 5 stars.

Lastly, let’s review the video editing and audio. I LOVE the video editing in the V PICK video. I always find the cute captions and word art popping on the bottom always quite pleasurable to watch because it reminds me of those Korean variety shows like Running Man and the Return of Superman or even We Got Married. The clips also flowed very well so editing wise, it was total 5 out of 5. As for audio, apart from the ending technical difficulties which were meant to be part of the video, the audio was crisp and clear with or without headphones. I absolutely dislike it when speaker audio and headphone audio sounds different, but this was overall pretty smooth and the same. Because of that, audio also gets a 5 out of 5, bringing the average of this category to ★★★★★ 5 out of 5!

Overall, I enjoyed watching the V PICK and then proceeding to watch the actual VLIVE video from the BTS channel. I actually didn’t know what V PICK was up until this review, and you can certainly bet I’ll be watching more of these smaller videos on my spare time if I ever miss a vlive from my favorite groups. The overall rating for this is 4.7 stars out of 5! 🙂

If you want to watch this V PICK video, or the full video to RM’s MONO discussion/behind video, make sure to click on the links above. You definitely don’t want to miss out!

Vlive Friends Season 5!

Who’s Your Fave?

Me every time I hear someone mention my faves

Hi Guys!! Annddddd we’re back with Vlive Friends Season 5!!! WOOOOO!! I hope you guys are excited as we are because, there are a lot more exciting things stored this season. I’m actually sad because I wanted to make a video for this post but, I got sick this weekend I lost my voice. I’m barely recovering my voice and I have to save it for tomorrows concert (DPR Live)!! Hopefully by the next one I can make a video for you guys!!

Our mission for this episode of Vlive Friends we were asked to review our favorite Vlive Channel. Honestly this one was a tough one because I follow a lot of channels especially all my favorite Kpop artists like BIGBANG, EXO, VAV, Highlight etc… I especially enjoyed watching BIGBANG’s MADE Tour last stop in Seoul because it really made me feel like I  was at the concert! Before it started I literally got ready for this concert, I mirrored my phone to my Apple TV, turned on my Bose, grabbed my BIGBANG light stick, and headed to the living room ready for this concert. There I was dancing furiously to Fantastic Baby!! *whispers Yeogi buteora* haha I cranked up the volume up so high I was so sure my neighbors could hear me XD

This is my version of dancing Fantastic Baby

Don’t get me started with their Kpop video teasers!! I alway see the teaser first on Vlive and then on YouTube. I get the notifications so fast I instantly watch the teaser. Like when I saw the VAV’s Señorita teaser MV on Vlive I made sure to click the heart icon a million times, I went crazy!!


This is me after every teaser I watch of my favesss

Okay, other than me choosing my favorite kpop bands as my favorite Vlive channel I chose Dingo Music as one of my favorite channels. I absolutely love the when they do the 100 seconds video of an artist. It’s actually a really clever idea to do with the Kpop groups. It allows them to showcase 100 seconds of all their popular songs in one short video. I think they should show more rookie groups that way they can get more exposure. Plus it would help with their popularity!


I wish they would post more often though like they do on facebook. I know on facebook they have like different branches of Dingo. For example they have a food channel (which is my favorite to watch), travel (and by travel I mean by what places to explore when you’re in Korea), beauty, and close ups of my favorite artists. They like to focus on one member throughout the whole video like a fancam. Dingo should really have a channel for every category but, then again I guess we have facebook for that.

I would definitely be on that Dingo food channel if they had it. For example, every week welcome a celebrity chef or a kpop artist to cook or showcase their favorite meal, dish or snack! Reminds me of when EXO D.O cooked soybean paste soup (Doenjang Jjigae) on their channel. Ma baby was looking like a true snack haha… I mean chef! I even followed his recipe to make it at home! I literally went back to my saved videos and watched his episode again just so I could follow his steps.



Point is that I have a lot favorite channels on Vlive haha… I talked about so many different channels on here I simply couldn’t choose one… So This concludes of my review! Before I leave, leave a comment below on what you would like to see from the Vlive Friends. Literally thing you can think of! We always think about you guys, our fans, so please let us know what you want to see next. Thanks!

Until next time~~~

Thanks for reading my loves see you next time!



