In order to make things happen, Kpop Dallas has a extremely dedicated set of staff that work hard together to get things done! Meet our staff members below:



NAME: Lily
ABOUT: Lily is our wonderful sajang-nim who is the mastermind behind the entire page – she has dedicated lots of time and she is a wonderful leader who loves volunteering and children. With 5 languages under her belt, she serves as one of the multilingual members in Kpop Dallas. She enjoys all kpop groups equally. She is married to banana milk.

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NAME: Aaron
POSITION: Social Media Coordinator
ABOUT: Our main powerhouse of the greatest jokes, and he is the one that brightens the atmosphere. He’s a huge S♥NE, and he’s also a buttface. On the side, he does J-Pop Dallas stuff, and stans Perfume to the max.
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jaNAME: Joey

POSITION: MC Extraordinaire, Behind The Scenes
ABOUT: Also known as Joey Umma, Joey is the oldest of the KPD fam and is a hardworking member. He has one of the greatest personalities you can ever find in a guy, and you can always talk to him if you ever need help! He has MC’d for past events, including the Boyfriend Showcase in Dallas in 2014.

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NAME: X.O (not EXO)
POSITION: Behind the Scenes, MC Extraordinaire
ABOUT: If you’re looking for EXO, then you’re looking at the wrong place – this is our member, XO! Pronounced the same, but someone who’s entirely different! This crazy girl is hilarious and loud, but she’s still our amazing XO who brings life to the crew! She loves JYJ, 2PM and Miss A, and she’s secretly got an affair with Park Yoochun from JYJ (cause she likes that “Back Seat” heuheu). She’s a child at heart, but she’s a hard-worker when serious. XO is one of our MC’s at our annual KWF’s as well as a behind the scenes chick!
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NAME: Jessica
ABOUT: Jessica is Aaron’s twin; she’s a partying girl who’s outgoing, and she’s also a V.I.P! Jessica is our VP that also works behind the scenes on a lot of KPD Events! She biases BIGBANG, VIXX, and many more! Her current bias is Ravi!
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NAME: Rena
POSITION: Maknae, Website photographer/author
ABOUT: Our youngest and honourary Canadian member, Rena! She plays piano, dances, transcribes music and looks after arrangements of covers, and is the one who manages most of the online work! Although jailbait, she’s a devoted Cassiopeian and Inspirit (who can’t seem to decide a bias no matter how long time passes).
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Current “Trainees”



NAME: Anais
POSITION: Facebook Coordinator
ABOUT: Our wonderful Anais is one of our most recent members, otherwise known as ‘trainees’! She manages the Facebook page by posting on her designated days, as well as contributing to Jpop Dallas, the sister page of Kpop Dallas!





NAME: Julie
POSITION: Facebook Coordinator
ABOUT: Julie, like Anais, is one of our most recent members of Kpop Dallas! She also manages the Facebook page, and makes sure she is contributing to it as much as possible! She will soon be headed to greater things in Kpop Dallas once the time is right!

Random Facts

-All of our staff know at least two languages.
-Our staff members reside in Dallas, and outside of the USA.
-Aside from Kpop Dallas, some of our staff also work on J-Pop Dallas
-For every show that happens in Dallas, at least one of our staff attends.