The start of a new adventure…

It’s time for the start of a new V.FRIENDS season which means, the start to new reviews of V.LIVE contents! Remember about two years ago when BTS traveled to Bergen, Norway on their first season of Bon Boyage? Well, they’re back at it again, but this time to a new destination…
The first episode, essentially considered the ‘free’ episode of the whole series begins with the boys on a filming set. Taehyung, also known as V, receives a call about their upcoming BON VOYAGE trip! He tries to milk out some information about the trip from a staff member but sadly fails to get a sneak peek of where they’re headed this year. Excited to find out, they throw out guesses which include Spain and the U.K.

The video goes on and the boys are now arriving at a restaurant/cafe where they will have a meeting and find out where exactly their destination will be. Jungkook exits the room and comes back with Korean rice wine, also known as 막걸리 (makgeolli), and everyone, of course, gets excited.


As they continue deciding what the destination could be, one of their directors comes in and begins an explanation of the situation. They took into consideration everything they’ve done thus far, and reveals the location.


TAN TAN TAN! They’ll be headed to the small country of Malta! There, they will be able to explore the country without a guide and restrictions! They even have the ability to drive around the country if they wish! The boys show their obvious excitement and anticipate the trip and much-needed vacation. In clips shown, the country is small but quite beautiful, with various sites and surrounded by the ocean. Sigh, what a beautiful country I would definitely love to visit. They even decide who will drive in the left-hand traffic country! Jungkook quickly says he wants to drive, but Jimin says NO LOL. In clips, you can see that he does get to drive, as well as Jin and J-Hope.


They decide that they need a new opening for this new trip. They begin by trying to figure out an opening to their reality show, many of the ideas earning cricket noises LOL. In the end, they decide “BON VOYAGE! LET’S WATCH!” to which they all make a toast to.

The video ends, and of course, as the viewer, I’m anticipating the whole series! You can definitely watch it on VLIVE+ as some episodes are already available. English subtitles are available for us international fans who do not speak fluent Korean, and the videos are in 1080p HD quality!

Overall, in terms of video quality, this episode gets a ★★★★★ 5 stars out of 5! It’s crystal clear, there’s no lagging, and subtitles are added to enhance the experience for fans who can’t read or speak Korean.

In terms of video content, considering this IS episode zero out of the whole series, meaning it’s just the pre-gaming, this episode gets a ★★★☆☆ 3 out of 5. It would’ve been nice to get a little bit more content in terms of what did they want to do when they arrived to Malta, clips of them packing, some of their crazy adventures and any pickles they get into, basically anything to hype up the whole series and make you WANT to purchase the coins to watch it. Although I am anticipating it and will support them by purchasing the series, it felt like episode 0 was missing a little more since it is the pre-series episode to get you hyped for it.

As far as audio and editing goes, you can automatically tell this is a professionally edited and recorded series, meaning it’s not like the regular V.LIVES which are more intimate and not HD quality or edited with effects. Because of this, both categories definitely get  ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 because who doesn’t love reality shows featuring their favorite idols???

OVERALL, the rating for the episode would be a 4.5 stars out of 5! If you would like to watch this series or this episode, please feel free to click on the links below! 😀

EPISODE 0: https://www.vlive.tv/video/88402 

FULL SERIES: https://www.vlive.tv/product/ds00u00u00000079

[VFRIENDS] 지효의 첫 번째 Jihyo Candy Night – CAM2 TWICE+ Channel



What’s up everyone! Today we will be reviewing some content on the TWICE+ Channel on VLIVE! If you guys have not heard already, a couple of your favorite Kpop stars have VLIVE Plus channels where you can purchase a membership for the channel and watch exclusive content! You can post, chat, and check out exclusive contents on the artists’ channel and more! It’s really cool!


Because we have the TWICE+ channel membership, we will be reviewing a broadcast that TWICE member Jihyo did a couple of weeks ago! It’s called “지효의 첫 번째 Candy Night – CAM2”, aka Jihyo’s Candy Night V Radio Show! The original video with a frontal camera was on the regular TWICE channel, but members of the TWICE+ channel were able to see the view from camera 2!


The beginning of the video begins with Jihyo explaining everything above, and also going through the comments. She mentions that a lot of TWICE fans wished her a happy birthday because the day of the broadcast was actually on her birthday, February 1st! She continues with playing the first song for the show, “First Time”! It’s actually quite interesting seeing the recording of the show from a different camera because you can see everything around her, rather than just what’s in front of her. You can see how she has her script, pen, phone, and microphone in front of her. It makes things a little more intimate because everything is in open view.


The topic of the show was for the month of February. Jihyo encouraged everyone to leave their stories about February on the fan free talk board, which she would go back and read. Jihyo begins explaining why she likes the month of February and it’s because it’s her birth month, as well as the month where a lot of graduation ceremonies are held, as well as how short of a month it is. During this time, the camera was moved quite often, which was one small complaint I didn’t like about the beginning of the broadcast. The camera movements and constant changing made me a little dizzy LOL.


To not spoil further every single thing that happened during the broadcast, I will sum it up for you! During the show, she tells stories, and reads fans comments. One story was about how her mother was in labor on January 30th, and how she was born the first of February! She also explains how fans donate money to patients on her birthday which she is really thankful for. Later in the broadcast, she reads more fans comments, particularly one where a fan talks about how she became the leader of a dance performance and lead the performance. They chose TT, she taught it, and they all performed it. Jihyo was very proud and impressed on how confident the fan was and how she was able to do so. She also receives a message from a fan who was born on the same day as her, and also wants to become a singer. The fan had auditioned for JYP Entertainment, but did not get into be a trainee. Although she didn’t get in, she continues to pursue her dream and has followed TWICE since their SIXTEEN times. This really moved Jihyo as the leader of TWICE.


The broadcast was overall a very relaxing broadcast that felt like a one on one talk with Jihyo. She was able to read comments and messages from fans, as well as reply to them during the broadcast and give her input. She seemed to have fun, and fans were very sweet to her. At the end of the broadcast, she thanked fans for tuning in and apologized for stuttering since it was her first broadcast. The PD staff then surprised her with a birthday cake and sang the birthday song for her. Jihyo blew the candles and made a wish, as well as put on the last song which was TWICE’s “One in a Million”, which she sang along to. She thanked everyone, and said her goodbye.


Although I’m not an avid TWICE fan like the rest of the Kpop Dallas staff, I did appreciate this broadcast! Jihyo seems like a kind leader who truly cares about the fans and took the time to surprise everyone with a broadcast on her birthday. Despite the camera movements in the beginning, the broadcast was smooth to the end, and was worth watching. Although it’s not in super HD quality, it was still nice enough to watch! I highly recommend getting the membership for your favorite stars so you can also watch some great broadcasts and comment/share your stories with your favorite idol too!
If you would like to watch, here is the link! http://www.vlive.tv/video/22002?channelCode=E832DF




Hi everyone! Today we will be reviewing a new event that recently happened through VLIVE named “2017 GLOBAL VLIVE TOP 10” which in a nutshell was a sort of an award given to the VLIVE top 10 channels! The “V Truck” visited the groups that earned these awards and brought them their trophy! Today, we will be focusing on EXO’s acceptance speech and video.


From the beginning of the video, it was rather humorous as the boys of EXO greeted the VLIVE man enthusiastically. Everyone noticed how he couldn’t see with the VLIVE bobble-head type helmet on his head, and even mentioned that he should “poke peepholes” so he could see. LOL2

When they settled down, they began the broadcast and had every member greet in a different language, with Sehun in Chinese, D.O in English, Chanyeol in Japanese, Sehun in French, Baekhyun in Thai, Chen in German, Kai at first in Russian but then Tagalog, and lastly they wanted Xiumin to greet in an African language.


Although EXO was currently undergoing busy schedules, they made time out of their busy lives to take part in the VLIVE broadcast to thank their fans for being selected as the VLIVE top 10! Due to the occasion, Chanyeol states that they should choose a member to MC, and nominates Xiumin because he is the only member that currently has blonde hair, thus making him stand out. Xiumin says that he would struggle so he would rather not, and nominates Suho for his ability to speak well.


6Suho begins by saying that last year was a great year for their VLIVE channel, and that he personally, was a star that brought a lot of views. The members question him asking if that was verified and if there were statistics to prove that LMAO Chanyeol says that he was saying that to receive more hearts during the broadcast, and Suho adds that he hired part-timers to do nothing but hit the heart button LOL Which is one thing I absolutely love about these kinds of broadcasts; you get to see the members joke around with each other like friends rather than colleagues.


The award ceremony continues with Suho taking the script from the VLIVE man and continuing with the broadcast. Suho explains that the award was basically based on the number of hits and number of hearts and posts converted into VLIVE points, thus giving the top 10 channels of 2016. The VLIVE man presents the boys with their trophy which is shaped like a circle and has EXO GLOBAL VLIVE TOP10 written on it. It was heavy and really nice.


D.O gives a small acceptance speech, and everyone teases him saying it’s exactly like the time he won a medal in the movie “My Annoying Brother”. Suho then begins saying that EXO will pledge to do more VLIVE broadcasts for this year, like D.O’s soybean paste stew broadcast that as the member’s of EXO said, created a mass buying of soybean paste — I totally can see that happening. I ended up making the stew after watching it too! LOL


Baekhyun mentions that he wants to do a broadcast where he is in a doll suit and gives out free hugs, and no one would know. Sehun states he wants to create a broadcast where all of the members pets gather (which made it sound like a pokemon battle when someone mentioned BATTLE?? LOL).


To be honest, I would so watch a broadcast of them gathering their pets. I absolutely love animals and seeing the boys with their pets would be so adorable! The boys then read comments and one fan comments that they want to see them drink (me too, that sounds like it’d be a real show LOL) and Chanyeol mentions that they’ll have to rate it 19+, which everyone was down for (oooo).


According to the broadcast, the countries with the most active VLIVE EXO fans were China, Korea, and Thailand in that order. The video with the most posts was Suho’s EXO’LUXION video, which was loved by fans as he interacted with them throughout the whole broadcast.


To not spoil the whole broadcast, they continued to talk about videos on their channel that had mosts posts, views, etc, each being surprised with the results. They talked about the broadcasts the liked and about their own personal broadcasts through EXOmentary, as well as showed a couple clips from older broadcasts. The boys concluded the broadcast by signing the EXO sign that they took from the V Truck and once again thanked fans for helping them win this award.


Overall the broadcast was cute and fun to watch. The boys were very happy to receive the award and even kept singing what reminded me of the graduation song every now and then. I hope that VLIVE continues doing broadcasts like these as they’re more intimate than award ceremonies that give the artist a couple seconds to thank their fans, while this one gave them a whole broadcast!


The only complaint I have is that you could hear the sofa squeaking when the boys moved, BUT I guess you could say that the mics they used were REALLY good LOL which is an upgrade, so I guess I can’t really complain? I’m actually glad they improved the clarity and quality of sound.


If you want to watch this broadcast, as well as others, check out the V SPECIAL channel, or click the link below! 🙂



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What’s up everybody! Today we will be reviewing the VLIVE Christmas Week special with B1A4! You can find this video, as well as other Christmas special videos (Starship family, Seventeen, GFriend) on the VCookie channel! http://www.vlive.tv/channels/EF0205


The video begins with the boys of B1A4 surprised at the table in front of them decorated with tons of Christmas decor! There’s two Christmas trees and a bunch of cute ornaments. The boys immediately begin with their humor, asking Jinyoung why he was so dressed up, who remarked “I always dress up even when I sleep, these are my pajamas”. CNU immediately shuts him down saying that he’s talking nonsense LOL. The boys continue joking around the dress code, saying that they’re wearing red to stand out from the Christmas tree.


Finally, the boys get serious and start the broadcast with their usual greeting, and get into a discussion about Santa Claus. Once that was done, they looked at the live comments feed, and then continued with the main reason for the broadcast – to spend time with their fans! They began with singing “Crushing on You Again” which they claimed was more popular than famous fried foods and dishes like tteokbokki. LOL


After singing, they begin with the main event! Food! Each boy of B1A4 cooked something that represented or matched with the Christmas theme, and thus began verbally showing off their dishes saying, “mine is better!” “Yours won’t beat mine”.  Before starting, CNU exclaims that the ‘wine’ in their glasses is actually not wine. It’s grape juice lmao.


Baro then comes out with his dish, which is pasta (I should’ve ate before watching this OTL). He explains that the reason he prepared pasta was because of the drama “Pasta”. He tells everyone before trying the pasta, to eat with their eyes first. (If that was me, I would have eaten with my mouth first LOL Hey, good food is in front of me!!) A fan finally asks “did you really make it” and Baro finally confesses…”no because it wouldn’t have tasted good if I made it HA” 10 points to Baro for honesty LOL. They continue talking and eating, mostly talking about what they used to do when they were younger when Christmas time was near, and so on. Their stories were cute and reminded me of my childhood. Baro then has his own solo Christmas song, “Winter Wonderland” and sings in English! /that deep voice though/


CNU is next with his dish! His dish is steak! (I really should’ve eaten before this OTL) Everyone is so excited about the meat, that they’re starring at it LOL. CNU explains that the reason he brought steak, was because he really wanted to eat it (LOL). Sandeul explains that steak does somewhat represent Christmas though! (idk how but okay Sandeul LOL)


The broadcast continues with each boy telling stores from the age they debuted and how they’ll be turning a year older soon, to stories about Christmas and each other. I don’t want to spoil everything for you guys (go watch it~~~!) so I’ll just let you guys know what other foods the boys brought and what they sang!

CNU sang a bit of “I’ll Find You”, very passionately at that, and brought the Steak.

Baro sang a bit of “Winter Wonderland” and brought the Pasta.

Jinyoung sang a bit of “Prince of the Sea”, which was extremely upbeat LOL and brought the lobster.

Gongchan sang a bit of “Wait” and brought the roast turkey! (Reminds me of Thanksgiving, but B1A4 Christmas style)


And lastly,Sandeul along with everyone, sang a bit of their own song “It’s Christmas”, and brought the grand finale of a Christmas Cake, which looked really yummy!


During the time they brought out the lobster, they began answering questions by fans. The first one was B1A4’s drinking ranking. Turns out, they all like drinking minus CNU who doesn’t drink much. Another question was who would succeed the most if they go solo, and everyone got quiet because they were scared to answer LOL, in the end they believe that everyone would do well, since everyone has different styles. (safe answer ya’ll LOL) They continued answering questions to their best ability, and joked around to elevate the mood.


During turkey eating time, they began talking about how next year (or this year 2017), they will finally hit their 7 year mark. They began talking about what they’re thankful about, including every other member. A sentimental moment, that was truly beautiful. The relationship between these boys is amazing.


After each dish, they continued talking as if it were a family Christmas dinner. At the end of the broadcast, they thanked the fans for joining them, and told everyone to anticipate them for 2017, and also sang one last song together as a group, “Last Christmas” which really was meaningful. Overall, it was a wonderful broadcast that I highly recommend.






Are you guys fans of web dramas or even regular old dramas? Well guess what! There’s two channels dedicated to both on VLIVE! I actually didn’t ever take notice until recently. On the V DRAMA channel, you can watch press conference videos of different dramas, video clips of different dramas, and more! On the V WEB DRAMA, you can actually watch episodes of different web dramas! How cool huh? Currently, I’m taking interest in the VDRAMA channel because one of my new favorite dramas “Dokebi” or Goblin, is on there! There’s clips and little audio videos that are worth listening and watching!


I decided to take a listen to one of the audio videos from Dokebi to see what it was all about. It’s literally a nice, and clear sounding voice note of actor Gong Yoo who plays the Goblin in the drama. It’s very clear sounding, and if you listen to it with headphones, it has a ‘talking to you’ kind of effect. I really liked it!

I also decided to give the press conference video of Hwarang, the anticipated drama starring some of your favorite actors, actresses, and even idols, a look! It’s nice to be able to watch and listen their feelings about playing in an anticipated drama. I especially loved how friendly the actors were with each other. It was really nice seeing a nice sunbae like SHINee’s Minho being with BTS V! I do recommend watching it.

Overall, after viewing a couple of videos from VDRAMA and V WEB DRAMA, I can say I’ll probably spend more time watching videos on V WEB DRAMA seeing as there’s full episodes on there. Although I do like VLIVE’s VDRAMA, I kinda think I’m more preferring VWEB DRAMA since there’s more to watch and the quality of some of the videos are better. For example, the quality to the press conference video wasn’t that great, it was okay, but could’ve been better. Plus, who knows? I might become quite attached to a web drama I decide to watch~~


If you wanna take a look at either channel, visit the following links below! You definitely won’t regret!


V Web Drama http://www.vlive.tv/channels/ED523B

V Drama http://www.vlive.tv/channels/ECA251

[V.FRIENDS VIXX N’s LieV – 빅스 엔의 눕방 라이브!]

Hiya everyone!
Today, we will be reviewing VIXX’s N’s VCookie LieV show! Now, if you didn’t know this already, VLIVE opened a new channel showcasing your favorite kpop stars lives with very intimate moments! Today, we will be taking a look into VIXX’s N Liev~~ Grab a warm blanket, and your favorite plush animal, for this video really makes you want to snuggle up and sleep!
For starters, I must say, this was a really comforting episode. Just the way N speaks to you makes you feel like you’re having a nice chat with him before going to bed. The intimate POVs the cameras show, the dim lighting, and the comfy looking bed he’s in just adds onto that aura. It’s truly a sweet video, making you feel like you’re close with N, and able to listen to his thoughts before bed.
The video itself earns 4 out of 5 star(lights) for wonderful quality, but the fact that it’s vertical, is hard for computer viewers to really enjoy it as much. Although VLIVE is mostly enjoyed through the app, it would’ve been nice to have the screen be full rather than vertical for all platforms, including via their website.
The quality of the content is 5 out of 5 star(lights) because dude, this video makes you FEEL like you’re talking to him before bed. It’s as if you’re right next to him, listening to his thoughts (especially if you have headphones on and your eyes closed). I watched this in the afternoon, and it made me want to go to bed LOL. It really is soothing and intimate, especially with all the camera views the VCOOKIE staff give you~!
Now, as for the English subtitles, 5 out of 5 star(lights)!! They really did well, and I wasn’t confused at any moment on what he was saying because the subs were all there and I was able to understand every word he spoke. As international fans with limited to no Korean knowledge, it can be crucial to find good quality subtitles when it comes to videos by your favorite idols. We either misunderstand or not understand at all which creates confusion and overall, some sadness because /language barrier/ 😦 It’s truly wonderful being able to understand them clearly, even if we have to focus on the subtitles often!
Overall, this video was amazing. It’s intimate, fun, and really worth watching. It makes you feel fuzzy and warm, as well as helps you get to know your idols a little more. If you want to watch this ep, make sure to check out the link below! Enjoy it!

HallYu Cosmetics in Houston!

Hi Guys!! It’s Jessi from KPD again with another amazing review. Sorry for the long hiatus… I’ve been super busy with school, work and other side activities. Aside from that. Today’s topic will be about this cute Korean cosmetics shop in Houston called, HallYu Cosmetics.kakaotalk_photo_2016-11-06-22-26-28

The really cool thing about the shop is that it carries a lot of famous brands like, CLIO, Dr. Jart, Dr. G, Innisfree, Goodal, SKINFOOD, Peripera, IPKN, Benton and many more! They understand the struggle us international buyers have with Korean cosmetics and variety, which is why they don’t carry just ‘one’ certain brand! Furthermore, their true vision is to bring and create that “road shopping” experience of Myeongdong and introduce it to the states. In order to do that, they have decided to build and replicate that same experience that you would see in Myeongdong by selling multiple brands in one store. Not to mention the great sales and promotions they have every month! So make sure to go like them on Facebook to see all of their upcoming promos and deals!


Even though the shop has been open for a little over a year now, it has a really cool and nice environment! They are known for their friendly service and informative workers! If you happen to be in Houston, Texas anytime soon, make sure to visit them! They also have an online store too if you can’t travel down south!  Who knows, maybe one day they’ll open a store in Dallas too??? Lets all hope for the best because I want a HallYu Cosmetics in Dallas too!



Website: https://www.hallyucosmetics.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hallyucosmetics/

Disclaimer: this review is not sponsored in any way, but one of our peeps does work at HallYu Cosmetics. This is not a paid advertising, but rather an open-ended personal review and recommendation. We hope you take our personal recommendation into mind 🙂

KPD in Seoul

Kpop Dallas in Seoul

Hi everyone!! It’s Jessi from KPD!! I want to start off by saying I’m so sorry for the super late post of my Korea trip! My apologies to everyone for making you all wait!! ;n;

So the reason we were were invited to go to Korea was to see EXO’s EX’ACT showcase! This year KPOP DALLAS recently became part of the V.FRIENDS and our first mission was to go to Korea and enjoy EXO’s EX’ACT showcase!!

I arrived to Korea on June 7th at around 4pm (KST) and once I exit the doors I get overwhelmed with Korean taxi drivers to drive me to Hongdae because, usually foreigners stay in Hongdae but I was staying in Gyengbokgung which is near the Blue House. I chose to do Airbnb for my stay in Korea and I have to say it was the best decision I made because, one hotels are super expensive, second Airbnb definitely gives you cheaper options, and third you get to actually feel like you’re part of Seoul! So my host told me it would be easier to ride the bus to the host house because it would be cheaper. I don’t speak Korean so my context clues were up to test the whole trip! I managed to buy my ticket because my host told me which bus number to take and it was only $10!! And lemme tell you guys I got lost when I got off the bus (AND I ALSO GOT OFF THE WRONG STOP TOO). I was staying in an area where not much foreigners stay. I didn’t bother to ask anyone for directions because I was too shy to ask! D: So I used my GPS to guide me to the host house which was like four blocks away… I was so mad at myself because I was super tired, hungry, and thirsty. But then I thought to myself, “hey this is part of my experience and adventures haha!” I start walking more and OMG I got tired super fast. By the time I got to the host house all I wanted to do is shower and knock out!

T-Money Card, KTX Train System:



I got ready and headed out to explore Seoul to familiarize myself with the neighborhood so I decide to take the train to Namsan. My first impression I had of KTX was how clean it was!! So to ride the trains you have to purchase a T-Money card so you can ride the trains back and forth. One cool thing I learned about the T-Money card is that you can use it to buy food at the convenience stores!! To buy a card you have to purchase it at a kiosk and this really nice Korean guy helped me get the right card (he probably saw how bad I was struggling to buy one LOL). There are different T-Money cards, a one time use card or a long time use one where you can deposit money when you’re running low. I took a pic of the KTX system and used that to get around. It can be really easy to get around or hard depending how good you are to directions. I usually followed the crowd and made sure the Korean characters matched the station where I was getting off. Also transferring stations can be difficult, not until I figured out each line is color coded so just follow the color lines you have to transfer off! The color line will help a lot trust me! After the first two days I became an expert at it but also don’t be afraid to get lost! Remember it’s part of your experience!! Plus everyone is super friendly and not to mention Seoul is rated as one of the most safest countries out there!!

Food Experience:






MAN THE FOOD OVER THERE IS SO MUCH HEALTHIER AND DELICIOUSLY FRESH!! Don’t be afraid to try new dishes! Hongdae and Myeongdong were my go to spots for street food!! I was able to shop look around while stuffing my face with so many yummy street foods! Some of my favorite street foods were the ice cream churros, the large tall ice cream swirl, hotteok(Korean sweet pancakes), spicy fried chicken (ALL KINDS OF FRIED CHICKEN IN KOREA IS GOOD!!), onigiri (Korean rice ball), all kinds of fresh squeezed juice, and I could go on! Of course there are markets, I just didn’t have a chance to visit those spots. If you guys go to Korea soon please let me know your favorite street food spot! I did try Coreanos Kitchen in Itaewon and wow delicious tacos!! I ordered tacos asada and Amber’s mini chimichangas!! Yup, Amber from f(x) has her own dish there! I recommend you guys trying her dish because it’s the bomb!

21+ Experience:

Okay now for the fun stuff! If you like to drink and have fun I do encourage you try out the bars, lounges, and clubs. But make sure you take a buddy too!! Don’t go off by yourself. Some of the clubs and lounges I went to was NB2, Mike’s Cabin, and Club Answer. Before I start off, they do check for ID’s (I brought my passport) and when you pay for entry they give you a coupon for one free drink, and clubs don’t close until 7am!! Also the trains stop at a certain time of the day (I don’t remember if it’s 11PM or at midnight) but make sure you have a plan on how to get home safely! When I went out I would usually ride the train to meet my friends and then take a taxi home.

Starting off with NB2, now that club is owned by the very own Papa YG, located in Hongdae!! It’s an all hip-hop club (yes they only play hip-hop and some YG songs) and the dress code is just how like a hip-hop music video would be! I’m telling you the people there looked like they were going to be in a Dean music video! It’s like a basement so it’s literally super dark in there (watch your step in there please!). If you love hip-hop and YG music then NB2 will definitely be your favorite spot!!

Mike’s Cabin is sort of a lounge/club, located in Hongdae. A lot of foreigners go there and they play a variety of music there. From reggaeton to old school rock! I had such a great time dancing there because they didn’t stick to one genre they were hitting all sorts of great songs I love!! Plus they got sangria, margarita, and mojito pitchers that you can share with friends!

Club Answer is an EDM club, located in Gangnam. I really don’t like EDM music but I only went because Amber and Luna from f(x) were going to make an appearance that night! Okay if you’re going to any clubs in Gangnam you have to go dressed to impress. You guys know how in K-Dramas that one rich chaebol is dressed so nice in a club with a pretty lady by his side? Well that’s pretty much how the dress code is for the clubs in Gangnam! The entry is also a bit more expensive! Clubs in Hongdae are like $10 versus in Gangnam they can be $30+.

My friends and I pre-gamed at a convenience store (yup just like in the K-Dramas haha XD) and drank $1 soju before hitting the club. Drinks can get a bit pricy (unless you can get a guy to buy you a drink ;D)!! Soju in Korea definitely tastes better because you got a variety of flavors like, grapefruit (my fave), peach, blueberry, and many more!

One last thing! Always be careful of your surroundings don’t believe every little thing a guy/girl may tell you. Be cautious, be safe, and most importantly have fun!


Some of the attractions or places I visited were Hongdae, Itaewon, Gangnam, Myeongdong Street, Namsan Tower, and Gyengbokgung Palace (because I lived down the street from it). I would usually just walk around I stayed and tried bakeries, juice stops, restaurants, and cafes! Honestly don’t be afraid to walk around and explore your surroundings you’ll be surprised what cool things can be around you! I had no problem communicating when ordering because I would usually point at the menu what I wanted. Everyone was just so nice and patient willing to tell me what was their specials and popular dishes!



Okay when you go to Myeongdong Street you will be so overwhelmed with the amount of people there, shops, food stands, restaurants, EVERYTHING!! I loved going to Myeongdong because anything you could think of was there and every time I went I would discover something new! So go get lost in the wonderful street of Myeongdong!! Just a friendly heads up, when you enter cosmetic stores be aware of the sales associates because, they will pretty much be by your side on your back waiting for you to buy something.




Hongdae is more of the art/music scene type of vibe. You will see endless amount of bars, clubs, stores, performers singing/dancing, advertisements, and many more. I saw the K-Tigers do a lovely entertaining performance one early afternoon! I was also able to meet rookie group VAV! They had a mini fanmeet/performance! VAV is super adorable and nice!! If you don’t know who they are make sure to check them out! There’s more activities at night and a lot of young beautiful people walking around too. ;D






Okay I have a funny story of when I visited Namsan Tower. I get to this directory map near the gardens and the map is all in Korean and I stare at the little tower icon. On the map Namsan Tower doesn’t look that far (it literally looked like it was up ahead). HAHAHA!!! Little did I know what I was really gonna get myself into… TURNS OUT I LITERALLY WALKED THE WHOLE MOUNTAIN BY FOOT TO GET TO NAMSAN TOWER!!! I was literally the only crazy person to actually walk it by foot. No wonder when buses passed by people would look at me weird! But hey, I can say I really climbed the whole mountain! Lemme tell you it was one steep mountain. I was so tired by the time I got to the top but it was so freaking worth it!!

EXO EX’ACT showcase:


The concert was at the Olympic Park. Literally on the other side of Seoul! That’s usually where concerts happen and it’s best if you take the train because you will avoid traffic plus it’s cheaper. So when you exit the train station you will end up on the side of the park. I recommend you follow the fangirls. Trust me you will see a crowd of fangirls all walking in the same direction and you will end up at the front of the venue. That’s what my friends told me to do and I did end up at the front haha! Since I was invited by V.FRIENDS (from the VLIVE APP) they had my ticket ready and I didn’t have to worry about getting in line to see if I was one of the lucky fans to see the show. This show was not a concert where you buy tickets and you’re in. You had to buy the special EXOMENTARY package on the VLIVE app and then enter to get a chance to see the showcase. So it was literally a lucky one chance! Thank you so much KG, Naver, and VLIVE for allowing me this awesome opportunity to see EXO’s EX’ACT live showcase!



When I entered the venue it was packed!! As usual they were playing EXO songs while the show started. But, the vibe was different. Back home everybody would have started singing, dancing, screaming, chatting and getting to know your neighbor. But in Korea it was the total opposite. Everyone was on their phones not really talking at all and the EXO songs just blasting in the background. I was so hype I wanted to get up and dance!! I know if I did that I would have gotten some ugly stares so I just hummed and sang my heart out inside my head LOL!! When the show started every EXO-L whipped out their lightsticks!! I felt so out of place without one because they were all so in sync it looked so cool!! AND THE FANCHANTS WOW!!! KOREAN FANGIRLS DON’T PLAY!! THEY WERE ON POINT!! AHHHH!! EXO only performed Call Me Baby, Lucky One and Monster. They did some commentaries in between the songs. If you purchased the special package then you probably saw it live on the VLIVE app! During the commentaries I was so confused because no subtitles LOL so I just laughed when everyone else laughed haha… I also didn’t want to feel left out either. During the Monster performance I saw Sehun almost trip on Lay and I thought I bet someone is going to catch it and, they did because I saw a gif of it on tumblr. The level of performance was incredible just as they were when they came to Dallas this past February! Each member did a little introduction for each song in the album. I remember hearing them and being like, “ayye I like this one and that one and wow I gotta remember that one song (which was One and Only) haha!” During the concert, staff were walking around catching fansites taking pictures with their dinosaur cameras. These staff people don’t play. When they say no cameras they strictly say no cameras. So if you decide to go to a concert in Korea be aware of the rules so you won’t be dragged out by a staff member. When the concert ended all the fans rushed out the door to go to the side of the venue and probably see EXO exit the venue.

THANK YOU~~!!! So that concludes of my experience in Korea!! If you ever plan to go to Korea and need some tips don’t hesitate to contact me for some tips!! I will be more than willing to help you out! I also I deeply apologize how long it took me to do my experience post!! ;n;